Boombah is making a serious play in the premium baseball glove space. If you’ve had a chance to check their site, you’ll see a list of gloves heretofore unknown. But, as the gloves are made with very similar materials as other top shelf gloves, you might think you’ve just saved yourself a couple Benjamins. Because you have. We took the Veloci Kip Series Fielding B3 I-Web glove for a spin and offer our review here.

Where to buy Boombah Veloci Gloves?

Boombah is a direct to consumer company. Meaning, you won’t find a retail outlet online or otherwise that carries their gear—or atleast their gloves. Every so often you can find one on an Amazon or Ebay search. But, otherwise, check Boombah’s site.

Boombah’s Glove Site

Boombah Veloci Kip Leather Ratings


Our overall rating for the Veloci glove puts it in an elite class of big time gloves. We should note, however, we are suckers for a great deal on a quality product. If you are too then we suggest you’ve found your match. And, if you are comfortable working in a pretty stiff glove, you will be handsomely rewarded with a great value on a kip leather shell with a Pittard’s inner lining.

​If we were going to complain about the glove, we do wished it came in a few more sizing options. But, in the end, we cannot complain too loudly about that as they do cover the spectrum for most players. (From 11.5 to 13 inch with a couple different web options).

If you need a specific size with a specific webbing then you may need to look elsewhere. But, for the average player looking for a great value on a glove then the Boombah’s Veloci line comes highly recommended by us.



Factory Work In

Veloci Kip Leather Material

​If you need a kip leather glove with a sheep skin lining then most people go for a Rawlings Pro Preferred glove. Those gloves rarely cost less than $350. Boombah offers a serious alterantive in the Veloci space. These gloves price just under $200 and come with a lot of the same features found on the Rawling Pro Preferred.​

Veloci Kip Leather Value

In terms of value for a high quality glove, we cannot think of another glove made as well as this for the same price point. Others, even ones you’ve never heard of like the SX3, still run $50 over what you can find the Veloci for.

Boombah, who prides themselves on creating great equipment for a fraction of the cost has really done well in this regard. It is, in large measure, the beauty of the direct to consumer model.

Veloci Kip Factory Work In

If there is anything we wish were a bit different on the Veloci is the work in. Compared to the Pro Preferred, that come quite a bit worked in, the Veloci took some serious work. This is fine, but if your expectation is to play with this glove soon then we suggest you plan early—or find yourself a steamer and a mallet.

The stiff feel is a compliment to the quality material, but the work in process is more than we would have liked.

Boombah Veloci  Kip Leather Comparable Gloves

Rawlings Pro Preferred

In terms of an outershell and the inner palm lining, the Rawlings Pro Preferred line and the Boombah Veloci gloves are nearly identical. Both use a kip leather for the outer shell. The benefits of a kip leather, which is the hide from a smaller and younger cow, are more easily seen in a list.

Closer fiber structure for a smoother feel
More durable
More weather resistant
The sheepskin palm lining is a Pittard. Pittard leather has a reputation for making the most premium sheepskin leather on the market. It is found, as well, on top end batting gloves. Like the Rawlings Pro Preferred, the Veloci has sheepskin on the inner palm.

Boombah also uses a soft wool for the wrist backing, just like the Rawlings Pro Preferred.

Although a close replica, there are a few things the Veloci lacks when compared to the Rawlings Pro Preferred. If these are worth the $150 price difference will be a personal decision.

Rawlings has dozens on dozens of sizing options. Boombah has 4. And each of those 4 come in 2 different colors. Rawlings Pro Preferred often uses a thumb sleeve for better protection. It gives the gloves a slightly different feel.

Boombah Veloci Kip Leather Models

Boombah makes the Veloci in 4 different models. Each of those models come in two different color combiations. The ones pictured below are a camel leather with brown and black higlights. The other is a black on black design.

Veloci B17

13″ Pro T Web

Veloci B7

12″ Basket Web

Veloci B4

12″ H-Web

Veloci B3

11.5″ I-Web

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