In years past, the likes of Rawlings, Mizuno, Easton and Wilson were the only ball gloves anyone had heard of. Now, there a number of small brands making headway against the multi-million dollar glove industry. Thanks, internet. We took one of those company’s gloves, the SX3, for a spin. Count this as our SX3 Glove Review.

Where to buy SX3 Gloves

Every so often you can find an SX3 glove on eBay. However, the beauty of the SX3 is the fact the gloves are an inexpensive custom option. And, as such, buying someone elses old custom glove doesn’t make much sense. In other words, your best bet is the SX3 sports website. You can check eBay with a search like this.

SX3 History

SX3 produces more than just baseball gloves for guys like Yoenis Cespedes. They also make a slew of baseball and softball related equipment like batting gloves and bags. They are one of those companies that, if you’ve never heard of before, you think, ‘why have I never heard of these people before’?

The SX3 company has been making gloves for 20 years. They are operated in part by former major league ball players​. And their pitch is that they are real gloves made for real players. Not, gloves made by corporations to meet margin requirements.

SX3 Sizing

SX3 Gloves are hand built from the ground up. As such, you can seriously get just about glove size and web pattern you can dream up. Want a 14-inch glove with an I-Web? Done. How about a 10.5-inch glove with a dual post?

The SX3 glove custom builder is the most robust custom glove builder on the internet. Rawlings, who has what feels like hundreds of glove options, still does not have as many sizing options as the SX3 custom site.

The SX3 glove builder also allows for Catcher’s gloves as well as 1st base and everything in between. It really is a site to behold and you could waste hours of your time there.​

SX3 Construction

The main ingredient for SX3 leather is a center leather pattern. This center leather, referred to by Rawlings as the Heart of the Hide, is just that: the center of a cut of leather. This leather is the most durable, smoothest and easiest to deal with.

Center cut premium cow leather is the standard for great and durable ball gloves since the beginning of time.

Do not expect many other frills from this pretty straight forward glove line. The gloves do not use any wool on the back of the hand, nor are there are any frills about inner palm lining with sheep skin.

But, in the end, the gloves price is very attractive for a glove made with the same main material as other gloves that people pay much more for.

SX3 Similar Gloves

Other gloves, like Rawlings’ Heart of the Hide series, use the same outer shell of premium cow leather. But, what the SX3 lack in additional features (like a sheep skin inner lining or additional thumb pad) is made up in the amazing amount of options to build.

SX3 Recommendations

We would recommend the SX3 to players looking for a top end premium outershell without the premium price other companies are charging.

If a wool backhand on the wrist or other pseudo-features of more expensive gloves are what you need then we won’t talk you out of other options either.

But, if you want a very custom glove and the most affordable price we can find for a premium outershell then by all means check out the SX3 site.

Also, we would highly recommend the service that breaks in your glove. These full leather gloves are as stiff as you could ever imagine.

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