Marucci Glove Reviews

Marucci Gloves
Marucci Glove Reviews

Marucci is serious about the glove game. Although their distribution is not as large and Wilson or Rawlings, their brand and reach at the MLB level is as good as anyone’s. They make legit gloves that, in terms of pure quality, will rival anything you can find.

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Marucci makes gloves. We review gloves. This seems like a match made in heaven. In an attempt to get a good feel for Marucci glove lines it is helpful to divide them into their four major classes. That includes: The Founder’s Series, HTG, Geaux and Geaux Mesh. These all make up our Marucci glove reviews and this article falls under the subset of our baseball glove reviews and ratings.

Marucci Glove Review

This page serves as the landing page for Marucci Glove Reviews on this site. We build this page and then start working downward. The lines of glove reviews we have on this are the: Geaux Gloves, HTG Series Gloves and Founder’s Series.

Off this site, we always find Marucci glove pages to be helpful. And, of course, do not forget Marucci’s glove site directly. They appear to have the most updated pricing and the mad max videos are entertaining enough. We think Amazon’s pages are decent too.

Where to Buy Marucci Gloves?

Our go to place for Marucci gloves, models and pricing is They tend to have a relatively large selection and competitive pricing—especially on the newest stuff. We also check places like Amazon for older models and, occasionally, we can find a good deal there too. Otherwise, at least a few places offer Marucci gloves in some models. Although, we should note, the top shelf ones we discuss here are not as readily available when compared to a Wilson or Rawlings.

Marucci Fielding Glove Reviews

Although smaller than other major competitors, Marucci’s line does offer a glove for just about everyone. Generally speaking, they mostly lack in color and web pattern options. Whereas a group like Rawlings or Wison tend to have the same length glove in a number of different web pattern and color options, Marucci tends to have. Granted, that one is likely the most popular and useful pattern in that glove length.

Below we cover the 4 major glove lines Marucci produces in the baseball space: Geaux Gloves, Gueax Mesh gloves, The Founders’ Series and the Honor the Game (HTG).​

HTG Glove Reviews

Like most major fielding glove manufacturers, Marucci produces both a premium-premium glove and then a premium glove with a more affordable price point but, still, impressive construction. For Marucci, that second tier is called the Honor the Game series of gloves. These gloves are intended for the serious ball player that is looking for a more value purchase. And, it is helpful, if they care as much about durability and quality as they do about posh and top grain leather.

Known more commonly as the HTG, the stock Honor the Game gloves use a soft tanned steer-hide for the outer shell. The inner shell is just like the Founder’s Series int he use of a soft cowhide. Also like the FS models, the HTG uses a thin heel pad for an easier break in and lighter glove. Different then the FS, though, the HTG uses split welting on the backhand (instead of the smooth welting). Welting, you should recall, are the leather seams which hold the glove together.

The 7 gloves in the HTG series span the entire line that serious fielders might need. There is an 11.25-inch middle infield glove with an I-Web. The best selling 11.5-inch T-web; a 11.75-inch PRO-H Web for third base and the occasional short stop; a 12-inch conventional basket web for pitcher/outfielder; a 12.5-inch first baseman’s glove; anther T-Web on a 12.75-inch outfield glove as well as the 32.5-inch catcher’s glove pictured above. In time we will review each of those gloves individually.

Founders’ Series Glove Reviews

The Marucci Founder’s Series gloves represent the best gloves Marucci makes. For the pros that use Marucci gloves, these are the ones they use. Granted, their gloves are not the stock versions taken off the assembly line and sent to the clubhouse. No, rather, MLB Marucci gloves are given special attention. But, in terms of material and pattern design the Founder’s Series gloves are where it is at.

In terms of craftsmanship and materials the Founder’s Series glove class rivals any premium stock glove on the market. Like the Pro Preferred Rawlings, the Founder Series uses a premium kip leather for the outer shell. Similar to the A2K from Wilson, the Founder Series uses smooth welting and a softer tanned cowhide for the inner lining.

Functionally, each fielding Founder’s Series glove uses a thinner heel pad for a better feel and slightly easier break in. Most also use a finger pad on the backhand and special double lacing for added durability. In theory, these gloves are to last a lifetime.

These stock gloves are made for the most serious of ballplayer who is looking for the best stock gloves money can buy.

Founder’s Series gloves are both the most popular gloves from Marucci as well as the most plentiful. There are no less than 20 different models of the Founder’s Series. Many of those versions come in as 4 different colors. Others come in just one stock color.

Of those 20 different versions, there are four catcher’s gloves and two first baseman’s gloves. The remaining 14 gloves span middle infield gloves ranging from 11.25 to 11.75-inches, 4 12-inch pitcher’s gloves and 4 outfield gloves 12.75-inches are larger.

The most unique glove in the line may be the monster 35-inch catcher’s glove. It is the largest of it’s kind and could likely take a beating until your great, great grandson made it to college on that glove.

Geaux Glove Reviews

The Geaux line of Marucci gloves entail the youth versions of the offering. These Geaux gloves, straight from the pronunciation conventions of Marucci’s home state of Louisiana, offer similar patterns to the pro stock HTG and Founder’s Series lines, but with a more supple leather for easier break-in, a smaller wrist slot and shorter finger stalls for smaller hands. The less premium leather also helps control the price point to about 1/2 that of the HTG.

Although the material is not as posh as you would expect to see on a top end adult glove, it is plenty good enough for players still in the growing phase. The soft steer hide leather is a must for an easier break in that doesn’t take longer to break in than it will for them to hit puberty. The finger welting on the back is made just like the HTG gloves. The patterns in the Geaux line are very similar to gloves much more expensive.

The Geaux line offers 3 infield gloves, a first baseman’s glove and a catcher’s glove. The fielding gloves come in an 11, 11.25 and 11.5-inch version with an I-Web, I-Web and T-Web respectively. The first baseman’s glove is 12-inche dual post design and the catcher’s glove is smaller 31.5-inch mitt. these are perfect sizes for smaller players looking to get a real leather feel.

Like the HTG gloves, you also have the ability to personalize the Geaux gloves with writing along the thumb seam. Did you say Birthday present?

Geaux Mesh Glove Review

The Geaux Mesh Series from Marucci modifies the Geaux Series by adding a mesh material to the back of the glove hand. This design gives the glove a lighter feel and and easier break in. Other major manufacturers offer this style of glove too in a very similar price point. Some argue the mesh backing makes the glove more weather resistant and, as a synthetic material, gives it longer durability.

Like the Geaux Series, the Geaux Mesh is meant for younger players and smaller hands as it comes only in smaller sizes and uses a smaller wrist slot. As well, the Geaux mesh has smaller finger slots. Unlike the Geuax Series, some Mesh Geaux use a velcro wrist strap that can adjust the width of the wrist for a fit on any sized hand.

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