Marucci’s Honor the Game Series of gloves come in 7 different versions. Each version, regardless of the size and pocket pattern have a number of things in common. We discuss those details below in our Marucci HTG Glove Reviews.
Marucci HTG Glove Reviews

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Marucci HTG Glove Review Sources

In putting together this Marucci HTG Glove review we referenced a few sources. On this site, we found our Marucci glove review overview worth a gaze. There we covered some of the information on this page. The section on HTG gloves may be worth your time. As well, you might also find the comparison to the Founders’ Series of gloves, a line Marucci makes that is $100 more, worth your time.

Off this site the major places to look on the HTG glove series are Marucci’s own site and the Amazon product write ups and reviews found there. You should note that Amazon’s product searches need to write Honor the Game instead of just HTG. HTG does not appear to register as the same for them.

General Recommendations

On the whole, the HTG series of gloves from Marucci should be considered top shelf gloves for elite high school and collegiate players. Many travel ball players who like adult sized gloves might find these worthy of their short list. Although there is no color variations across the entire line, we would recommend the HTG glove to any player looking for a more valued purchase in the elite glove industry line.

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Honor the Game Glove Feature Overview

Marucci HTG Glove Reviews

All HTG gloves have a few important things in common. These data points are helpful when comparing it to other glove lines that are hard to differentiate. I bullet point form, here are the general features of nearly every Honor the Game glove we could find.

  • Premium Steerhide leather with Japanese Tanning

This price range of glove is replete with premium steer-hide options. Wilson, most noticeably, uses a premium Japanese streer-hide leather on their A2000 gloves. The HTG series are preimum Steer hides tanned to performn and feel like Japanese hides. This is premiums stuff but it is not kip leather. Kip leather is made from smaller hides, has a softer feel and is almost always more expensive. It is what you can find on the Founders’ Series of Gloves Marucci makes.

  • Thin Heel Padding

HTG gloves use a Pro like thin heel padding. This allows for an easier break-in and better feel on the ball. Most professional players like it. Many younger players do not. There is no much give between the hand and ball. But, most expensive gloves in the price range do their best to recreate the MLB feel of a glove. A thin heel pad is more the rule than the exception.

  • Split Welting

Split welting is a rough shod welting that seams the fingers together on the backhand of the glove. Compare that feature to the soft and rolled welting found on more premium gloves like the Marucci Founders’ Series. There are no functional differences between the two types of welting. The split welting has a more leather feel to it.
Comparable Glove Lines
Marucci HTG Glove Reviews

If you are looking for the equivalent glove line when comparing the HTG series to other brands then two stand out. First, the Heart of the Hide series from Rawlings is similar in terms of a rough welting and premium steer hide. The other, which we already mentioned above, is the Wilson A2000 line.

Those two glove lines and the HTG all use a premium glove leather with rough welting. Both the A2000 and the HOH series of gloves come in a more pattern and color options than the HTG set. They are also both more popular than the Honor the Game and come with some factory work in.

Do note, too, the HTG line comes with 100% wool on the wrist slot backing. Both the A2000 and HOH use a synthetic wick type system. But, in terms of quality, performance and durability the three glove lines are remarkably similar.

See our A2000 Glove Review and our Heart of the Hide Glove Review for further comparisons.

Honor the Game Models

Marucci makes 7 different gloves in the Honor the Game Series. They run from a small 11.25 inch middle infield glove to a monster 33.5 inch catcher’s glove. Expect a glove to fit every position. The only color options are the Camel base and Mesa colored leather lace.

Marucci HTG Glove Reviews

The 11.25 inch I-web HTG is made for middle infielders. The open back makes it a lighter glove and the web design makes for a shallow pocket that creates quick ball access.

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Marucci HTG Glove Reviews

The only 11.5-inch Marucci has in the Honor the Game series is a traditional Pro Laced T-Web. it is wired for a short pocket and would work well as a cross over SS/P glove.

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The third base glove in the HTG series is a dual post 11.75 inch mitt. This is the quintessential 3rd base design that most elite players prefer. Expect a durable pocket for the hot corner.

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Marucci HTG Glove Reviews

Marucci’s HTG pitching specific glove is a 12-inch mitt with a full pocket for total ball concealment. Marucci referes to this web as a BT-Web. It is made with the idea of total ball concealment.

Price CheckMarucci HTG Glove ReviewsAlso in the HTG series is a traditionally webbed 12.5 inch first baseman’s glove. It uses a dual post web and extra webbing for duability in the pocket. It is the same Mesa and Camel colors as the rest of the Honor the Game line.

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Marucci HTG Glove Reviews

Marucci also makes a Catcher’s glove in the HTG series. It is a 33.5 inch two piece web built for quick hands and to take an absolute beating.

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