Rawlings Finger Shift 11.75 Review

If you are looking for a unique glove in the Rawlings lineup, look no further than the PRO205 11.75-inch Finger Shift utility glove. The glove, replete with the features of a top shelf Heart of the Hide mitt, also implements a finger shift for a wider feel and stronger collapse. The finger pad is moved to the middle finger and the outer most stall is made wide enough for both the pinky and index finger. Our recommendations and competing glove lists are found below in our Rawlings Finger Shift 11.75 review.
Rawlings Finger Shift 11.75 Review

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At the time of this publishing there have been no reviews on the 11.75-inch Rawlings Finger Shift glove. Hence, it is difficult to refer to many other sources. That said, we did find a closeoutbats.com video on the matter at least somewhat helpful. We also found the product page for the glove on Rawlings’ site directly to be of some value.

On this site, there are a couple resources you might find helpful in your search for the right glove. Our general overview of the PRO205 Pattern glove should give you some insight to the design as well as a few comparable gloves within the Rawlings brand. We also think our Heart of the Hide Review does a decent job explaining what you are bound to get with a traditional HOH feature glove.

Rawlings PRO205 Finger Shift Recommendations 

Rawlings Finger Shift 11.75 Review
11.75 Utility Glove
Many types of players should appreciate the PRO205 Rawlings pattern in an 11.75-inch utility glove. Those include, but are not limited to, a pitcher who likes a somewhat shorter glove and at least occasionally plays third base. Even the P/SS/3B combo might make this glove a perfect home.
Two-Piece Web
The two-piece web design on this glove provides full ball concealment to pitchers and a deep pocket for third basemen, two helpful features. Others prefer the quick access a more traditional I-Web or H-Web can deliver.
Finger Shift
Rawlings Finger Shift 11.75 Review

The HOH 11.75 utility infield glove’s most unique feature is the finger shift. That is, the glove is structured to allow a pinky and ring finger in the outermost stall. It also places the finger pad above the middle finger slot instead of the index finger, but as you shift your hand toward the outside of the glove, your index finger sits directly on the pad.

The glove does not require you to shift your fingers—there is still a slot for the traditional index finger. But note the finger pad will be shifted over your middle finger, and therefore might be rather useless.

Personally, we are fans of the finger shift. We like how the wider hand structure gives better control over the glove. And the stretch between the thumb and forefinger decreases the chance of stingers. But, to each his own.
Heart of the Hide
The other major feature worth a recommendation is the fact this glove is a Heart of the Hide glove. HOH gloves are world-renowned top class gloves made with great material and impressive durability. They use a padded thumb stall and lacing made in their own Rawlings owned Tennessee Tannery. Few have ever been disappointed in their HOH glove, and we recommend the glove series wholeheartedly. Whether a HOH glove with a finger shift and dual web design is for you comes down to your dissection of the above information.

Rawlings PRO205 Finger Shift Comparable Gloves

Rawlings Finger Shift 11.75 Review

We have yet to find a glove in an 11.75 that customizes for the player who appreciates the finger shift. Of course, you can always simply move your fingers over and jam your pinky and ring finger into the same slot. Over time, good leather gloves do give way to what you want them to do. But, in the spirit of a true comparable glove to the Rawlings PRO205 11.75 Finger Shift we are at a loss.

Inside the Rawlings brand, nearly any PRO205 HOH pattern glove will be a really similar fit. You may need to change the finger shift and might not find a dual web design, but there are plenty in that realm to consider.

Outside the brand, here are the most similar options we could find.
A2000 1787
Rawlings Finger Shift 11.75 Review

If you are looking for a very popular 11.75 inch glove in the utility infield space,  we recommend the 1787 from Wilson. They make this glove in an A2000 among other lines. And in terms of quality and market acceptance, it is the only glove that rivals the Heart of the Hide. The 1787, however, does not come in a two-piece web design—only a traditional I-web. Nor does the 1787 use a finger shift design.

The 1787 is much more a third baseman first glove that a pitcher could use. Rawlings’ Finger Shift is more a pitcher dominant glove first, third baseman glove second.

Price check the 1787 From Wilson
Adidas EQT 11.75
Rawlings Finger Shift 11.75 Review

We did find an 11.75 inch glove that uses a dual web pattern. Adidas, who makes baseball gloves if you didn’t know, uses quality steer hide (like the HOH) and 100% wool on the wrist slot. They call this glove the EQT. That particular 11.75 inch glove, called the Adidas EQT 11.75, also comes with a dual web, and therefore makes it the most comparable glove in terms of pattern design to the Finger Shift Rawlings PRO205.

Of course, the 11.75 EQT does not accommodate for the player that likes the finger shift, but it is as close as we could find. We don’t necessarily recommend this glove as a good trade for the HOH PRO205. But, we thought it interesting in terms of a comparison.

Price check the Adidas EQT 11.75


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