Wilson A2000 1790 Catcher’s Mitt Review

After learning all we could about the 1790 Wilson Catcher’s Mitt by speaking to a few major vendors, as well as speaking with Wilson directly about the glove’s design and purpose, we took the glove for a spin ourselves. We also read online reviews about the 1790 mitt to see how our firsthand experience compared with others’. Below we discuss recommendations, as well as what we learned about Superskin on a catcher’s glove. Count the following as our Wilson A2000 1790 catcher’s mitt review.

Wilson A2000 1790 Catcher's Mitt Review

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Wilson A2000 1790 Catcher’s Mitt Article Contents

Wilson A2000 1790 Catcher’s Mitt Sources

A number of sites have some information on the Wilson 1790 Catcher’s mitt. We referred to Wilson’s product page directly during this write up. We also relied heavily on closeoutbats 1790 product page, as well as our Wilson A2000 Superskin Reviews.

The glove’s serial number is WTA20RB171790SS. The SS stands for Superskin.

Wilson A2000 1790 Catcher’s Mitt Recommendations

Wilson A2000 1790 Catcher's Mitt Review

On the whole, the 1790 catcher’s mitt is designed for a big time player that catches big time heat. It is the largest catcher’s glove Wilson makes and is built to take a beating. That big size comes with the benefit of serious durability and a tough break in.

As such, we would recommend the 1790 Wilson catcher’s mitt to high school or above catcher’s who need or prefer as much padding and plate coverage as possible. Smaller players, or those who wish to see as much mobility as possible, might struggle with the 34-inch circumference. Although the Superskin backing does lighten the load and make the break in easier, the 1790 is still a big boy mitt made for big, strong folks.

Wilson A2000 1790 Catcher’s Mitt Sizing and Construction

Wilson A2000 1790 Catcher's Mitt Review

The A2000 1790 Catcher’s mitt is a traditional glove design with the very popular half moon web pattern. It comes with the A2000’s signature Pro-Stock leather. This leather, you may recall from our Wilson A2000 glove reviews, is bred from a particular cow in Japan to which Wilson owns the rights.

Why Superskin?

Some argue that less premium on a premium glove may make the glove less premium. If anything, they suggest a glove with less premium leather should be less expensive than one with more. That is the argument some find against the 1790—which consists of the Pro-Stock leather in the palm and webbing, but a synthetic backing Wilson calls Superskin.

Fair enough.

But in terms of function, a lighter, more durable and water resistant material on the back hand of a catcher makes a lot of sense. Especially when considering the size of the 1790, the addition of top shelf Superskin is very smart. It is so smart, in fact, by our last count, no less than 14 MLB catchers (including Evan Gatis and every Rockies catcher) use the 1790 with its Superskin backing. That is more than the Wilson M1, 1791 and CM33 combined.

If Superskin is good enough for them, we dare say it is good enough for a top end high school or collegiate catcher.

Wilson A2000 1790 Catcher’s Mitt Comparable Gloves

Wilson M1

Wilson A2000 1790 Catcher's Mitt Review

Within the Wilson line there is a comparable option. Wilson’s M1 catcher’s glove is a similarly designed catcher’s mitt with the half moon web and Superskin backing. The only noticeable difference is the 33.5-inch circumference vs the 34-inch found on the 1790. The M1 is plenty popular at the big league level—just nothing compared to the 1790. If you would like a bit more mobility than the monster 34-inch 1791, then the M1 is your pick.

We should note, the M1 comes in an A2K version. Meaning, if you want premium leather and little more padding in the palm for a longer break in, the 1790 doesn’t have that option. See our A2K vs A2000 differences.

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Rawlings Yadier Molina’s Heart of the Hide

Wilson A2000 1790 Catcher's Mitt Review

Outside of Wilson, Yadier Molina’s Rawlings Heart of the Hide Pro Mesh is a similar glove in terms of a 34-inch circumference on a top quality leather palm. They also use a different, lighter backing that is meant to replicate the Superskin concept. Wilson Superskin lovers, without much surprise, are unimpressed with the Pro-Mesh.

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