Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Glove Review

Jose Altuve’s A2000 glove from Wilson is an 11.5-inch glove built much like the famous A2000 1786 pattern from Wilson. That is, it uses an I-Web design and a Pro-Stock leather with dual welting on the backhand. The major difference is the Houston Astros color design on a stock offering from Wilson. As such, we would recommend his glove, technically known as the A2000 JA27, to middle infielders who prefer an 11.5-inch glove. The occasional third baseman who likes a 11.5-inch glove may find it useful too.

Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Glove Review

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Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Review Article Contents

Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Review Sources

Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Glove Review

Within this site, we relied heavily on our Wilson Game Model Review page as well as our Wilson A2000 Review article to put together this Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Review page. They helped to keep thing straight and make sure we had correct model numbers and comparison information. Oh, also our Wilson 1786 Review too.

Off this site, Wilson’s Jose Altuve glove page was very helpful for images and closeoutbat’s product page was quite helpful for pricing updates.

Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Recommendations

Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Glove Review

Much like the A2000 1786, the JA27 is recommended for middle infield players that like a full leather glove. It could be considered a utility infield glove, as it could be used by the occasional third baseman or middle infielder who gets some reps at the hot corner.

The use of Wilson’s traditional H-Web design is a preference for most middle infielders who like to see the ball from the outside. As well, the 11.5-inch length is what the majority of infielders prefer.

In short, any one looking for a top flight utility infield glove with great craftsmanship, who also likes the colors of the Houston Astros on their mitt, will be quite happy with the JA27 from Wilson.

Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Sizing & Pattern

Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Glove Review

The JA27 is an 11.5-inch glove with an open webbing. The webbing pattern is referred to as either an I-web or an H-web depending on how you look at it. The construction, in terms of the finger shapes and pocket depth, are identical to the 1786 A2000 Wilson also makes. Expect a medium depth pocket.

The 1786 is Wilson’s most popular glove. We like to think that is because it is also the most versatile glove. It is a very traditionally shaped infield glove that can work just about anywhere on the field. We know of no one left unimpressed with the A2000 JA27 feel, look and pattern.

Price check the Wilson A2000 JA27

Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Features

Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Glove Review

As a traditional A2000, the JA27 comes with some specific features that are worth discussing. These features separate this glove from the Superskin models and A2K models Wilson also makes.

A2000 Features

The base A2000 model uses a Pro-Stock leather. This leather is a proprietary breed of cattle found in Japan that Wilson harvests specifically for use on Wilson ball gloves. In the Industry, it has become synonymous with durability and a fantastic feel. The A2000 JA27 uses this exact leather.

It does not, we should note, come with the Pro-Stock Preferred Leather found on A2K gloves. This Pro-Stock Preferred is a step above the A2000 stock leather in terms of premium quality. In fact, the JA27 does not come in a stock A2K version at all.

Game Model

Wilson’s Jose Altuve glove is categorized as a Game Model glove. A Game Model glove means it is patterned exactly after the same version Altuve takes to the field. Altuve definitely takes an A2000 glove designed exactly like the one we are discussing here. But we should also note, his exact gloves are marked Pro Issue. Pro Issue gloves get special attention and only the best of the best leather. The A2000 JA27 you can find at your local sporting goods store is a stock version of the glove. The stock versions are outstanding gloves, but let’s not get carried away thinking we have Altuve’s actual glove.

Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Comparable Gloves

Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Glove Review

Within the Wilson brand, the most comparable glove to the Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Game Model glove is the A2000 1786. In fact, those gloves are identical in terms of their construction. They only differ in their color up. At the time of this writing, Wilson actively produces and sells two A2000 1786 gloves. One from 2017 and the other from 2016. Both are identical.

If you would like a glove a little lighter than the A2000 JA27, then the RC22 (Robinson Cano’s Game Model) might be a good choice. It uses the same pattern but employs a Superskin backing instead of full leather. As well, if you want the Pro-Stock Preferred leather then you may consider the 1786 in an A2K version.

If it is an 11.5-inch middle infield glove you are looking for, then you really cannot go wrong with any of those gloves.

Price check the Wilson A2000 JA27

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