Wilson A2K 1788 Review

Wilson 1788
Wilson A2K 1788 Review

The Wilson 1788 is an iconic middle infield glove made for the 11.25 market. This is a serious glove for a serious second baseman or a short stop that really likes the smaller mitt. It comes in both the A2000, A2k with some superskin options. Expect to find this glove everwhere any serious Wilson vendor sells gloves.

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The Wilson A2K 1788 is an 11.25-inch glove designed with the elite second baseman in mind. The 1788 will also serve well the smaller handed high school player, or the normal sized, but younger travel ball kid looking for top shelf leather and a durable, well respected glove.

The Superskin on the stock 1788 A2K is a good touch for a light feel. After using the glove extensively, speaking with vendors and players about the glove and gathering feedback from a number of ballers who tried on the glove, we write this Wilson A2K 1788 review.

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Wilson A2K 1788 Review

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Wilson A2K 1788 Recommendations

Wilson A2K 1788 Review

If you are willing to afford it, the Wilson A2K 1788 comes highly recommend for the 2nd baseman or short stop who likes or needs an 11.25-inch glove. The extra padding in the palm over the A2000 version makes for a fantastic feel at catch. We also think the Superskin backing on a glove meant to be light and quick-witted makes a lot of sense on an 11.25-inch mitt.

On the whole, the A2K 1788 Superskin is one of our favorite 11.25-inch gloves on the market today. It really is as good as the market can offer.

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Wilson A2K 1788 Comparable Options

Wilson A2K 1788 Review

The most comparable glove to the 1788 A2K is the Wilson A2000 Superskin. Like the A2K version, it is an H-Web pattern on an 11.25-inch glove. It lacks the premium leather feel and the extra padding in the palm, but few can truly tell the difference in terms of their ability to perform. The A2000 SS version priced $100 less makes a compelling case.

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Outside the same class of glove, Wilson also makes a 1788A version in an A2000. This glove, as pictured above, is the same exact glove, but with a single post webbing with reinforced laces. Some would argue the web on the 1788A is more durable. Do note, however, the 1788A is only available in an A2000. As such, you would lose the A2K leather upgrade, double layered palm and the Superskin backing. But, you’d save about $100 and have a more durable webbing.

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Wilson A2K 1788 Construction

Wilson A2K 1788 Review

Like every A2K from Wilson gloves, the 1788 is made with a select leather Wilson refers to as Pro-Stock-Preferred. That leather is a Wilson proprietary. It comes from specially raised cows in Japan and then is sorted into good, better, and best piles. The best pile is then sorted again into a good, better, and best pile two more times to come up with the best leather Wilson can find. Some argue it is the best leather on the planet. It is a measurable step above the A2000 stock gloves made available to the public.

Also, like every A2K, the 1788 comes with a double lined palm. This makes for a tougher break in, but more durability and more cushion. As well, the A2K is more worked in than the traditional A2000.

Superskin Addition

Wilson A2K 1788 Review

However, quite different than other A2K’s in Wilson’s line, the 1788 A2K is the only one in its class that uses Superskin backing. This is a considerable change from other A2Ks in the class. The 2017 version has more Superskin than the 2016 version.

Superskin, you can learn from reading our Wilson Superskin reviews, is a synthetic backing for the A2000 and this particular A2K. The Superskin makes the glove lighter, easier to work in and more durable.

Some wonder why a glove with less leather and more synthetic should cost more, or as much as, a glove with full leather. It is a fair question and one Wilson has yet to answer entirely. But, suffice it to say, Superskin backing on A2000’s and this A2K is used by big time professionals. So, if it is good enough for them, then it is fair to think it is good enough for the occasional travel ball kid or high school player, as well.

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