We spent several hours using the 1786 pattern from Wilson gloves and spoke to a couple players that have used it for years. We did so in A2K and A2000, and the Superskin versions of the glove. As well, we spent time on the phone with people at Wilson Corporate and with major glove vendors to get a feel for their take. Our intent is to take that information and derive a Wilson 1786 Glove Review for the A2000, A2K and SS versions. As those gloves are updated, so will be this page.

Image Version Serial Year Size Price
 2017 Wilson A2K Reviews A2K WTA2KRB171786 2017 11.5″ $$$$
 Wilson 1786 Glove Reivew A2000 WTA20RB151786 2015 11.5″ $$$
 Wilson 1786 Glove Review A2000 WTA20RB171786 2017 11.5″ $$$
  A2000SS WTA20RB161786SS 2016 11.5″ $$$

Price check the 1786 in Superskin, A2000 or A2K

Wilson 1786 Glove Review Sources

In addition to our own experience and a number of phone calls with Wilson and vendors, we found some insightful information online about the 1786 Wilson glove pattern and its accompanying reviews. Most helpful, Wilson’s site gave us ideas on how many 1786 gloves were in existence. Closeoutbats 1786 search helped us in terms of understanding pricing for different high end models.

Wilson 1786 Glove Review Video

1786 Construction

Wilson 1786 Glove Review

The 1786 is the most popular glove for Wilson because it has the most needed glove dimensions and construction. In particular, the glove’s desirable attributes fit in four general categories.

Pro-Stock Leather

Several top shelf glove companies have their own secret sauce when it comes to harvesting fantastic leather. Wilson is clearly in that mix. There are specially raised cows in Japan that have no other purpose in life but to deliver the best leather for Wilson gloves. Wilson refers to this leather as Pro-Stock, and the A2K, A2000 and A2000 Superskin (SS) use it. In fact, the A2K uses the best of the best leather from those specially bred cows.


The 1786 uses a very traditional hand entrance. Meaning, not too big and not too small. This general fit on the hand is most infielder’s dream glove. Extra padding is found in the heel but not too much to be distracting when making exchanges. The A2K version actually has even more padding in the palm than the A2000 and A2000SS.

Pocket Depth and Design

The A2000 1786 sets the industry standard on pocket depth for a middle infield glove. The glove’s popularity and market penetration is so pervasive it is likely most other manufacturers use the 1786 as their template for creating a successful middle infield glove.


The glove runs 11.5 inches from heel to web tip. This is the preferred size for most middle infielders and a number of 3rd baseman.

1786 Recommendations

Wilson 1786 Glove Review

If you are willing to afford the glove, then we would recommend the Wilson 1786 glove in an A2K, A2000 or A2000 Superskin to just about anyone who ever plays 2nd, Short Stop or 3rd base. It is truly a fantastic infield utility glove.

Some 2nd baseman may prefer an 11.25″ inch glove and some 3rd baseman may like a bit more length in a 12″ mitt. If that is not you, then stick with what everyone thinks is the best overall glove on the planet and buy the 1786 Pattern. Whether you should go with the A2K, A2000 or A2000 Superskin, is a conversation for another post (or two, or three).

1786 Other Options

2017 Wilson A2K Reviews

Looking for comparisons to a top shelf 11.5-inch middle infield glove is as easy as walking into any sporting goods store and finding a glove priced over $200. It is the most coveted size.

Within the Wilson brand there are a number of other 11.5-inch middle infield options. We suggest you see our Wilson Glove Reviews page where they are listed in full.

As a general suggestion, we would guess those looking for something other than a 1786, but who still fall in the 11.5-inch realm, might want something a bit flashier and less known. If that is you, then the DP15 A2K is a sweet glove. It also has a smaller entry way for your hand giving a tighter fit. As well, you might like Jose Altuve’s JA27 in an A2000. It runs and feels much like the 1786 but with a little bit of flash. Same goes with the CC1 from Wilson in an A2000.

If none of those float your boat, and your plan is to go big or go home, then why not drop some confidence in the 2017 DATDUDE glove? It is as flashy as you’ll find, but still fits well in that 11.5-inch middle infield type glove work.

So many options, so few games.

A2K 1786 Review

Wilson 1786 Glove Review

The 1786 A2K is the highest quality glove anyone can buy directly from Wilson. Although many pros use an A2000, our experience is the commercial A2000’s do not get the same leather as the ones really made for the professional ball player. As such, if you want the very best leather, tender care and craftsmanship money can buy from Wilson, then the A2K is your answer. If you play middle infield or are comfortable with an 11.5-inch glove at 3rd base, then you will never go wrong in buying the 1786 Wilson A2K.

Price check the 1786 Wilson A2K

2017 A2000 1786 Review

Wilson 1786 Glove Review

The A2000 1786 is the most popular glove Wilson makes. The reasons are pretty simple. First, the 1786 is the most popular pattern of glove in the world, as it is an 11.5-inch middle infield glove with a traditional I-Web. Second, the A2000 is the most popular glove class in the world. Put those circuits together, and tada!, you have the most popular glove on the planet.

The A2000 1786 is a superb glove and we have never spoken to anyone who has used the glove for any length of time who did not also absolutely LOVE it.

Price check the 1786 Wilson A2000

2015 A2000 1786 Review

Wilson 1786 Glove Review

This 1786 A2000 from 2015 is the same as the 2017 model that we just drooled over. The only difference, and it is obvious, is the color. Wilson is still actively selling this glove, so don’t expect to see any discounts.

Price check the 2015 A2000 1786

A2000 SS 1786 Review

Wilson 1786 Glove Review

The Superskin version of the 1786 is quite popular, just not as popular as the traditional A2000. Parents and players, we suspect, still struggle to spend as much on these gloves as ones that have more leather—like the A2000. They think, probably incorrectly, that more leather should also mean more quality. In the palm we will give you that.

But, on the back hand, why do you need leather? Superskin is a legit option that keeps the glove in better shape for longer, requires less maintenance, is easier to break in and is lighter for quicker hands. Superskin is not plastic. It is not Wilson’s way to save a few dollars. It is a legit option that a number of big time players use.

Also, when it gets wet it does not get heavy.

Is the 1786 Superskin from Wilson the right glove for you? We are confident you will not be disappointed.

Price check the 1786 Superskin A2000

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