Wison Baseball Glove Reviews

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Wison Baseball Glove Reviews

The Wilson A2000 is one of the most robust glove offerings on the market. They offer every size you can think of and then some. Expect serious quality, pro level durability and usage and every fit you could hope for. The Wilson A2000 is arguably the most popular baseball glove line in the world.

Price Check

As expected, Wilson’s 2017 baseball glove catalog is outstanding. They update a few previous models, build on others and deliver a few new ones, too. We spent several hours using the gloves, perusing the Wilson glove catalog, discussing the details with Wilson directly to put together this 2017 Wilson Glove Review. It falls as a subset of our baseball glove reviews page.

Wilson Glove Review

We reviewed a number of sources while putting together this review. You may find them useful in your research. Wilson’s glove site, as well as the official Wilson Ball Gloves Instagram account, were very helpful resources. Closeoutbats.com Wilson product section was helpful to check pricing and see what models were still offered.

Where to Buy Wilson Gloves?

Like the other major baseball glove vendor (Rawlings) Wilson’s distribution, glove selection and availability is unmatched. You can find these gloves pretty much anywhere. We usually start by checking out Closeoutbats.com. If they lack the model, which they rarely do, then Amazon is always a good bet too.

Understanding Wilson’s Glove Catalog

Considering there are forty-two different top shelf performance gloves within the Wilson brand offered in 2017, organizing them into groupings small enough to find what you want is not terribly easy. If you are simply looking for some general directions in terms of the 2017 Wilson baseball brand, the following should be helpful.

Classes vs Patterns

To put you on your way, it is helpful to recognize Wilson gloves are divided into a class and a pattern. Ultimately, there are two classes of Wilson performance baseball gloves. They are, in order of most to least expensive, the A2K and the A2000. Within those two classes, there are twenty-seven different patterns. All patterns are not found in each class, but some patterns are found in both classes.

As a subset to the A2000, Wilson offers a Super Skin version of many A2000 or A2K patterns. This is referred to as the A2000 or A2K Super Skin, or for short, A2000SS or A2KSS. This Super Skin subset is so prominent in the catalog, some may consider it a class all its own. But, for our purposes here, we keep to the two class framework.

Wilson Game Models

There is one more catch. Wilson teams up with big time players to design a specific pattern to their liking. That pattern is added to a class, the A2000 and/or A2K, depending on the internal makeup of the glove. Wilson refers to this type of glove as a Game Model. Like the Super Skin, it is such a prominent subset of gloves that some might consider it a class all its own. In some regards they are correct, but for our purposes here, Game Model gloves are simply different patterns found within the class of an A2000 or A2K.

Wilson’s Glove Pattern Options

In 2017, Wilson will sell 27 different patterns across the major positional gloves. That is, 27 different functional designs spanning infield (14), outfield (3), pitcher (3), catcher (4) and first base (3) gloves. Of those 26 patterns, 21 will be newly designed 2017 gloves.

Although glove designs and webbing features are not necessarily unique to Wilson, the model pattern design reference numbers are. These are not like, although we wish they were, the wood bat market that uses industry wide model numbers for a given bat turn.

However, the numbers on Wilson gloves are becoming more commonplace. For example, the 1786, arguably Wilson’s most popular glove, is often referred by that very name. So is the DP15. Here is our chart detailing each pattern in the new 2017 Wilson Glove catalog. Notice, again, patterns are not exclusive to the class of (A2K, A2000) glove.

Wilson Baseball Glove Reviews

In time, expect us to review each pattern in the 2017 Wilson catalog of baseball gloves. Below gives a brief overview of the two major classes of Wilson performance gloves (A2K and A2000), as well as a rundown of the Super Skin benefits and the Game Models.

Game Model Glove Reviews​

Game Model Gloves from Wilson are player specific gloves that were designed directly by the MLB player in partnership with Wilson. Each Game Model glove fits into the category of an A2K or A2000, but have their own unique functional and color design.

We give Game Model gloves a shout out in this Wilson overview because they are unique enough to single out, although we generally consider them part of the A2K and A2000 classes below. The Game Model Wilson gloves are, by many accounts, the most exciting gloves on the planet.

Often Game Model gloves have a two to three year shelf life before they are redesigned again by the player. You may find, for example, the Clayton Kershaw game model is still sold by Wilson, but it was designed and produced originally as a 2016 glove. Jose Altuve, on the other hand, has a newly designed game model glove in a 2017 version which updated his 2015 version. Of the nine Game Model gloves currently sold by Wilson, six of them are 2017 versions.

Wilson A2K Glove Reviews​

A2K Wilson gloves are the best stock gloves Wilson makes. Many MLB players use these stock gloves—with maybe a flair or two of custom color design. By our last count, a few more than a hundred MLB guys use the Wilson A2K specifically. In 2017, Wilson offers twelve A2K gloves, three of which are Game Model gloves (DATDUDE, DP15 and DW5). The other nine gloves are newly designed for 2017 in a jet black and blonde leather look.

In terms of design, the A2Ks come standard with the best leather the market can find. In relation to the A2000, the glove is further shaped by Wilson Glove technicians for a faster break in time. It also uses a thin leather strip between the back of the hand and the palm liner. The A2K is the premier stock glove from Wilson, and in terms of desirability and distribution, likely on the entire market. They are also the most expensive gloves Wilson makes.

Wilson A2000 Gloves​

As a premier pro stock glove, the A2000 has almost no competitors in terms of usage and branding. As much as the A2K is loved by pros, the A2000 is used almost twice as often. Wilson currently produces twenty A2000 gloves, ten of which are made new for the 2017 season. Three of those new 2017 A2000’s are also Game Model gloves.

Known for the glove’s perfect break in and fantastic durability, the A2000 is a coveted piece of art, both vintage and modern. Few serious players would not be happy to use it. And most serious players wish they had one. With a few arguable exceptions, no glove class is more interesting to write about than the A2000 from Wilson.

A2000 Superskin Reviews​

A few years back, Wilson began offering a lighter cover on the backhand. This added a quicker break in time and a much lighter feel while still maintaining the shape and durability high grade leather used in the palm. This design is called the Super Skin and finds its way into many patterns today.

There are a total of thirteen Super Skin versions in Wilson’s current catalog. Eight of those gloves are new to the 2017 line up. Of those eight, one is a Game Model for Robinson Cano. He is the only Pro to use the Super Skin. Also, twelve of the thirteen models fall under the A2000 class. The remaining, a 1788 pattern, is the only Super Skin model made with A2K craftsmanship.

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