Wilson CK22 A2000 Review

Clayton Kershaw (CK22) A2000
Wilson CK22 A2000 Review

Clayton hasn’t changed his glove since he was a minor leaguer. The same A2000, black glove with a closed pocket. If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it. You’ll get everything you need in a CK22. By many accounts the perfect pitcher’s glove.

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Few gloves have been more symbolic of the Game Model glove line from Wilson than Clayton Kershaw’s CK22 A2000. It is by many measures, the ideal pitcher’s glove with its all black look, deep and fully closed pocket, in an 11.75-inch design. Its counterpart, the B212, comes in an A2K and an A2000 Superskin, but the Kershaw’s real Game Model glove is a class A2000. The Wilson A2000 CK22 is easily recommended for the elite pitcher who needs a nothing-but-business pitching glove. After using the glove and a number of conversations with Wilson and some major vendors, we put together this Wilson CK22 A2000 Review.

wilson CK22 A2000 Review

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Wilson A2000 CK22 Glove Review Sources

We found a few good places to look for information on Wilson’s CK22 glove. For starters, good information and a few user reviews can be found on Wilson’s website in their CK22 Product Section. Also, Closeoutbats has a nice video up, as well as a gives a feel for pricing.

We also found our Wilson A2000 reviews and Wilson Game Model Glove Reviews helpful.

Wilson A2000 CK22 Glove Recommendations

Wilson CK22 A2000 Review

Consider this: no fewer than six MLB pitchers use the A2000 CK22, and no fewer than thirty-five MLB pitchers use the B212 (which is the sister glove of the CK22 in A2K or A2000SS). When over forty MLB pitchers use the CK22 pattern, we have a very hard time NOT recommending the glove. Indeed, we suggest the glove for any serious pitcher, across the board. It is the classic black, top shelf leather and the two-piece web for full ball concealment.

In other words, if you are a pitcher’s pitcher and want a glove that pitchers prefer, then we highly recommend the Wilson A2000 CK22. The only real decision is whether you want the pattern in the traditional A2000 (CK22), Superskin (B212) or A2K (B212) version. More on those below.

Wilson A2000 CK22 Glove Comparable Gloves

Wilson CK22 A2000 Review

Within the brand, Wilson offers the same CK22 but with different material make up. The top shelf Pro-Stock Preferred leather in the same pattern is called the A2K B212. The more premium leather, and a few other features we discuss elsewhere, are what make up the difference between the A2K B212 and the CK22.

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Wilson CK22 A2000 Review

Another version of the CK22 is the B212 Superskin. This glove uses a more durable and more easily broken-in backing that Wilson attaches to the traditional A2000 palm. This backing on the CK22 is referred to as the B212 A2000 Superskin, or A2000SS B212. The addition of Superskin makes the glove lighter and keeps it drier in wet weather. The player looking for just a hint of flash in this classic look, as well as a slightly lighter glove that is easier to work-in, should like this A2000SS B212 instead of the CK22.

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Wilson CK22 A2000 Review

Outside the Wilson brand, Rawlings makes a similar glove. It competes with the A2000 as a full leather Heart of the Hide, with a dual piece web and full leather design. Save Rawlings’ Gold Glove, this Heart of the Hide is Rawlings’ best made glove.

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Wilson A2000 CK22 Glove Features & Sizing

A2000 Pro-Stock Leather

Standard with each A2000 glove, Wilson uses their proprietary Pro-Stock leather on the CK22. The cattle that produce this leather are specially bred in Japan and harvested entirely by Wilson. It is what makes the A2000 unique and coveted throughout the industry. The A2000 CK22 uses this Pro-Stock leather on the entirety of the glove.

Game Model Gloves

The CK22 is referred to as the Game Model glove of Clayton Kershaw. It is, after all, patterned and shaped exactly like his. However, we should note there is a considerable difference between stock model gloves, as in the CK22 you can purchase at your local sporting good store, and the Pro-Issue gloves MLB guys actually get. The leather, work-in and attention to detail in a Pro-Issue glove makes a considerable difference.

This is not to say the CK22 A2000 is a lackluster glove. We suggest quite the opposite, in fact. But let us not think this Game Model (GM) glove is the “exact” glove Kershaw also gets from Wilson.

11.75-inch Two-Piece Web

Wilson CK22 A2000 Review

What may stand as the most unique feature on the CK22 GM, is the use of a two-piece full web design. Instead of any fancy webbing or multi-lace structure, the CK22 uses two pieces of half moon shaped leather to fill in the entirety of the web. It is creates the most obstructed view a batter could ever face. That web is the exact feature that drew Kershaw to the glove his first day in Dodger’s camp.

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