Wilson B212 Review

Wilson’s B212 is the new iteration and namesake of the Wilson B2, a legend in Wilson glove culture. Made for pitchers, it is one of the most popular gloves they make, not counting fielding gloves. The Wilson B212 is currently offered in an A2K and an A2000 Superskin version. Over forty MLB players use the B212 and they are split almost evenly between the A2K features and the A2000 features. After our experience with them, we would recommend the glove to any serious pitcher looking for a life long glove with a namesake older than they are. If they wanted an A2000 version of the glove (no Superskin), then the the CK22 Game Model would be their best best. More details in our full Wilson B212 Glove Review are found below.

Wilson B212 Review

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Wilson B212 Review Sources

In putting together this review on the B212 Wilson A2K and A2000, we looked at a number of sources. You may also find them helpful. The Wilson product page on the B212 was quite helpful. So was the video and short, canned, write up on closeoutbats about the B212. We also found the reviews, few no doubt, on Amazon somewhat helpful.

On this site, our Clayton Kershaw CK22 Game Model glove review was useful. That glove, you should know, is the same as the B212, but in the A2000 model instead of the Superskin or A2K model. As a general overview, we found our Wilson A2000 Superskin reviews as well as our Wilson A2K reviews useful.

Wilson B212 Glove Recommendations

Wilson B212 Glove Reviews

If you are an elite pitcher, or aspire to be, and have grown to roughly your full size, we would recommend the B212 wholeheartedly. It is the most popular pitcher’s glove pattern in the MLB and that is not just because Wilson is better than anyone at Professional glove distribution. The glove’s deep pocket and two piece web for full ball concealment is a feature most elite pitchers require.

If an 11.75 inch pitchers glove is what you are looking for, then the only real decision is whether you want the B212 in the A2K or A2000 Superskin version. The Superskin will give you a faster break in time, better handling when wet and a lighter feel. The A2K will give you more premium leather and thicker padding in the palm. Just over twenty MLB players use the A2K version, while only a couple use the A2000 Superskin version. To the average consumer, the Superskin will also save you $100.

Wilson B212 A2K vs B212 A2000 Superskin

Wilson B212 Glove Reviews

We dedicate an entire article to the differences between A2K and A2000 Wilson gloves. But, since the D33 comes in only an A2K and an A2000 Superskin, we thought it appropriate to bullet point the main differences between an A2K and a Superskin Wilson gloves.

  • Price. The A2K gloves run about $100 more than the A2000 gloves.
  • Double Leather Layer. A2K gloves use two layers of leather in the palm. This allows for more durability and a more padded palm, but it also adds a longer break in time and a slightly heavier glove.
  • Rolled vs Rough Welting. As an entirely cosmetic difference, the A2K gloves soften the leather strips that hold together the fingers (called welts) by rolling them before they sew them together. The A2000 Superskin does not roll the welts, and as such are considered rough welting.
  • Superskin vs Leather. The A2000 Superskins use a synthetic backing on the gloves. This allows for a much lighter glove with a faster break in period. Those who like the Superskin also prefer how it does not get bogged down in wet weather and claim it is more durable than traditional leather. The A2K’s only use the Pro-Stock Preferred leather on the entire glove.
  • Pro-Stock Preferred vs Pro Stock Leather.  A2K gloves are known for their premium select leather. That leather, called the Pro-Stock Preferred, is the best leather Wilson produces. Some claim it is best glove-making leather in the world. The A2000 Superskin uses, in addition to the synthetic Superskin on the backhand, a premium leather too, just not as premium as the A2K. They refer to the A2000 leather as just Pro Stock.

Wilson B212 Comparable Gloves


Wilson CK22 A2000 Review

The most comparable glove to the B212 A2K or A2000 Superskin is obviously the CK22. The CK22 is Clayton Kershaw’s Game Model version and it uses the same exact pattern as the B212. Its different name comes from the fact that it is Kershaw’s Game Model glove. The CK22 is the A2000 version of the B212. The B212, you should have noticed by now, only comes in an A2K or an A2000 Superskin version.

Price check the CK22

D33Wilson D33 A2000 Review

Another similar glove within the Wilson brand is the Wilson D33. The Wilson D33 is an 11.75-inch pitcher’s glove that comes in an A2000 and an A2K model. Expect a very similar feel, but with a slightly deeper pocket and a full lace webbing, instead of the two-piece webbing made famous by the B212 Wilson.

Price check the Wilson D33

Rawlings 205

Wilson CK22 A2000 Review

Outside of the Wilson brand, Rawlings also makes a two-piece web on an 11.75 inch premium leather glove. This 205 series glove is made for the pitcher who likes complete concealment on the glove and a tan leather look. Expect very similar dimensions to the B212 from Wilson.

Price check the Rawlings 205 11.5-inch Glove

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