Wilson A2000 RC22 GM Review

Robinson Cano’s Game Model (GM) glove from Wilson is an 11.5-inch A2000 middle infield glove with a Superskin backing. It is, by all accounts, a top flight glove from a top flight company. Those who need a lighter glove that performs well when wet should like it. We have spent some time with the A2000 RC22 GM glove and spoke with major vendors and the manufacturer about it. That information, combined with some findings on the internet, are in this Wilson A2000 RC22 GM Review.

Wilson A2000 RC22 GM Review

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Wilson A2000 RC22 GM Review Sources

Offsite, we found useful information for the RC22 GM on Wilson’s website directly. We also used a few pictures from the Just Glove Reviews instagram account. Closeoutbats’ product page on Robinson Cano’s Wilson A2000 glove was helpful too.

On this site we referred to our Wilson Game Model Glove Review as well as our A2000 Superskin review. Both cover the RC22 lightly as well as other gloves that fit that class.

Within this article we also reference the following onsite articles.

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Wilson A2000 RC GM Recommendations

Wilson A2000 RC22 GM Review

As an 11.5-inch glove with a web designed in the shape of an H (or I depending on how you hold it—or how you write your capital I’s) the RC22 is the quintessential middle infield glove. Most, or at least many, middle infielders like the ability to see the ball within the glove from the back of the hand. In that regard, the RC22 GM functions just like the 1786 or DATDUDE from Wilson.

The Superskin feature adds a lightness to the glove not found in all leather gloves.

With that said, we would recommend the RC22 to any middle infielder who prefers a lighter feeling glove, yet still wants to spend the money required to acquire top flight leather. As well, any third baseman comfortable with an 11.5 inch glove might really like this one, too—although it may lack the girth most find useful in a 3rd baseman’s glove.

As well, and at the risk of stating the obvious, the RC22 is a Mariners’ colored glove. So, if you like those colors and fit into the category of player above, then congratulations, you may have just found your new mitt.

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Wilson A2000 RC22 GM Review Sizing and Construction

Wilson A2000 RC22 GM Review

On a basic level, the A2000 RC 22 is an 11.5-inch infielder’s glove with an H-web. It uses a traditional open webbing and a semi-deep pocket. In the A2000 gloves, Wilson uses a leather they refer to as Pro-Stock. This is a proprietary leather found only in certain cows raised in Japan.

We should note, the RC22 GM you find in stock versions at your local sporting goods store (or online) is not the exact same quality as the actual Robinson Cano Game Model. Wilson does not, for example, just take any old RC22 off the assembly line and ship it to the Mariners’ clubhouse. The gloves the actual pros wear are taken special care of and given on the best leather on the planet. It is more akin to the leather found in an A2K. They are specially marked as a pro issue glove. You cannot find these on the open market.

With that said, the A2000 RC22 GM stock model is a top flight glove, and any average folk will love it just the same.

Wilson A2000 RC22 GM Review Features

The major features of Robinson Cano’s Game Model glove fall into the following three categories.

A2000Wilson A2000 RC22 GM Review

All A2000 gloves come with a Pro-Stock leather that is specially harvested in Japan for this very purpose. Wilson, according to some, makes the best gloves on the planet. They are shaped perfectly out of the factory. The A2000 is the marquee glove of the marquee company in the glove business. We have yet to find anyone who did not absolutely love the gloves.

Wilson A2000 RC22 GM Review

The RC22 also adds a few features some may appreciate—most noticeably, the Superskin backing. Superskin is a synthetic material added to the back of A2000 Wilson gloves. This gives the glove a lighter weight and an easier break in. It also does not soak up water in rainy game situations. If you play in a wet climate, it may be the feature that drives you to purchase the glove.

Game Model
Wilson A2000 RC22 GM Review

Game Model gloves from Wilson are specific gloves in the A2K, A2000 or A2000 Superskin lines designed after pro preferences. Often, those changes are only in color. For example, the RC22 is the Wilson Superskin 1786, but in the unique colors of the Seattle Mariners.

Other Game Model gloves, like the DP15, are not only designed in the colors the players’ prefer, but also with different functional features.

Wilson A2000 RC22 GM Comparable Options
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There are several gloves similar to the RC22 GM. Functionally, the Superskin 1786 is exactly like the RC22. Both are H-web 11.5-inch middle infield gloves. Both use the same Pro-Stock leather on the palm and fingers, as well as the Superskin backing. They are, in essence, the same exact glove with the exception of color.

In terms of a similar Game Model glove, Jose Altuve’s glove, also much like the 1786, is very similar. It is a multi-colored, somewhat flashy glove for middle infield. However, Altuve’s glove has no Superskin on the back.

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