Wilson OT6 Review

Wilson makes a 12.75-inch glove with a web many call a 6-finger design. It looks much like a sixth finger sits in the middle of the pocket and is connected to the thumb and pointer finger by glove lace. This design is a classic, industry wide outfield glove look. Wilson refers to this particular pattern as the Wilson OT6 and offers the model in both an A2000 and an A2000 Superskin version. Although not nearly as popular as it once was, the OT6 is recommended to outfielders looking specifically for the six finger design who want a top shelf Wilson made glove.

Wilson OT6 Review

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The Wilson pages were invaluable in providing information on the OT6. As well, closeoutbats had some good information via a video and some details. We read through a number of the Amazon reviews, too.

On this site, we referenced the general Wilson A2000 review and Wilson A2000 Superskin Review. We also found some use in the other outfield glove reviews.

Wilson OT6 Glove Recommendations

The OT6 comes in an A2000 and an A2000 Superskin model. On the whole, the general recommendations are similar. Those that appreciate the six finger web design—Rawlings calls this the Trapeze—on a traditionally sized 12.75-inch outfield glove are looking in the right place with this OT6. The lack of any cross bar on the top of the web makes for a different experience that may take some adjustment for newcomers to the style.

Deciding between the A2000 OT6 and the A2000 Superskin OT6 is a decision worthy of more details. You may also find our Wilson A2000 Superskin Reviews a helpful place to start.

A2000 OT6

Wilson OT6 Review

The A2000 OT6 comes with the traditional features the industry has come to know, mimic and love in a baseball glove. It uses a Pro-Stock leather and rough dual welting on the backhand. It differs from the A2K in a thinner palm and a less premium leather.

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A2000 Superskin

Wilson OT6 Review

The A2000 Superskin uses the same forehand as the A2000 OT6, but adds a unique synthetic backing. This backing makes the glove more durable, easier to work in and lighter. Some prefer this. As they are the same price, others think they should be paying less for less premium leather. That is not the case in comparing the A2000SS and A2000 OT6.

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Wilson OT6 Comparable Gloves

1799 Wilson

Wilson OT6 Review

In terms of an outfield glove that is 12.75-inches, the most comparable glove within the Wilson brand is the 1799. This is, as we discuss in our review, the most popular outfield glove Wilson makes. The major difference between this glove and the OT6 is the change in the webbing. In today’s market, this dual post web tends to be a bit more popular, especially among Wilson glove lovers.

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Rawlings Heart of the Hide 303

Wilson OT6 Review

Outside of the Wilson Brand there are several 12.75-inch gloves built specifically for outfield. Many use that same ‘six-finger’ web design. Of those, the most popular is the Rawlings Heart of the Hide 303 series that uses the Trapeze (Rawlings’ name for the six finger glove). The Heart of the Hide gloves compare well to the A2000 series in terms of attention to detail and premium leather. This 303 Heart of the Hide is a very close comparison to the A2000 OT6.

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