Wilson 2800 First Baseman Mitt Review

The Wilson 2800 first baseman’s mitt is a classically designed single post web that comes in both a premium A2K and a noteworthy A2000. In terms of functional design, it is the spitting image of Miguel Cabrera’s first baseman’s mitt that comes in Tigers’ colors. No fewer than ten MLB players use the Wilson 2800 glove in either the A2K or A2000.  As a full leather glove featuring reinforced webbing and a stamp of approval from many MLB players, most unpaid first basemen will love the glove. After using the glove ourselves and discussing it with major vendors and the manufacturer, we put together our Wilson 2800 first baseman mitt review.

Wilson 2800 first baseman mitt review

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Wilson 2800 First Baseman Mitt Review Sources

In putting together this Wilson 2800 first baseman mitt review, we relied on Wilson’s glove site directly.  There we found information on sizing and the breadth of options. We also spent time on closeoutbats’ Wilson glove 28000 section. The video they post there is helpful, as well as some of the details on pricing. We also found some information on Amazon reviews on the Wilson 2800 at least partially insightful.

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Wilson 2800 First Baseman Mitt Recommendations

If you are looking for a classically designed and  laced first baseman’s glove, it is impossible to go wrong with Wilson’s 2800 first baseman’s mitt. It uses a traditional single post web design and shapes for a wide pocket and great reach. If you are comfortable with the Wilson top end brand of gloves (and who isn’t?) then the only real decision is between the 2800 A2000 and the 2800 A2K.


The 2800 A2000 rocks the same features other A2000 gloves do. That is, it uses Pro-Stock leather and is crafted in-house, among the master glove crafters of Wilson. The A2000 is likely the most popular first baseman’s glove in the world. We have never heard any complaints and all reviews we can find online are glowing.

More pro players choose the A2000 version of the 2800 over the A2K. Do note, however, the Pro-Issue gloves come with special care and premium Pro-Issue leather. They are not simply taken off the assembly line of 2800 stock models and shipped to an MLB clubhouse.

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The A2K model of the 2800 comes with features we now expect on an A2K. That is, the upgraded leather from the Pro-Stock found on the A2000, the rolled welting for a smoother feel on the backhand, and the double palm layer for more padding on the forehand. In terms of quality in a stock model, it is the best first baseman’s mitt Wilson produces.

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Wilson 2800 First Baseman Mitt Comparable Gloves

At 12 inches, the 2800 Wilson first baseman’s mitt is very traditional. Although not all companies produce a single post web on a glove made for 1st, they all make 12-inch gloves. In fact, Wilson makes two other first base gloves that also measure 12 inches. The most comparable option to the 2800 within the Wilson line looks like this:

The glove pictured above is Miguel Cabrera’s Game Model glove. You’ll notice it looks much like the A2000 2800 first baseman’s glove, just in Tigers’ colors. It also has a less obvious difference in the lace design along the single post. The claim is this lacing gives better reinforcement and a nicer look. To each his own.

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Outside of the Wilson brand, the most comparable glove to the Wilson 2800 we could find is the Shoeless 1200FB. It also runs a 12-inch design with a single post webbing. Of course each company will argue which leather is better, but it is a comparable glove in quality to the A2000. It’s major difference is the faux fur on the back of the wrist slot. Wilson’s A2K’s and A2000’s use a dry fit system.

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