Rawlings Heart Hide Dual Core I-web 11.5 Glove Review

Rawlings HOH Dual Core
Rawlings Heart Hide Dual Core I-web 11.5 Glove Review

Rawlings upgrades a Heart of the Hide with some Dual Core technology. It runs some additional padding and structure inside the palm. This increase durabilty and structure on a great work in. These gloves, Dual Core, run across a few different models.

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What many may consider the flagship glove of Rawlings’ Heart of the Hide gloves for 2017 is the 11.5 inch Dual Core. In terms of looks, it is different than any dual core glove we’ve yet to see on the market. While most have come in one traditional color, this Dual Core is flashy.

The glove, with the serial number PRO314DC-2BCS is a tapered wrist made with a traditional I-Web design. We recommend the glove for middle infield who likes a more snug fit and the occasional third baseman who likes a shorter glove. As a Dual Core glove it comes 60% worked in.

Heart Hide Dual Core I-web 11.5 Glove Review Contents

Heart of the Hide Dual Core Iweb 11.5 Glove Review

Heart Hide Dual Core I-web 11.5 Glove Review Sources

Heart of the Hide Dual Core Iweb 11.5 Glove Review

On this site, there are at least a few important places to look when considering the Heart of the Hide Dual Core 11.5-inch I-web glove. We’d suggest, above all else, the Rawlings Heart of the Hide review run down. There we deal with general specifics of HOH gloves. As well, our general Rawlings Glove Reviews might give you at least some perspective as to how this glove fits in the entire glove line when compared to the Pro Preferred Series and Gamer models.

Off this site, we always recommend checking out the product page directly on Rawlings’ site. We used both of these resources in putting together this Rawlings Heart of the Hide Dual Core 11.5 inch I-web review.

Heart Hide Dual Core I-web 11.5 Glove Recommendations

Heart of the Hide Dual Core Iweb 11.5 Glove Review

As a general rule, we would quickly recommend the 11.5 inch I-web Dual Core Rawlings Heart of the Hide glove to serious baseball players that see a lot of action at short and second base. The 11.5 inch short pocket I-web mitt is made for quick transitions and easy access to the ball. There are some third baseman, or utility shortstops and second-baseman, who will also appreciate the gloves versatility.

Tappered Wrist Slot

Do note, the glove has a tapered wrist slot.  Compared to other adult gloves on the market, and other Heart of the Hide gloves, expect a tighter fit. Some appreciate this feel.

Dual Core

Dual Core gloves in the Heart of the Hide space deliver a softer leather and an easier break in than traditional HOH gloves. The softer leather comes from a more select choice that has a tighter grain structure. An easier break in comes from strategically placed patterns within the gloves palm that develop appropriate creases in the glove easier.

Durable Lacing

If there is any consistent theme we have gathered from HOH and Rawlings glove lovers is the durability of the laces. Rawlings, in fact, does won their own leather tannery in Tennesse whose purpose is to create remarkably durable laces for their gloves. The Heart of the Hide gloves, and this Dual Core 11.5 Inch Iweb, uses these special laces.

Rawlings Heart Hide Dual Core I-web 11.5 Comparable Gloves

Heart of the Hide Dual Core Iweb 11.5 Glove Review
Rawlings Pro 31 Pattern

If you are in the market for an 11.5 inch I-web designed glove, and want to stay in the Rawlings brand, the glove type you are looking for is often referred to as a Pro 31 Pattern. Rawlings offers any number of these gloves on their site and, usually, a PRO31 search on a vendor can find something similar too.

Other Pro 31 gloves may not also have the tapered wrist slot, Dual Core palm and upgraded leather as the glove under consideration for this article. But, the shape of the glove is very similar. The colors, not so much.

Wilson A2000 DP15
Wilson A2000 DP15 Superskin Review

The resemblance of Rawling’s Dual Core HOH 11.5 Pro 31 pattern glove to A2000 Wilson DP15 SS is remarkable. Both gloves use a tappered wrist slot. Both have red lacing and 11.5 inches. Each glove is priced at $249. The major differences come in the DP15’s use of Superskin on the back and the HOH being a full leather glove. The HOH glove also has a tighter thumb slot as Rawlings uses a thumb sleeve for more padding.

See our A2000 DP15 Superskin review. Price check the Wilson DP15SS

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