Rawlings makes no less than seven 12.75 inch outfield gloves. They range from economy type gloves made for smaller hands to pro version gloves made for the best in the business. Prices also stretch from under $100 to well over $400. After considerable use, and discussions with major vendors and Rawlings themselves, we have enough information to put together this Rawlings 12.75 outfield glove review. Our intent is to give you some direction on the line of 12.75 Rawlings gloves.
Rawlings Gold Glove Reviews

Price check the 12.75 inch Rawlings Gloves.

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On this site, we found the general Rawlings Glove Reviews helpful. That gave us a good feel for the differences in the model series like Gold Glove, Gamer, Heart of the Hide and so on. Although we won’t link them all here, we found our series glove reviews within the Rawlings line a useful tool too. For example, our Rawlings Gold Glove review worked well as a reminder.

Off this site, the 12.75 inch Rawlings glove line ranges throughout so many glove models it is hard to find one place with all the information. We found a general 12.75 search on closeoutbats.com site was helpful. As well, we used some information directly on Rawling’s glove site.

Rawlings 12.75 Outfield Glove Recommendations

Rawlings 12.75 Glove Reviews

As a general rule, the Rawlings 12.75 inch glove is made for an outfielder that can wield one of the largest gloves available. Although some outfield gloves come in a 13-inch design, those are often reserved for the slow pitch softball player who uses a baseball glove for a softball game or a Professional baseball player built like an ox.

Also as a general rule, the more expensive Rawlings gloves become then the better quality of material you are purchasing. Gold Gloves, the top shelf glove, uses real European deer hide to construct the insides of the glove. They also use a special lace made by Rawlings. The Gamer Series, more towards the economy side, use good old fashioned cowhide that is not particular special. GG Elite Rawlings gloves are made of even less quality.

It is difficult to recommend a particular model series without knowing a person’s budget and needs. The longer the glove is intended to last then then a higher price tag can be justified. Otherwise, players that are still growing, or gloves that only need to last a couple years for whatever reason, can save a few bucks and still feel confident in the right choice.

In the 12.75 pattern, deciding on the type of webbing pattern you like is a helpful step.

Pro H Web
Rawlings 12.75 Glove Review

The idea behind the Pro-H web, or the dual post web as some refer to it, is it allows for a wide pocket and a lighter glove. The lighter glove comes simply from less material. Most MLB players tend to prefer the dual post design although there are still several, like Jose Bautista, that prefer the Trap-eze. Width is the focus with a Pro-H web.

Trap-eze Web
Rawlings 12.75 Glove Review

The idea behind the Trap-eze web design is for a long glove and a solid top cross bar to make catching snow-cones easier. It tends to make the glove at least a little bit heavier when compared with the Pro-H web design, but most think that is a marginal concern for outfielders. Length is the focus with a Trap-eze webbed glove.

Rawlings 12.75 Outfield Glove Models

Gold Glove
Rawlings Gold Glove Reviews

Rawlings’ Gold Gloves are the elite mitts in the entire brand. They use a European deer hide on the lining and kip leather on the outer shell for an ultra smooth feel and an expensive look. Each glove is handcrafted by one craftsman. And these Gold Gloves don’t just look expensive, they are expensive. Expect this glove to last a life time. See our full Rawlings Gold Glove Reviews for more details on the expense Rawlings takes to build the best glove they can.

Price check the Gold Glove 12.75 Rawlings
Pro Preferred
Rawlings 12.75 Glove Reviews

Pro Preferred Rawlings 12.75 gloves are the most practical but still expensive glove. They use kip leather on the outside and sheepskin on the inside. Pro Preferreds use a thumb-sleeve for added protection. Look closely, as the stitching on this 12.75-inch beauty is neon green. There are some one-off Rawlings PRO Preferreds in a 12.75 that come in a Trap-eze, but they are few and far between.

Price check the 12.75 Pro Preferred Rawlings
Rawlings 12.75 Glove Reviews

Rawlings Heritage PRO gloves are similar to the Heart of the Hide model but they use a tanned and classic leather look. Expect a high quality glove that is only produced in an H-Web pattern.

Price check the Heritage 12.75 Rawlings Glove

12.75 GG Elite
Rawlings 12.75 Glove Reviews

As an economy based glove, the GG Elite are a popular search item. Their presence at major big box stores, like Dick’s Sporting goods, make them accessible and pervasive. These are decent gloves built with okay leather. You generally get what you pay for and these gloves could last the little leaguer a solid season or two. The color designs are usually poppy as to attract the kid who wants more flash than quality. But, at that age, its often all you need. You can find these gloves in both the dual post and Trap-eze design.

Price check the Rawlings GG Elite 12.75 glove. 
Heart of the Hide
Rawlings 12.75 Glove Reviews

What might be the most popular 12.75 glove Rawlings makes, the Heart of the Hide is a top grade cowhide leather shell with a deer tanned cowhide lining. That means it tans the cowhide to feel as soft as deer hide. The laces are straight from Rawlings’ own Tennessee Tannery and the 2017 versions come at least a little bit worked in for a faster fit. Expect these gloves, if taken care of, to last a lifetime. They are the most popular glove among MLB outfielders.

Price check the 12.75 HOH Glove. 

Rawlings 12.75 Glove Reviews

The 12.75 Rawlings Hear to the Hide outfield glove also comes in a Trap-eze web pattern. You can even find some in a Dual Core Trap HOH gloves which deliver a different palm structure to help break in the glove along other palm seems.

Price check the 12.75 HOH Trapeze
Rawlings 12.75 Glove Reviews

The Gamer series of gloves is Rawling’s economy glove meant for younger players. The glove uses a tapered wrist slot as to fit smaller hands better. The leather is good stuff but a far cry from the Pro Preferred Kip and Gold Glove feel. Gamer gloves are as step above the GG Elite gloves Rawlings sells in big box stores. But, all in all, for a short term (3 or less) year glove we would expect a number of kids to publicly wet themselves for this Rawlings 12.75 Gamer glove.

Price check the Gamer 12.75 Glove.


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