Bryce Harper’s Glove

Bryce Harper's Rawlings Heart of the Hide
Bryce Harper’s Glove

Bryce Harpe’s glove is a 13 inch outfield glove built with a huge H web. This is a no joke outfield glove that wouldn’t work for any other position. Expect a deep pocket and great reach. It might work for those looking for a slowpitch softball glove.

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Is there is a more iconic glove within the Rawlings brand than the 13-inch Heart of the Hide worn by none other than Bryce Harper? Harper’s glove is a Washington Nationals red designed glove in the Pro H Web outfield line. Bryce Harper’s glove is a Heart of the Hide series glove that offers the same steer hide and thumb padding you can find across the entire HOH line. Our recommendations, along with similar glove options, are below in this Bryce Harper’s Glove review.

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Bryce Harper's Glove Review

Bryce Harper’s Glove Review

There a plethora of sources and write ups on Bryce Harper’s glove. We found the product page on Rawlings’ site helpful in terms of sizing and comparing it to the black version of the glove.

On this site, we looked over our general Rawlings Heart of the Hide review to make sure we were not going to say something dumb. We also reviewed the entire Rawlings lineup review as to get a feel for any other 13 inch outfield gloves (there aren’t any).

On a related note, we were reminded of this write up on Bryce Harper’s bat and thought it was a fun read. He has definitely used more bats than he has gloves.

Bryce Harper’s Glove Recommendations

13-Inch Gloves

Bryce Harper's Glove Review

As a 13-inch dual post outfield glove Bryce Harper’s glove is made for a very particular type of player. That is, the player that wants the largest fielding glove available on the market and has the strength to wield it. Those more accustomed to middle infield gloves (like the Rawlings Pro 314) will feel as if they just put on an over-sized oven mitt. As such, if you know what you are getting yourself into, then the 13-inch Rawlings Bryce Harper model is as good a glove as you’ll find in this gigantic space. Otherwise, consider a more traditional 12.5 or 12.75 inch outfield glove made for us mere mortals.

If you play slowpitch softball and want to use a baseball glove, then this 13-inch Harper outfield glove is as good as you’ll find.

Pro Stock Leather

Bryce Harpers' Glove Reviews

As a Heart of the Hide Glove, the 13-inch outfield glove Harper uses is made of great leather. In fact, we would guess, Rawlings reserves its very best pieces for the glove they put on the hand of what some consider the most popular player in the game.

It would be a mistake to think the average consumer buying a “Bryce Harper Glove” from a retail store is getting anywhere near the attention to detail Harper’s actual Rawlings glove does. Indeed, stock Heart of the Hide gloves are legitimate in every sense of the word. But they are not the Pro-issue versions you would find on Bryce’s hands. Heart of the Hide gloves are made from the top 5% of leather in the entire world. And Rawlings goes through great lengths to make sure the average consumer has a great experience with their glove.

Pro H Webbing or Dual Post Webbing

The other thing to note before running off and buying the Harper Rawlings glove design is the dual-post webbing. Often, dual posts tend more towards the third baseman. At least in the Rawlings line, Trap-eze or Pro lace webs tend more towards larger gloves for the outfield. We found the dual post design does remove glove weight when compared to the material heavy trap-eze designed glove. This may be the reason the oversized 13 inch glove uses a dual post and not a Trap-eze.

As a general rule, the dual post also allows for a somewhat shallower pocket than the Trap-eze gloves. But, leather of this quality can almost always be shaped or tightened to how you want it.

Bryce Harper’s Glove Review Similar Options

There are very few 13-inch gloves with a PRO H or dual post webbing on the market. In fact, the only real comparison is from within Rawlings or Harper’s old glove sponsor, Akadema.

Bryce Harper's Glove Review

Harper’s glove is actually the PROJD from Rawlings but in unique nationals colors. His pro issue gloves are often multi-colored with personal engravings. You can buy the all red version that is referred to has the DICPROHARP34S. But, in the end, that glove is exactly like the black and grey PROJD-6DSPRO. Both are 13 inch outfield gloves with the PRO-H design in a Heart of the Hide design.
ARZ-136 Akadema Review
Bryce Harper's Glove Review

The only other 13 inch glove that uses a dual post web is the ARZ-136 from Akadema. No surprise, really, as Akadema was Harper’s first glove sponsor. We suspect this is Harper’s old glove. But, since Akadema does not have his consent any longer, the glove is simply called the ARZ-136.

Price check the ARZ136 Precision Akadema 13 Inch outfield glove.

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