Rawlings PRO314 Review

Rawlings PRO314
Rawlings PRO314 Review

Rawlings most popular Heart of the Hide Glove is the PRO314. Considering the HOH is the most popular line that would make the Pro313 Rawling’s most popular glove. This is a traditional 11.5 inch H web with a shallow pocket. Made mostly for middle infield there are several 3rd baseman that would be happy with this.

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What is likely Rawlings most popular glove pattern is the Heart of the Hide PRO314. This glove, a pro model 11.5 inch, comes with a few different web designs in both baseball and softball. Yet, on the whole, it uses the same top 5% grain leather, has extra padding around the thumb sleeve, uses a tapered wrist slot and employs the lacing from Rawlings’ own Tennessee Tannery.

Generally used for middle infielders and the occasional third baseman, we would recommend this glove to very serious players looking for a long term solution for a top shelf glove.

Rawlings PRO314 Review

While there are a number of outside sources that take a closer look at Rawlings’ Gloves individually, no single review we could find delves into the 314 Pattern all by itself. We did find our specific review on the Dual Core version of this glove somewhat helpful. As well, a quick review of our general Rawlings Heart of the Hide glove review might also be worth a few seconds of your time. There we discuss the details that come on most Heart of the Hide gloves and how they compare to Gold Gloves and the Pro-Preferred.

You can always price check the HOH PRO314 Gloves.

Rawlings PRO314 Review

As of this writing, Rawlings only makes their 314 pattern in one Pro Preferred model, one Heritage model and several Heart of the Hide models. Those Heart of the Hide models also have some subcategories including a softball glove, color syncs, and Dual Cores.

Each of these PRO314 pattern gloves, as a group, have three general things in common: A thermaform wrist wicking system that makes for a cooler and non-sweaty wrist; a thumb sleeve for added support and comfort in the thumb area; a leather selection process that eliminates 95% of all available steer-hides for only the best stuff.

Each glove in the line, but one, comes with a traditional I-web design. The lone wolf is a double post web design Rawlings’ refers to as a PRO H web.

Rawlings PRO314 Review

314 Model Rawlings Heritage Review

Rawlings PRO314 Review

The Heritage line of gloves is a classic looking leather design take on the PRO314. Although called the H314, it is, for all intents and purposes, a PRO314 with that classic leather look. In terms of aesthetics it is our favorite PRO314.

Rawlings PRO314 Review Models

Baseball Heart of the Hide

The PRO314 pattern in baseball is now commonplace. Some PRO314 patterns have unique features to them, but every PRO314 is an 11.5 inch glove with a tapered wrist slot. This allows for a small handed player, or a player who prefers a tight fit, to get a top shelf glove.

Dual Core

Rawlings PRO314 Review

Some PRO314 gloves use Rawlings’ Dual Core design. This refers to an inner glove structure with predefined breaks in the palm. It allows for a faster break in period and, most would argue, a little more structure after the break-in. Dual core gloves also use a leather with a tighter grain structure that give it a smoother, more suede leather feel. For what it is worth, we prefer Dual Core gloves to the traditional models for it’s easier break in and smoother feel. But to each his own.

Color Sync

Rawlings PRO314 Review

Rawlings also produces the PRO314 in patterns they refer to as Color Sync. This feature is nothing but aesthetic and simply matches wrist logo and backhand in a more flashy way. The idea is a custom glove look at a stock glove price. They usually run the same price as traditional HOH PRO314’s so, if you find one you like, jump on it. They are only produced in limited quantities.


Rawlings PRO314 Review

Rawlng’s also produces a PRO314 made for lady hands. Not only does it employ the tighter wrist slot found in all PRO314 gloves, but it also has smaller finger stalls. This is a good fit for the fastpitch player looking for a durable glove in an 11.5 inch pattern. The intent is mostly for middle infield and the occasional third base-woman and pitcher.

Pro Preferred

Rawlings PRO314 Review

Rawlings also makes the PRO314 in a Pro Preferred Model. Pro Preferred models, you can learn from our review, use a Kip leather that is softer and, arguably, more durable than the HOH gloves. They also use a Pittard’s sheep leather lining on the inner palm, just like in batting gloves. It is the best PRO314 you can purchase in terms of quality materials. It also runs about $100 more.

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