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At 12.5-inches, the KP92 is the shortest outfield glove Wilson produces. In fact, it is one of the shortest pro quality gloves produced for outfield on the market. As such, the Wilson KP92 serves the agile and smaller outfielder who values greater mobility over length. At least nine MLB outfielders prefer this glove with its pro-lace single post web design. More prefer the A2000 than the A2K for reasons we discuss below. We recommend the glove heartily to players looking for an agile, top shelf, outfield glove. Count the following as our in-depth Wilson KP92 glove review.

Wilson KP92 Glove Review

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At least a little has been written on the design pattern that makes Kirby Puckett’s Wilson glove. We gathered some of that information on Wilson’s website directly and even more on Closeoutbats’ section on the KP92.

As the glove comes in both an A2000 and an A2K, you may find our A2K review and A2000 review pages helpful.

Wilson KP92 Glove Recommendations

If you remember the glory days of Kirby Puckett, then you’ll know the exact type of player the KP92 works for. The KP92 is his namesake, after all, and was created after his conversations with famed Wilson glove designer Aso. In general, the glove is made for an agile outfielder that makes up in speed and athleticism what he may lack in size.

As the most popular outfield glove that Wilson makes, we recommend it to most players comfortable with a 12.5-inch glove. The pro-lace design and reinforced top bar are well thought out for snow cone catches, and the glove boasts a pocket large enough to make any play you can get your feet to.

The decision between the A2K, A2000 and A1K will be largely personal. We dissect the differences in the three versions below. These insights hold true across the Wilson brand when comparing the three models.

A2K KP92 Features

The A2K is the premier glove Wilson produces. The major difference between it and the gloves below is it comes with the Pro-Stock Select leather that incorporates only the top 3.5% of Wilson’s already top shelf leather. The glove also uses a double layer of leather on the palm. This makes it thicker and gives a bit more padding. That extra layer also requires a longer break in time, but in theory, it will hold its shape longer.

A2000 KP92 Features

The A2000 uses Wilson’s Pro-Stock leather. Notice that lacks the “Select” found only on the A2K Stock offerings. An A2000 KP92 is the more popular model at the professional level. Close to ten MLB players use it. We suspect the thinner palm that runs a bit lighter than the A2K version is a contributing factor to that decision. Do note, however, gloves issued to pros directly come with a Pro Issue stamp and are given the best leather Wilson can find. Better even, some would claim, than the Pro-Stock Preferred found on the A2K gloves.

A1K KP92 Features

The A1K KP92 comes in the same web dimensions of the A2K and A2000, but uses a slimmer fit on the wrist. This makes it an ideal choice for smaller players looking for a well designed glove but who need a tapered fit for a smaller hand. The A1K uses quality steer-hide leather available on the open market instead of the specially bred Pro-Stock and Pro-Stock Preferred leather found on the A2000 and A2K respectively.

Wilson KP92 Glove Comparable Gloves

Shoeless Joe Pro Select 12.5-Inch

Wilson KP92 Glove Reviews

The reinforced top bar on along the edge of the KP92 is a unique feature on a 12.5-inch glove. Most in in the industry refer to this structure as a modified T-Web. In those terms, comparable gloves within the market are few. In fact, we only know of the Shoeless Pro Select 1250 that uses a modified T-Web with pro lacing on a 12.5 inch quality glove. This glove, however, only comes in leather most comparable to the A2000. Of course, Wilson would disagree with that characterization.

Outside of that 1250 from Shoeless, we cannot find a comparable glove either within or without Wilson.

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