Wilson Game Model Gloves are top shelf mitts made by Wilson for elite MLB players. Wilson then uses that pattern and produces these gloves within their different classes for public consumption. Most Game Model gloves are produced within the A2K or A2000 lines. Some also come with a Superskin option. Here we keep track of the current Game Model gloves Wilson produces. Consider it our Wilson Game Model glove reviews.

Wilson Game Model Glove Review Table

Position Pattern A2000 A2K Superskin Year Serial Number Price Review
Infield DATDUDE x 2017 WTA2KRB17DATDUDE $$$$ Soon
Infield DP15 X 2017 WTA20RB17DP15GM $$$ Soon
Infield DP15 x 2016 WTA20RB16DP15SS $$$ Soon
Infield DP15 x 2017 WTA2KRB17DP15GM $$$$ Soon
Infield DW5 x 2016 WTA2KRB17DP15GM $$$$ Soon
Infield JA27 x 2017 WTA20RB17JA27GM $$$ Soon
Infield CC1 x 2017 WTA20RB17JCC1GM $$$ Soon
Infield RC22 x 2017 WTA20RB17JRC22GM $$$ Soon
Infield CK22 x 2016 WTA20RB17JCK22GM $$$ Soon
Infield MC24 x 2016 WTA20RB17JMC24GM $$$ Soon

Price check Wilson Game Model gloves.

Game Model Review Write-Up

In 2017, Wilson offers 9 Game Models. By some counts it is actually 11. The reason is simple enough. The first uncounted glove is the the DP15 (named after Dustin Pedroia) in a Superskin A2000. We list it in the table above. For whatever reason, the labeling does not include the DP15 A2000SS as a Game Model Glove. We don’t know why.

The second glove missing from the total can also be blamed on Dustin Pedroia. The A2000 DP15, likely the most popular Game Model in the entire Wilson line up, comes in two versions. The tan leather was designed in 2015 and still selling well enough to continue its production. In 2017, another was produced in a black leather and white highlights look. The new black 2017 version is slighly updated in it’s taper and shorter pocket. But, the total of 9 Game Model gloves does not double count the DP15 A2000.

Game Model Review Sources 

Our favorite place to look for Wilson Game Model gloves is, without surprise, Wilson’s website. Here, they let you sort by Game Model. We could not find a vendor that allowed you to sort by the Game Model classification. Instead, you need to look under each class to track down the different game models. We think our A2000 Reviews and A2K review pages—as well as our general Wilson Baseball glove review page is helpful too.

DP15 Game Model Review

DP15 A2K

2017 Wilson A2K Reviews

Pedroia’s updated A2K for 2017 comes with a deeper pocket and straighter finger stalls. It is, by all accounts, one of the smoothest looking gloves on the market today. The gunmetal leather and tan welting is a great touch on this 11.5 inch glove. Like all DP15’s expect a very thin palm and longer laces.

Price check the A2K DP15

DP15 A2000

2017 Wilson Glove Reviews

The 2017 A2000 DP15 game model is an update in color only to the 2015 model in the same name. This is the quintessential Pedroia glove with its thin, flat palm and long laces. This is built for the second baseman. The A2000 is full on pro quality leather.

Price check the 2017 A2000 DP15

DP15 A2000 Superskin

This DP15 is the Superskin version Dustin Pedroia Game Model glove. We have yet to see Dustin use this in any actual games, but it is often referred to as a Game Model nonetheless. The difference, of course, is the Superskin backing.

Price check the DP15 Superskin

DatDude Game Model Review

2017 Wilson A2K Reviews

The DATDUDE has come, in many respects, to symbolize the meaning of a Game Model glove from Wilson. Brandon Phillips designs this glove with the help of the Wilson team and, for this year, it uses a snake leather design on the pro-stock select A2K leather. Expect a great wide pocket and a good feel for this quintessential 11.5 inch short stop glove.

Price check the DATDUDE Game Model

DW5 Game Model Review

2017 Wilson A2K Reviews

David Wrights Game Model glove is new to the line and comes by way of Wilson’s Glove of the Month push. The DW5 is an A2K and comes with the requisite premium select leather. It is built for a 3rd baseman it it’s dual post webbing and 12-inch design.

Price check the DW5 Game Model

JA27 Game Model Review

2017 Wilson A2000 Reviews

Everyone’s favorite second baseman, Jose Altuve, also has a Game Model Wilson glove. Referred to as the JA27, the new 2017 version comes an upgraded look. This is an 11.5 inch glove built for a second baseman with its tight pocket and H-web.

Price check the JA27 Game Model

CC1 Game Model Review

2017 Wilson Glove Reviews

New to the league and new to the Wilson glove line up is Carlos Correa’s Game Model. It is, much like the others, an 11.5-inch glove built on the chasis of Wilsons 1786 pattern. Expect a well buitl glove with an I-Web in a traditional A2000 pattern.

Price check the CC1 Game Model

RC22 Game Model Review

Save the DATDUDE, Robinson Cano’s RC22 Wilson Game Glove is the most unique of the bunch. It runs the traditional 11.5-inch middle infielder glove but also sports the Superskin backing for a quicker work in and lighter feel. Cano’s biggest compliment to the glove is that it does not get heavy when wet.

Price check the RC22 Game Model

CK22 Game Model Review

Although not updated for the 2017 season, Kershaw’s glove has become a mainstay in the line. This glove was the original B2 (now B212). Wilson is keeping it alive in his honor and he has not changed a thing since it was first put on his hand at Dodgers training camp his rookie season. Dual panel webbing and a super deep pocket on a 11.75-inch glove is what he, and a number of others, really like.

Price check the CK22 Game Model. 

MC24 Game Model Review

Cabrera’s Wilson Game Model, the MC24, is a dope looking fist baseman’s glove built in the Tiger’s accent colors. Compared to the 2800 1st baseman’s glove, Cabrera likes wider posts and a stronger top pocket. Notice, as well, the custom lace job on the back post of the webbing. This is a remarkably wide first baseman’s glove.

Price check the MC24 Game Model.


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