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The 2017 Wilson A2K is a general class of glove. That class particular features that span the entire line. In 2017, for example, there are 12 new 2017 models. Of those 12 new 2017 Wilson A2K gloves you will find 6 infield, 2 Outfield, 2 Pitcher, 1 Catcher and 1 1st Baseman’s glove. We give a high level overview of each new 2017 Wilson A2K below as well as a general 2017 Wilson A2K Review.

2017 Wilson A2K Reviews

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Wilson A2K Glove Review 2017 Sources

2017 A2K Glove Reviews

Although most A2K reviews are not as organized or specific as this one, there are a number of resources worth your time as you study up on the new A2K line for 2017. We relied heavily on Wilson’s ball glove site. We also spent several minutes on closeoutbats.com glove section making sure we didn’t say something stupid. Just Glove Reviews instagram account was used to grap some images. . As well, our 2017 Wilson Glove Reviews page as well as our 2017 A2000 Super Skin Reviews and 2017 A2000 glove reviews. were useful.

2017 Wilson A2K Glove Review Pattern Catalog

Position Pattern A2000 A2000 Super Skin Game Model Latest A2000 Year Serial Number Price Review
Infield 1788 x x 2017 WTA2KRB171788 $$$$ Soon
Infield DATDUDE  x 2017 WTA2KRB17DTDUDE $$$$ Soon
Infield DP15 x x x 2017 WTA2KRB17DP15GM $$$$ Soon
Infield 1786 x x 2017 WTA20RB171786 $$$$ Here
Infield 1787 x 2017 WTA2KRB171787 $$$$ Soon
Infield DW5  x 2017 WTA2KRB16DW5GM $$$$ Soon
Pitcher D33 x 2017 WTA2KRB17D33 $$$$ Soon
Pitcher B212 x 2017 WTA2KRB17B212 $$$$ Soon
Outfield KP92 x 2017 WTA2KRB17KP92 $$$$ Soon
Outfield 1799 x x 2017 WTA2KRB1K1799 $$$$ Soon
Catcher M1 x 2017 WTA2KRB17M1 $$$$ Soon
1st Base 2800 x 2017 WTA2KRB172800 $$$$ Soon

2017 Wilson A2K Glove Reviews

A2K Video Review

A2K Write Up Review

2017 A2K Glove Reviews

The 2017 Wilson A2K is the best quality glove Wilson Gloves makes. Although some legitimately disagree, Wilson is the leader in the glove space. As such, it could be argued the Wilson A2K is the best glove on the planet.

In terms of construction, Wilson would argue the premium leather from cows especially raised in Japan to become ball gloves is part of the key. Then, after the leather is harvested, it is sorted into three piles of good, better and best. That best section is then sorted two more times in the same manner. This creates the best leather on the planet—at least according to Wilson.

The A2K’s come in a number of patterns. If any particular pattern is the right pick for you will be a function of further research. On the whole, however, the Wilson A2K comes highly recommended for serious baseball players.

Wilson A2K Glove Reviews 2017 Pitcher

There are 2 new 2017 pitchers gloves for in the Wilson A2K class of gloves. Well over 30 MLB pitchers use either the D33 or B212 in the an A2K at the big league level. They are, far and away, some of the most popular models in the world.

2017 A2K D33 Review

2017 Wilson A2K Reviews

The 2017 A2K D33 is an 11.75 inch glove made for pitchers who like a tight pattern in the webbing. Expect a great feel and a somewhat smaller glove to make more athletic plays. The glove has a wide and deep pocket and comes in both a left and right hand throw.

Price check the 2017 A2K D33

2017 A2K B212 Review

2017 Wilson A2K Reviews

Wilsons 2017 A2K B212 is the more popular of the pitching gloves they offer in the A2K line. Of the 30 MLB pitchers that regularly use a Wilson A2K more than 20 of them use the B212. They like the 12-inch glove with a completely closed webbing for total ball concealment.

Price Check the 2017 A2K B212

2017 Wilson A2K Infield Glove Reviews

Six of the twelve new 2017 A2K Gloves are in the infield section. They range from a short 11.25-inch 1788 to a big 12-inch third basemans glove in a Game Model. We discuss each in some detail below.

2017 A2K 1788 Super Skin Review

2017 Wilson A2K Reviews

The A2K 1788 for 2017 is the only glove that comes in a Super Skin version. This is new to the 2017 line as Super Skins were reserved for A2000 versions. The 1788 is the smallest glove Wilson makes and is made for middle infield or those who prefer a 11.25-inch glove.

Price Check the 2017 A2K 1788 Super Skin

2017 A2K DATDUDE Review

2017 Wilson A2K Reviews

What is easily the most flashy and forward thinking glove in the entire Wilson line is the 2017 DATDUDE A2K. This is the game model of Brandon Phillips and sports a new faux snake leather look on the backhand with the same flashy brilliance of years past. This is a 11.5 inch glove with a traditional H-Web made for middle infield and the occasional third baseman.

Price Check the 2017 A2K DATDUDE

2017 A2K DP15 Review

2017 Wilson A2K Reviews

Dustin Pedroia’s glove comes in every model Wilson makes. This 2017 A2K DP15 model is a sleek gunmetal color with saddle tan laces. Compared to last year, the 2017 DP15 has a more shallow pocket and straighter fingers. Expect, as is the case with all DP15’s, the very thin heel pad, longer laces and a tapered fit.

Price Check the 2017 A2K DP15

2017 A2K 1786 Review

2017 Wilson A2K Reviews

Wilson’s most popular glove is the 1786 pattern. While the A2000 version sells more than the A2K version it doesn’t mean the A2K is missing anything. It is the quintisential middle infield glove that a third baseman could get away with using. It is, as always, a 11.5-inch glove with a traditional H-Web.

Price Check the 2017 A2K 1786. See our full Wilson 1786 glove review here

2017 A2K 1787 Review

2017 Wilson A2K Reviews

The 1787 pattern from Wilson is an 11.75-inch glove made for third base. This pattern also comes in an A2000 Super Skin. It fits much like the very popular 1786 but with a 1/4 inch more distance. Made for third base, generally. But we are sure an occasional short stop could get away with it.

Price Check the 2017 A2K 1787

2017 A2K DW5 Review

2017 Wilson A2K Reviews

The DW5 is the game model of David Wright. It is a glove built for the hot corner. The DW5 is a 12-inch glove and uses a dual post design for added durability when taking years of abuse at 3rd base. It only comes in an A2K version and, once a glove of the month, now a mainstay in Wilson’s glove arsenal.

Price Check the 2017 A2K DW5

Wilson A2K Glove Reviews 2017 Outfield

2017 A2K KP92 Review

2017 Wilson A2K Reviews

The KP92 pattern is most known for its pro-laced T-web design. Kriby Pucket helped Wilson design this web that supports the top bar for snow-cone catches. It comes in a A2000 version too. The glove is a traditional 12.5-inch outfielder glove built with a commendable reach and huge pocket.

Price Check the 2017 A2K KP92

2017 A2K 1799 Review

2017 Wilson A2K Reviews

At 12.75-inches, the 2017 A2K 1799 is the largest outfield glove Wilson makes. It uses the same pocket design as the DW5, the dual post web, and is meant for the best reach in the business. Expect a huge glove that can get anywhere you can.

Price Check the 2017 A2K 1799

Wilson A2K Glove Reviews 2017 1st Base

2017 A2K 2800 Review

2017 Wilson A2K Reviews

Wilson only makes one 1st baseman’s glove in an A2K. That version is the 2800. The pattern is also made in an A2000. It uses a single post web design and uses a unique two break design in the palm for maximum width range. The extra work in from the factory the A2Ks receive makes this a very thoughtful buy.

Price Check the 2017 A2K 2800

Wilson A2K Glove Reviews 2017 Catcher

2017 A2K M1 Review

2017 Wilson A2K Reviews

Wilson’s lone A2K Catcher’s glove uses the very traditional half-moon web design. It is a 33.5 inch glove and when you first put it on will be best feeling glove you’ve yet to try. The A2K comes ultra soft.

Price Check the 2017 A2K M1


Glove Patterns

2017 Wilson A2K Glove Review

There are a number of esoteric glove terms. Chief among them may be the word pattern. The pattern describes the gloves design. Not in terms of color but, instead, in terms of how the glove’s webbing and fingers are structured. Wilson’s most popular pattern is the 1786.

Game Models

2017 Wilson A2K Review

Not to be confused with the term Pattern is the phrase Game Model gloves. Wilson teams up with a number of high profile players to design a specific glove pattern for their liking. The gloves are assigned a unique model ID to go along with their unique glove. They then produce that glove in mass quantities for sale to the public.


2017 Wilson A2K Glove Reviews

Welting is a term used in material design that refers to a piece of leather that assists in strengthening the connection between two pieces of leather. In the picture above it is the blonde leather stripes going along the fingers. Dual welting, what Wilson uses, is the use of two welting strips along the back of each finger. Those pieces of welting leather are either rolled or rough. The A2K uses rolled welting strips.

Wilson Super Skin

2017 Wilson A2K Reviews

New to the 2017 line, Wilson added Super Skin backing to the 1788 pattern of their A2K. In previous years, only the A2000’s were given the Super Skin. Super Skin is a synthetic material that is light weight and weather resistant proprietary to Wilson’s line of gloves. Some big timer players, like Robinson Cano, use it on their game model versions.

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