Wilson A2000 Glove Reviews

Wilson A2000
Wilson A2000 Glove Reviews

If Wilson is the most popular glove brand, which is likely is, and the A2000 is its most popular glove line, which it is, then that makes the Wilson A2000 the most popular glove line on the planet. This is because, in large part, the A2000’s have set the standard for what a glove should be.

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To understand the A2000 glove line, first divide them into the traditional A2000 and the A2000 Superskin. This second class, the A2000 Super Skin, we dedicate an entire article elsewhere. Here, we discuss the 11 new 2017 Wilson A2000 Gloves. These are the most popular baseball gloves on the planet and, as we discuss below, there is a reason for that. Consider this our 2017 Wilson A2000 Glove Review overview.

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Wilson A2000 Glove Review 2017 Sources

We referenced a number of sources while putting together this 2017 Wilson A2000 Glove Review. Of course, Wilson’s product site is invaluable in terms of product serial numbers, sizing options and images. As well, our 2017 Wilson Glove Reviews page as well as our A2K Reviews and A2000 Super Skin Reviews were useful.

2017 Wilson A2000 Glove Review Pattern Chart

Position Pattern A2K A2000 Game Model Latest A2000 Year Serial Number Price Review
Infield 1788 x x 2017 WTA20RB171788 $$$ Soon
Infield DP15 x x x 2017 WTA20RB17DP15 $$$ Soon
Infield 17 x x 2017 WTA20RB1717 $$$
Infield 1789 2016 WTA20RB161789 $$$
Infield PP05 2016 WTA20RB16PP05 $$$
Infield EL3 2016 WTA20RB16EL3 $$$
Infield JA27 x 2017 WTA20RB17JA27GM $$$ Soon
Infield CC1 x 2017 WTA20RB17CC1GM $$$ Soon
Pitcher CK22 x 2015 WTA20RB15CK22GM $$$
Pitcher D33 x 2016 WTA20RB16D33 $$$
Outfield KP92 x 2017 WTA20RB17KP92 $$$ Soon
Outfield 1799 x x 2016 WTA20RB161799 $$$
Outfield OT6 x 2016 WTA20RB16OT6 $$$
Catcher 1791/Pudge 2017 WTA20RB17PUDGE $$$ Soon
Catcher CM33 2017 WTA20RB17CM33 $$$ Soon
1st Base MC24 2016 WTA20RB16MC24GM $$$ Soon
1st Base 2800 x 2017 WTA20RB172800 $$$ Soon

2017 Wilson A2000 Glove Reviews

The 2017 Wilson A2000 represents a category of performance gloves Wilson produces. Within that category are 20 gloves, 11 of which are designed new for the 2017 class. Each of those 11 gloves have their own unique flare. While some A2000’s are much alike, others are as different as a catcher’s glove and a infielder’s glove should be.

However, there are some things all A2000’s have in common. Specifically, all A2000’s use a Pro Stock leather which is specifically raised to produce Wilson ball gloves. Fingering on the gloves use a dual welting—which is two strips of leather—along each finger back. This both improves the general durability of the glove while keeping a very long lasting work-in. Each A2000 also uses a breathable wrist band to help wick away sweat.

A2000’s are well known on the game and arguably have the best reputation as a legit top shelf performance glove good for any game.

Terminology: Glove Patterns

There are a number of esoteric glove terms. Chief among them may be the word pattern. The pattern describes the gloves design. Not in terms of color but, instead, in terms of how the glove looks. Wilson patterns are often numbers (1786, 1789, etc) although some contain letters to (JA27, DW5, etc.).

Game Models

Within the A2000 series are several Game Model gloves. These are gloves built after specific players and contain enough differences in design from other patterns in the line they are given their own pattern number. Game Model A2000’s are usually the most popular and also present the most flashy colors. Game Model gloves are also availalbe in Super Skin and A2K versions of different patterns.

If uptake at the major league level is the litmus test for the best baseball glove, then the A2000 would win the prize. By our last count, at least 100 big leaguers use a Wilson A2000 in some form or another. Far and away, it is the most common glove among elite players. It also dominates the collegiate space as well as travel ball and highschool. We would guess that no less than 70% of all Wilson performance glove sales are A2000s.

To put it mildly, the A2000 dominates the game from top to bottom.

Wilson A2000 Infield Glove Reviews 2017

Six of the Eleven new 2017 Wilson mitts are infielder’s gloves. Below are short overviews of each new Wilson A2000 Infield Glove Review.

1788A Review

The 1788A form Wilson is the smallest glove Wilson makes, this 11.25″ middle infield gloves comes with a lace design and a short pocket for easy transitions. Much like the 1788 but with a different web. Some feel like the lace web design makes a shorter and longer lasting tight pocket.

Price Check the 2017 Wilson 1788A

1788 Review

The famous H-Web design Wilson uses on most of the A2000 glove designs is on the newly colored up 2017 Wilson 1788. This is a 11.25″ designed glove for middle infield or a 3rd basemen. It would be the lightest all leather glove Wilson makes. The glove comes in both a Super Skin and A2K model. Both of those have a different take on the color scheme. Expect a short pocket and standard fit on the wrist.

Price Check the 2017 Wilson 1788

DP15 Review

The DP15 is named after Dustin Pedrioa. This is an 11.5″ inch glove made for middle infield or the occasional 3rd baseman. It’s unique feature is a smaller entrance for the wrist for a tighter fit. This tappered fit is a mainstay on Pedrioa’s glove who is remarkably attentive to details. It is the traditional H-web (or, depending on how you look at it, I-Web). The DP15 is made in a Super Skin and A2K as well as a 2016 model that Wilson still actively sells.

Price check the 2017 A2000 DP15

1786 Review

Wilson’s 1786 A2000 for 2017 is its most popular glove. It is a traditional 11.5″ middle infield glove with a traditional H-Web design. Of course a third baseman who likes a little more mobility would appreciate it too. Few vendors are capable of keeping this glove in stock at the moment as the walnut color apparently sucks money from people’s bank accounts without much of a thought. Sweet glove and the ideal mitt. It could be argued this glove is the quintessential glove of the entire 2017 Wilson line.

Price check the 2017 A2000 1786. See our Full Wilson 1786 Glove Review.

JA27 Reivew

Jose Altuve’s JA27 Game Model Wilson Glove is a take on the 1786 with some flashy color. It is a 11.5″ inch glove with an H-web design and nice classic fit. This glove only comes in a A2000 as that is, by all accounts, Altuve’s preference. Expect a short pocket for middle infield.

Price Check the A2000 JA27

CC1 Review

Carlos Correa’s glove is much like the JA27 in terms of functionality with the obvious exception of it being a 11.75″ mitt instead of the more standard 11.5″ glove most middle infielders use. For many High School and collegiate players this may be a good cross over glove for 3rd base and middle infield too. It comes with the traditional I-Web design and double laces in the web.

Price Check the A2000 CC1

Wilson A2000 Glove Reviews 2017 Outfield

For outfield, the Wilson A2000 glove line offers 3 distinct patterns. Only one has been updated for a 2017 look. We discuss that glove, the KP92, below. We should note, there are two A2K gloves and one A2000 Super Skin updated for 2017 too. But those are covered elsewhere on this site.

KP92 Review

Originally designed by Kirby Pucket, the KP92 is a 12.5″ outfield glove with a T-web. It’s most unique feature is the reinforced trap on the top of the webbing to keep the pockets structure and manage snow-cone catchers. The KP92 uses a traditional fit and has the same Pro-Stock leather and dry wicking wrist guard that the A2000 is famous for.

Price Check the A2000 KP92

Wilson A2000 Glove Reviews 2017 1st Base

Wlson makes 4 top shelf (A2K, A2000, Super Skin) 1st basemen gloves. Two are in the 28000 pattern. One of those is an A2000 that is updated for the 2017 class.

2800 Review

The 2017 A2000 2800 uses a single post reinforced web design which is the most popular design worn by the pros. It also uses a fully closed backhand. This glove uses dual break points in the thump line and palm heel for a wide grab. Like all A2000 gloves, the glove comes with dual welting on the fingers for a stiff break in and a long lasting glove.

Price Check the 2017 A2000 2800

Wilson A2000 Glove Reviews 2017 Catcher

Both A2000 Catcher’s gloves are upgraded for the 2017 Class. The Pudge (or 1791) is the most popular and uses the popular half moon web design. The 33″

Pudge Review

Wilson’s most popular A2000 catcher’s glove gets an upgraded look for 2017. The PUDGE, aka 1791, pattern is a 32.5″ circumference with the most popular MLB web pattern: The Half Moon Web. It is the smallest Catcher’s glove Wilson makes in the A2000 line and is travel ball preferred glove. Like each A2000 the Pudge also has dual leather strips (welting) on the fingers for life-long durability and a long lasting break-in.

Price Check the 2017 A2000 PUDGE

CM33 Review

The very stiff and very durable A2000 CM33 is a glove built to take a beating. It uses, like the Pudge, a half moon design but the extra half inch in circumference benefits the palm size. Expect, as always, double lines of leather on the fingers (welting) to keep its structure and break in for years to come.

Price Check the A2000 CM33

A2000 vs A2K

Many A2000 Patterns also come in A2K patterns. By that we simply mean the design of the gloves webbing and dimensions are foun

There is really one source that everyone gets their information from in terms of the A2K vs the A2000. A number of articles address the issue. If you were to watch the following, you’d be as smart as anyone else on the matter. This is Wilson’s product designer and master Craftsman Aso describing the differences.

A2000 vs A2000 Super Skin

Like A2K Gloves, A2000 Super Skin gloves often come in the same patterns as the A2000 base model gloves. The Super Skins add a different textile to the back that makes the gloves both lighter and easier to break in. In 2017, the Super Skin is black.

There are 12 Super Skin patterns in total in the 2017 line. Only 5 come in both the A2000 and the A2000 Superskin. They are the 1788, DP15, 1786, 1799 and the OT6. Of those 5, only the 1788, DP15 and 1786 have new A2000 2017 designs.

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