Wilson Custom Glove Reviews

Wilson Custom Gloves
Wilson Custom Glove Reviews

Wilson makes so many great gloves—and you can pretty much customize anyone of them. Atleast, that is, of the higher end ones. Every so often they come out with some unique one off’s too—kind of like the glove of the month. But, these are limited edition custom type gloves.

Price Check

To add to JustBatReview’s Custom DeMarini Bat Review done a few months back and our Franklin Custom Made batting gloves we thought it appropriate to also add a couple paragraphs and insight about Wilson’s custom made baseball and fast-pitch gloves.

As of this writing, you can customize something like 46 different A2000 gloves or 18 different A2K gloves. That includes infield, outfield, pitcher, catcher, first base and fast pitch gloves.

Wilson Custom Glove Options

Once you’ve made the difficult decision on which of those 65+ gloves to choose from your decisions only get harder. Check the number of color decisions that are coming your way–half of which I don’t even know where they are on a glove:

  • Back Finger
  • Power Finger
  • Thumb Strip
  • Web
  • Palm
  • Binding
  • Welting Palm
  • Welting Shell
  • Lacing Web
  • Lacing Fingertops
  • Lacing Heel
  • Wilson Logo Patch
  • Wilson Logo
  • Binding Stitching
  • Web Stitching

The great news is the site makes the process remarkably smooth. In fact, our favorite option was the ‘Color Play’ which instantly generated 8 options based on a swatch of colors you selected.

As if I didn’t actually have a real job, or anything better to do, Wilson put an optional ‘Randomize’ function on the process. I think I spent something like 9 hours clicking that forsaken button. “No, I didn’t get to that pile of paperwork” I’d e-mail to my boss later that day “I got tied up on a phone call.”

We’ve played catch with one of these custom gloves and can confirm they are fantastic in every respect of the A2K or A2000 name.

You can also customize some writing and logos on the glove.

Long story short, we are gigantic fans of this process and glove. Even if you aren’t willing to spend nearly $400 for the custom A2000 or getting close to $600 for the A2Ks we still suggest the site is worth a swing or two. But be careful as you might find yourself with a design you just can’t pass up.

Every thirteen year old in the world should have a custom A2K or A2000 on the very top of Christmas/Birthday list. Check that, any human being with a pulse between ages 13 and 53 year old should have a custom A2K or A2000 on top of their Christmas/Birthday list.

Check it: Wilson Custom Gloves

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