Wilson A2000 Superskin Reviews

Superskin Wilson Gloves
Wilson A2000 Superskin Reviews

The superskin set of gloves from Wilson uses a synthetic backing to make the glove lighter and easier to work in. A few MLB players prefer the flexibility and movement of the superskin provides. Although they lack more leather that doesn’t mean they are of less quality. The Superskin gloves from Wilson are worth considering if you want a top end glove.

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With one exception in 2017, Wilson Superskin Gloves are A2000 model gloves made with a different man made material on the back. This material, called Superskin, replaces the leather and delivers the benefit of making the glove more durable and lighter. We discuss why some thing that is  great idea, why others do not and give a short overview on each pattern in the following 2017 Wilson A2000 Superskin Glove Review.

Wilson Superskin Reviews

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Wilson A2K Glove Review 2017 Sources

There are a number of sources offering data and insight on the 2017 Wilson Superskin line of gloves. On the top of those lists in terms helpfulness, we suggest the Superskin Wilson glove product page. They offer good imagery and and up to date selection. Closeoutbats section was relied heavily during this article to find pricing. As well, we relied on our 2017 Wilson Glove reviews overview as well as our A2000 Reviews and A2K reviews to compare model styles and pattern options.

2017 Wilson A2000 Superskin Glove Review Pattern Catalog

Position Pattern A2000 A2K Game Model Latest A2000 Year Serial Number Price Review
Infield 1788 x x 2017 WTA20RB171788SS $$$ Soon
Infield DP15 x x x 2016 WTA20RB17DP15GM $$$ Soon
Infield 1786 x x 2016 WTA20RB171786SS $$$ Here
Infield G4 2016 WTA20RB17G4SS $$$ Soon
Infield RC22 x 2017 WTA20RB17RC22GM $$$ Soon
Infield 1787 x 2017 WTA20RB171787SS $$$ Soon
Pitcher B212 x 2015 WTA20RB17B212SS $$$ Soon
Outfield OT6 x 2016 WTA20RB17OT6SS $$$ Soon
Outfield 1799 x x 2017 WTA20RB171799SS $$$ Soon
Catcher M1 x 2017 WTA20RB17M1SS $$$ Soon
Catcher 1790 2017 WTA20RB171790SS $$$ Soon
1st Base 1617 2017 WTA20RB171617SS $$$ Soon

2017 Wilson A2000 Superskin Glove Reviews

A2000 Superskin Video Review

A2K Write Up Review

2017 Wilson A2000 Superskin Review

Superskin gloves are a thin and synthetic backing on top end Wilson gloves. It is a thinner material that is lighter, weather resistant, more durable and easier to break in when compared to leather. About 1/3 of the pros that use A2000 gloves have them in a Superskin. The other 2/3 use the traditional leather.

As a man made synthetic, many wonder why the glove costs as much as a full leather glove. Or why some would consider the Superskin as a good of glove as a full leather one. Within the industry and the business, leather is perceived to be the better and more expensive material. It is a fair argument and one, we believe, Wilson has struggled to come to a solution on.

On the other hand, folks who like Superskin appreciate the pro-stock leather in the palm and glove sides, but see the benefits of a lighter glove that doesn’t change weight when it rains. They also appreciate how fast the glove can work in and hold its shape while also being more durable than a straight leather glove.

If you are deciding between an A2000 and an A2000 superskin the short answer is you really can’t go wrong. About 1/3 of the pros who use an A2000 use Superskin and 2/3 do not. Expect the Superskin to have a longer life.

Wilson A2K Glove Reviews 2017 Catcher

M1 Review

The M1 Superskin is a traditional feeling 33.5-inch catcher’s glove that uses the ligher superskin backing. This is likely our favorite catchers glove on the market. The thin and durable backhand is a real winner. The M1 comes in an A2000 too.

Price check the Wilson M1

1790 Review

2017 Wilson A2000 Superskin Review

The 1790 is the most traditional glove design. Designed after the famous PUDGE, the 1790 is an 34 inch glove that is remarkably stiff in the palm yet flexible on the backhand.

Price check the Wilson 1790

2017 Wilson A2K Infield Glove Reviews

RC22 Superskin Review

The RC22 is Ronbinson Cano’s actual game glove. About 1 out of 3 players that use an A2000 get it with Superskin on the back. Cano was one of the very first as he loves how light it is and that the glove doesn’t get weighed down when wet.

Price check the Wison RC22

DP15 Superskin Review

Wilson’s A2000 DP15SS is a version of Dustin Pedroia’s game model glove built with the superskin backing. Expect, as in all DP15 gloves and 11.5 inch traditional H-web pattern with  longer laces and less padding in the palm when compared to the other A2000 gloves. The DP15 Superskin is a 2016 design.

Price check the Wilson DP15 Superskin.

Wilson 1786 Superskin Review

Wilson’s 1786 is there most popular glove. It is a traditional 11.5-inch middle infield glove that younger kids could find success with in the outfield and on third base. It uses the traditional I-web pattern on the back. This glove comes in the A2000, the A2K and this A2000 superskin version. This 1786SS is a 2016 designed glove.

Price check the 1786 Superskin. See our Full 1786 Review here.

Wilson 1788 Superskin Review

At 11.25 inches, Wilson’s 1788 is the shortest glove they make. Built for middle infield and particuarly the 2nd baseman, this short pocket glove is built for quick transitions and a super light feel. Throw in the Superskin backing and this is one of the lightest gloves on the planet and, far and away, the lightest one Wilson makes.

Price check the 1788 Superskin Glove.

Wilson 1788 A2K Superskin Review

2017 Wilson A2K Reviews

A light 11.25 inch glove is so important, and popular, Wilson added a Superskin version of the 1788 in an A2K for 2017. At it’s release it was the only A2K with the superskin backing. It still comes with all the features you’d expect in an A2K like pro-stock select leather and extra padding in the palm. This is the best 2nd baseman’s glove Wilson makes.

Price check the 1786 A2k Superskin.

Wilson G4 Superskin Review

The G4 is an 11.5-inch infield glove with a more reinforced web then the 1786. It will likely serve the SS/3B well. The G4 is a 2016 glove and is only produced, currently, in a Superskin version. Expect a smooth feeling and light A2000 Superskin glove with a deeper pocket than most traditaional 11.5-inch infield gloves.

Price Check the G4 Superskin.

Wilson 1787 Superskin Review

2017 Wilson A2000 Superskin Review

This is the least popular Wilson A2000 in any line that it is made. The reason is that few need a 11.75 inch glove. But, for those that do in a Wilson line, this 1787 Superskin (or its peer in an A2K class) are as good as they come. Expect the same high quality leather and H-web designed for great control and infield use. The Superskin makes it lighter and easier to break in.

Price Check the 1787 Superskin.

Wilson A2K Glove Reviews 2017 Outfield

Wilson OT6 Review

Wilson’s outfiled OT6 is a single reinforced post web with a 12.75-inch reach. It is the longest glove Wilson makes. The Superskin version of this glove is a 2016 model. It comes in an A2000 version as well.

Price check the OT6 Superskin
Wilson 1799 Superskin Review

2017 Wilson A2000 Superskin Review

The 1799 is the more popular outfield glove for Wilson. It also runs a 12.75-inch legnth but uses a dual post web. As well, the addition of the top bar on the web helps with snow cone catches. The superskin backing on this 1799SS is a great choice for those trying to get as much reach as they possibly can.

Price Check the 1799 Superskin. 

Wilson A2K Glove Reviews 2017 1st Base

Wilson 1617 Superskin Review

2017 Wilson A2000 Superskin Review

This 1617 1st baseman’s patter is only made in a 2017 A2000 Superskin class of gloves. It uses dual horizontal posts for added support on the web. The Superskin backing is a nice touch for 1st baseman who see a lot of action. It runs, like all 1st baseman’s gloves from Wilson, at 12 inches in length

Price check the 1617 Superskin glove.

Wilson A2K Glove Reviews 2017 Pitcher

Wilson B212 Superskin Review

Wilson A2000 Superskin Reviews

As the most popular pitching glove pattern Wilson makes, the B212 also comes in a Superskin pattern. Pitchers like the full enclosure of the two piece web and the extraordinarily deep pockets. Smooth pro-stock leather on the front with a durable Superskin back hand is a very nice combination.

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