Wilson A2K Catcher’s Mitt Review

Until you have touched and felt an A2K glove from Wilson, it is hard to understand what reviews mean when they speak of a quality feel. The A2K M1, Wilson’s A2K Catcher’s mitt, is a prime example. The leather feel is remarkable, and you know that on first touch. The M1, as Wilson’s only A2K Catcher’s glove, is recommended for top flight players who prefer the best leather money can buy in a 33.5-inch design. In more detail, the following is our Wilson A2K Catcher’s mitt Review.

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Wilson A2K Catchers Glove Review

We relied heavily on Wilson’s product page for the A2K catcher’s mitt M1. In terms of sizing and product details it was invaluable. We also spent some time on closetoubats section on the Wilson M1 and watched their video for some insights we used here. As well, we reviewed our Wilson A2K Reviews section to ensure accuracy.

Wilson A2K Catcher’s Mitt M1 Recommendations

2017 Wilson A2K Reviews

Any dead serious player who wants arguably the best 33.5 inch catcher’s glove on the market, should seriously consider the A2K M1 Catcher’s Mitt from Wilson. It is good enough for a few pro guys, so likely will be good enough for you and your budding career.

A 33.5-inch design isn’t the biggest on the market, nor is the full leather design on the A2K M1 the lightest 33-5-inch on the market. But the half moon web and the premium leather with dual palm construction has a great fit, long tough work in and as much durability as you could ever hope for.

Generally speaking, we would recommend the glove to any serious catcher who is playing varsity high school ball or above.

Comparable Options

Wilson A2K Catcher's Mitt Review

Within the Wilson Brand, the most comparable option to the M1 A2K Catcher’s Mitt is the A2000 Superskin version in the same M1 pattern. Both gloves use the half moon web and the same 33.5-inch circumference. Chief among the major differences is the use of Superskin on the back of the A2000 Superskin. This superskin makes the glove lighter and little more manageable. It may also make it more useful in wet weather. But, the A2000 Superskin M1 lacks the premium leather and double palm construction that A2K’s have.

Price check the A2000 M1 Superskin

Wilson A2K Catcher's Mitt Glove Review

Outside of the Wilson Brand, the All-Star 33.5 Pro Elite Series is a serious contender. Some would argue it is THE 33.5 inch catcher’s glove on the market. Both the All-Star and the M1 A2K use full leather and a traditional half moon web. Both, it turns out, also look quite similar. These two compete head to head in the 33.5-inch market and it is really hard to go wrong either way. Traditional catcher’s might give the edge to the All-Star.

Price check the 33.5 inch All Star Catcher’s Glove

A2K Catcher’s Mitt Construction

Wilson A2K Catchers Glove Review

There are three aspects of an A2K that make it different, at least when compared to an A2000. They are Pro-Stock Select leather, a double palm construction and rolled dual welting.

Pro-Stock Select Leather

As we discuss in our A2K Reviews, Wilson has access to a certain breed of cow that produces, they claim, the best leather that can be found. That leather is sorted thoroughly to find the best pieces possible. It is then used to build the A2K. This leather is referred to as Pro-Stock Select and differs from A2000 leather that is referred to as Pro-Stock.

Many make the argument that several pros are comfortable with the A2000 instead of the A2K. Hence, they argue, the leather on the A2000 is good enough for them, then why not us? Do note, however, the gloves that get sent to the professionals are not the same as the stock versions that get sent to the public for purchase. The A2000’s on the shelf at your local sporting goods store is not the same leather the pros get.

In other words, the A2K is the closest to professional grade leather you can buy in the Wilson line.

Double Palm Construction

In addition to a premium, premium leather found on the A2K, the A2K also uses a double palm construction for a little more padding and a longer work in. For a catcher’s glove, it may mean all the difference. However, this also comes with a longer break in time.

Rolled Dual Welting

Although it makes no functional difference, the A2K’s such as the M1, use a rolled welting construction on the back. That means the pieces of leather used to seam together different parts of fingers have been rolled smooth. It makes for a smoother feel on the back and something you would not get with the M1 in an A2000 Superskin, for example.

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