Easton Baseball Glove Reviews

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Easton Baseball Glove Reviews

Easton is serious about putting out some top end gloves. Since 2016 there’s been a concerted effort to displace the Wilson and Rawlings on the top. Although not yet there, according to us at least, they’ve made serious strides and deliver some legitimate options for someone looking for a solid, well made and flashy glove.

Price Check

We spent considerable time with the Easton Baseball Glove line. After their use, and several conversations with vendors and players who have also used the gloves, we put together this Easton Baseball Glove Review. This page serves as a subset of our best baseball glove reviews page.

We cover the Easton Limited Edition, Easton Legacy and Easton Core gloves. On the whole, these gloves are recommendable for the player looking for a name band glove and, depending on the version, quality material at a decent price. There are no general reasons we would shy away from the gloves although the color options are limited.

Easton Glove Review

Off this site, we found two places that may be worth your time in finding information on Easton baseball gloves. Foremost, Easton’s site directly was quite a bit helpful. They have each glove they make and a number of hyped up bullet points. We used that spot to get the model numbers correct as well as determine which gloves maintained certain features.

As well, closeoutbats Easton glove section is worth your time. It helped us in determining product availability. Also, we checked the most popular Easton gloves, what others were saying, and did a spot check on glove prices.

On this site, we think our best outfield gloves and best infield gloves are good overviews on the space and what to expect. Although no Easton gloves make those lists, it still gives you a good feel for what is available and what others are looking for in a glove.

Where to Buy Easton Gloves?

Easton has significant distribution so it will not be difficult finding their most popular gloves at any number of popular outlets. We like to check closeoutbats.com. They tend to have more information in terms of video’s and insights on the gloves.

MAKO Glove Reviews

Easton gloves have been way more successful in penetrating the mid to low end market than the premiere space. The glove lines of MAKO Youth, Mako Comp and a host of other less expensive gloves are more fit for the shelves of big box stores. There volume and popularity surge for Easton. In the high end space, that is gloves over $100, Easton is making a serious push. But, by no stretch, are they yet a real serious player in the premium glove space.

That said, the MAKO Legacy and Limited Edition gloves rival that of the A1K and A2000 from Wilson as well as the Gamer and Heart of the Hide from Rawlings.

These top end Easton gloves are made with similar materials and come in very common pro level patterns. Below we take a closer look at each of the top end glove lines Easton makes. Read on in the Easton MAKO glove reviews.

MAKO LE Glove Reviews

The Easton MAKO Limited Edition gloves are the best gloves Easton makes. In terms of attention to detail, they rival the A2000 or the Heart of the Hide. They use both a Kip leather, which is the hide from smaller animals, and a synthetic leather, much like the A2000’s SuperSkin, to make up the shell of the glove. The glove feels remarkably soft out of the wrapper and the inner lining is a sheep’s skin which gives it that batting glove feel.

Although limited in color options (each glove uses the same color pattern as the one above) they offer a legitimate number of patterns ranging from an 11.25 inch second baseman’s glove to a 34.5-inch catcher’s glove.

We would recommend any player looking for that A2000 Superskin feel but would like to try another brand. These Limited Edition gloves are remarkably nice.

Mako Core Pro Reviews

The last rung of the ladder for the Easton elite line of gloves is the MAKO Pro Core. These gloves come in color patterns across 8 different models. Those 8 models include the very traditional sizes and webs you would hope to find. Including, but not lmiited to, an 11.5-inch I-Web and a 12-inch full webbed pitcher’s glove.

The Pro Core gloves from Easton lose a few features from the MAKO LE and Legacy lines. Most notably is the change in leather. The Pro Core is a steerhide leather conditioned for a soft feel not, as LE and Legacy, a premium Kip leather. As well, the Pro Core lacks the sheepskin hand lining. But, in response to less premium materials, the glove is also considerably less expensive than the other two.

We would recommend the Easton Core Pro gloves to players looking for an all leather glove but are not interested in paying much over $100. If you see this glove as a temporary solution to be used for a season or two then we would highly recommend it.

MAKO Legacy Reviews​

A step down in price from the Limited Edition Easton MAKO gloves are the MAKO Legacy gloves. They use no synthetic backing like the Limited Edition, but they do still use the ultra soft Kip leather that we can’t find on any other glove with this price point. The gloves really do feel game ready after about 5 or 10 minutes of solid catch.

Compared to the Limited Edition, you also miss out on the padded thumb and pinky loops as well as a few different patterns. The LE comes in 12 different patterns while the Legacy only comes in 8. Regardless, the Legacy is the better seller due, at least in some part, to the price point. But, in at least some other part, the fact that the MAKO Legacy glove feels fantastic the moment you put it on. It is helpful it looks nice too.

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