Rawlings 13 Inch Outfield Glove Reviews

Reviewing Rawlings’ 13-inch outfield gloves are simple enough for no other reasons then there are only two options. One, a Heart of the Hide Pro-H Web and, two, a Pro Preferred Trap-Eze Web. The Heart of the Hide models offer a few color design options so there might be some hesitation there too. One of those HOH models is the Bryce Harper glove which we review elsewhere. The Trap-Eze Pro Preferred version is less common and only comes in one color design. However, the Trap 13-inch is made with better material, has a longer reach and comes with an easier work on.
Rawlings 13 inch Outfield Glove Review

Price check the 13 Inch Rawlings Outfield Gloves.

Rawlings 13 Inch Outfield Glove Contents

Rawlings 13 Inch Outfield Glove Sources

We considered a number of sources while putting together this Rawlings 13-inch outfield glove review article. On this site, we found Bryce Harper’s glove review article to be helpful and, frankly, quite similar to this one. His glove, after all is, is a Rawlings HOH Pro-H webbed 13-inch outfield glove. We also found our general Rawlings Glove Reviews as a good primer too.

Off this site we used our usual sources. Namely, Rawlings glove site directly. There you can find the best images and most up to date information. As well, we went to closeoutbats section on 13 inch gloves from Rawlings to see what they had. We find that a great place to look for up to date pricing and available model selections.

Rawlings 13 Inch Outfield Glove Recommendations

Trap vs Pro H Web
Rawlings 13 inch outfield glove recommendations

If you have narrowed down your outfield glove options to the 13-inch Rawlings realm then, functionally, the options are two. Those include the more traditional Pro-H web pattern you can find on the hand of Bryce Harper and Alex Gordon. These Pro-H webbed gloves are all Heart of the Hide models. The idea behind the Pro-H web on a 13-inch glove is a very wide reach. (Serial numbers on these are often a 300 model glove with a 6 right after the “-“. For example: PRO303-6JBT. This is a 300 model glove with a Pro-H pattern).

Price check the Trap-Eze Pro Preferred 13-inch on Rawlings.com

The other option is the Trap-Eze Pro Preferred model. (Serial number P-PROS6010-MO) In theory, the Trap-Eze glove will give you a longer reach instead of the wider one found on the PRO-H. The Trap glove’s guiding principles are to wield a very strong pocket that is both light weight and has maximum reach.

Rawlings 13-inch outfield Glove Review

Price check the 13-inch Heart of the Hide at Closeoubats.com
Heart of the Hide vs Pro Preferred
Within our Pro Preferred Reviews article we dedicate an entire section to the gloves features compared to the Heart of the Hide models. If you are hung up on the concepts, that will be a good place to start. In short, for here, the major differences between the HOH and Pro Preferred are the use of a softer leather in Pro Preferred models. Both the outside shell on the Preferred and the inner linings are made with more luxury leather. But, also note, the Preferred gloves are usually $100 more than the Heart of the Hides.

Deciding on which one to choose in this case, we would suggest, is more a decision between the Trap-Eze and the Pro-H web. if you want a wider pocket like Harper then the HOH Pro-H is the answer. If you want a more unique glove with a Trap pocket for a longer reach then the Preferred it is. If you are indifferent between the two then simply save yourself $100 and get the Heart of the Hide.

Rawlings 13 Inch Outfield Glove Similar Gloves

Rawlings 13 inch outfield glove reviews

As far as we could tell, only Nokona, SSK and Rawlings make a 13-inch glove for the outfield. Nokona’s version is a modified trap design more similar to the Pro Preferred Rawlings 13-inch Trap-Eze.

Price check the Nokona 13 Inch bloodline

Rawlings 13 inch outfield glove reviews

SSK also makes a 13-inch outfield glove. It looks a lot like the Nokona glove with a modified Trap for a long reach and support on the snow cone catches. This Prestige Pro model from SSK is the best glove series they make.

Price check the SSK Prestige pro 13 inch


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