Deciphering Rawlings Glove Model Numbers

Rawlings Glove Numbers
Deciphering Rawlings Glove Model Numbers

Rawlings has a unique numbering system. Turns out, as well, there isn’t much sense behind it. You just need to know what each number and place holder stands for to make any sense of the matter. Here we discuss at least a few of those options.

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As a group that spends a considerable time reviewing baseball and softball gloves, we find categorization by model and serial number helpful. Rawlings’ glove serial number system originally baffled us. Until recently, before we were shown the key to glove logic on the Rawlings’ numbering system it all looked like gibberish. Although there may not be many seeking to understand why or how a certain Rawlings glove model number exists, we still thought it worth our while to put these thoughts down on paper.

Rawlings’ Glove Model Numbers

At least as far as we could tell, there is no place on the internet where this information can be found. Much of it is only found on internal documents at Rawling’s that are not for public distribution. That said, you can might find some value in simply perusing the Rawlings website.

On this site, our general Rawlings glove review overview is worth a good look too.

Case Study: Rawlings vs Wilson Model Numbers

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Wilson gloves delivers a relatively see through glove model numbering system. Insomuch that lots of players and parents search for specific Wilson gloves by typing in the actual model number. For example, one of the most search terms with the Wilson Glove phrase is 1786. 1786 is the 11.5 inch pattern of Wilson gloves. It runs across several different category types within that brand. The A2000 1786 has the serial number WTA20RB171786. This means, simply, the Wilson (W) glove in an A2000 (A20) that is right handed (R) and made in 2017 (17) is model number 1786 (1786). That seems simply enough.

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On the other hand, Rawlings’ 11.5-inch glove design has a serial number of PRO314DC-2BCS. Although not as intuitive as the Wilson glove, the numbering system does allow for more flexibility. In an attempt to walk you through the numbers try the following.

PRO: Heart of the Hide

31: This indicates a pattern with unique features compared to other 11.5 inch gloves in the Rawlings line (200, NP, etc.). The numbers that follow the PRO are the most akin to the 1786 type numbers found on the Rawlings. The 31 pattern for Rawlings has a wider reach then NP series and flatter than the 200 series of gloves. The 31 can also can come in a narrow fit pattern. (See a full review on a 31 pattern glove).

4: The number following the pattern indicator tells us how big the glove is. A 4, as is found here, means an 11.5 inch glove. Each number represents a different size. The 2, for example, means a 11.25-inch glove.

-2: The number after the dash represents to the web pattern. #2 is the traditional Pro I-Web.

BC: the last letters represent the colors of the glove.This particular models is Black and Camel. We are not quite sure what the S in this a particular model stands for.

Rawlings’ Glvoe Model Numbers Break Down

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Glove Series: PRO vs PROS vs G vs RG
Rawlings offers a huge variety of gloves. Generally, you can categorize those into a series. They have many series of gloves, but it might be easier to just focus on their four major groups: Gamer, Heart of the Hide, Pro Preferred and Gold Glove. To decipher, each glove category is denoted by the first letters in the serial number. Specifically:

Gamer: G. For example, GYPT6-6B.

Heart of the Hide: PRO. For Example, PRO314DC-2BCS.

Pro Preferred: PROS. For example, PROS6010-MO.

Gold Glove: RG. For example, RGGNP5-2B.

Glove Model: 200s vs 300s vs NPs vs More
There are a number of different pattern models. Patterns, at least in terms of the Rawlings’ glove line, are independent of the web pattern. They are represented in the numbers that follow the glove category indicator. That is, directly after the PRO or G or PROS.

Within the brand there are dozens of different model numbers so we will not detail them all here. The more common ones are 200s and 31 patterns. But there are many others.

Glove Size
At the end of the pattern number is the size indicator. Each number equates to a certain size and they are not intuitive. As far as we have been able to decipher, this is the list.

1: 11-inch
2: 11.25-inch
4: 11.5-inch
5:  11.75-inch
6: 12-inch
7: 12.25-inch
8: 12.5-inch
9: 12.75-inch
0: 13-inch

Web pattern: -X
After the dash comes the indicator for the web pattern. Rawlings runs more web patterns than any other glove manufacturer in the world. As far as we have been able to decipher, here is what we have found to be true across all model numbers:

1: Single Post
2: Pro-I
3: Basket Web
4: Modified Trap-Eze
5: Single Post Double Bar
6: Pro-H
7: Pro-V
8: 1-Piece Solid
9: 2- Piece Solid
11: Basket Connector Web
12: Vertical Hinge
13: Modified Single Post
14: Vertical hinge Basket
15: Modified Trap Eze w/ Loops
16: V Post
18: Double Laced Basket
20: Single Post w/ X Lace

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