Rawlings PRO205 Glove Review

Rawlings PRO205 model of glove is an 11.75 inch utility infield glove with a number of web options and handful of features. Some gloves, like the Finger Shift or Wing Tip PRO205, have their own unique flare. While most are Heart of the Hide gloves, at least one other is a Pro Preferred and another is in the Heritage line. On the whole, these PRO205 Gloves possess enough similar features they are worth lumping together, while noting the differences, in the following Rawlings PRO2015 Glove Review.

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We could not find any articles on the entire internet that focused on the PRO205 line specifically from Rawlings. We did find the insight on Closeoutbat’s product pages and videos rather helpful for individual models. Otherwise, we were left to our own devices. You should also see the Rawlings Glove site directly for the most up to date information.

On this site, we found a quick review of our Rawlings Heart of the Hide review insightful. There we were reminded of the unique benefits the HOH gloves have that others in the brand, and outside of the brand, lack. Additionally, our Rawlings Wing Tip review was somewhat useful as the Wing Tips only come in PRO205 model versions. Aside from that, we found our General Rawlings Glove review worth a quick glance too.

Rawlings PRO205 Model Features

11.75 Inch Infield/Utility Glove
As a general rule, every PRO205 Model glove is an 11.75-inch utility infield glove. The web patterns are not uniform across the PRO205 model number, but most come in a traditional I-web or Trap-eze pattern. The glove is often used by third baseman and young pitchers as well as the occasional middle infielder who likes a bigger glove. We could see a smaller outfielder with the glove too.
Heart of the Hide

The vast majority of Rawlings PRO205 gloves came in the Heart of the Hide series. (We cover the exceptions below). That HOH series, you will recall from our extensive HOH review, consists of a few unique features including a top grain steer-hide leather, a padded thumb sleeve and Tennessee Tannery laces. Heart of the Hide gloves, on the whole, also benefit from an outstanding reputation. It is the standard of top shelf glove models many companies try and emulate. Most, we would argue, fail.
Color Sync
Rawlings PRO205 Glove Review

The Color Sync concept from Rawlings provides a chance for players to acquire a custom looking glove at a stock glove price. Printed in limited quantities, some Color Sync gloves are traditional HOH PRO205 patterns. These gloves come with a flash of coordinated color throughout the glove.
Wing Tip
Rawlings PRO205 Glove Review

Wing Tip gloves from Rawlings are only made in a PRO205 pattern. The unique feature of this glove is purely aesthetic. You will find end of a wing via the welting found on the backhand of the glove. See, above, where the welting makes the design of a wing? Hence, the Wing Tip. The PRO205 makes both a Pro Preferred and a Heart of the Hide model in a PRO205 Wing Tip. These gloves are denoted WT at the end of the model number: PRO205-6GBWT & PROS205-2BCWT.
Finger Shift
Rawlings PRO205 Glove Review

One of our favorite PRO205 Patterns is the model that allows for the finger shift. The glove’s finger pad is found over the middle finger slot. As well, the pinky slot is made large enough to accommodate both the pinky and ring finger. Hence, as you put your pinky and ring finger in the same finger stall the finger pad is found right above your index finger. This gives a real wide feeling to your glove. We like how it feels—especially on a new glove that is more difficult to close.

Rawlings PRO205 Models

Pro Preferred Wing Tip PRO205 Pattern Review
Rawlings PRO205 Glove Review

This Wing Tip is the only Pro Preferred Rawlings offers in a PRO205 pattern. It uses Kip leather as the shell and an extra durable and soft sheep leather for the inner lining. As a Wing Tip glove you should expect a wing pattern on the backhand. Otherwise it is a PRO205 pattern glove with a I-web design.

Price check this glove.
PRO H Web PRO205 Infield/Pitcher Glove Review
Rawlings PRO205 Glove Review

Rawlings also makes a PRO205 11.75 infield glove with a PRO H web design. This uses a dual post structure for an extra wide pocket. Perfect, we think, for the pitcher who likes to reach deep in the glove or that third baseman that wants as much east to west geography covered as possible in an 11.75 glove. Although an off-label use, we suspect this glove might work well enough for softball due to its remarkably large pocket.

Price check this glove.
Modified Trap-eze PRO205 Glove Review
Rawlings PRO205 Glove Review

In the PRO205 Pattern of glove, Rawlings makes at least two different colors of the modified-trap web design. The above is the pure black, another is found to have a tan look with red lacing. This glove, we think, could serve well as a Pitcher and Outfielder glove. The full protection in the web hides the ball entirely and the modified trap gives the glove maximum strength at the snow-cone of the 11.75 reach.

Price check this glove.
Heritage Pro 205 Trap-eze Pattern Glove Review
Rawlings PRO205 Glove Review

Also in a Trapeze 205 pattern, Rawlings makes a Heritage Pro version. Expect roughly the same pattern and lace design as the other Trap designed 205 gloves but the implementation of a traditional cowhide tanned leather look. The idea behind the trap is for maximum reach and structure at the snow-cone of the glove.

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PRO205 Finger Shift Two Piece Web Glove Review
Rawlings PRO205 Glove Reviews

As a two-piece web, this PRO205 makes the most sense in a pitcher’s hand as it allows for the most ball hiding. This design also offers the unique feature of a finger shift. The outer most finger stall is designed to accommodate both the pinky and the ring finger. The index finger, moved over one stall, now rests on the finger pad made for the finger shift. This design improves the width of the pocket and gives better strength on the close. Although different, we are fans.

See our full PRO205 Finger Shift Glove Review. Price check this glove.

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