If you are set on an 11.75 Rawlings Heart of the Hide glove then, you will quickly find, the battle is far from over. Rawlings makes no less than 13 gloves in that exact category. It is the second largest grouping in the entire Rawlings line. Each 11.75 glove is similar as they are an 11.75 inch gloves made with Heart of the Hide craftsmanship. But, at 13 iterations there is at least a little bit of explaining to do. Rawlings’ site gives none. This Rawlings Heart of the Hide 11.75 Glove Reviews article seeks to do just that.
Rawlings Heart of the Hide 11.75 Glove Reviews

Heart of the Hide 11.75 Glove Reviews Contents

Heart of the Hide 11.75 Glove Reviews Sources

The most impressive place for insight on the 11.75 Rawlings glove line was directly on their site. Although they allow you to sort by glove size direction, 11.75, we had trouble making our browser do so. It appears there may be some glitch. Regardless, check that site for a good feel for what Rawlings offers in the 11.75 glove line. They do not break the gloves up by model (315, 205 and NP5) nor do they really explain the differences between the two. But, in terms of pure lists of gloves in the line then that is the place.

As well, we found some success on closeoutbats.com website. They appear to carry about every 11.75-inch glove that Rawlings makes.

On this site, we reviewed our Rawlings Heart of the Hide Glove reviews and thought you might find it helpful too.

Rawlings 11.75 Glove Options

Year Sub Category Serial Web
2016 PRO205-4C Trap-Eze
2017 PRO315-2GBB I-Web
2017 PRO205-9BU Two Piece
2017 Dual Core PRO205DC-15B Trap-Eze
2017 PRONP5-2JB I-Web
2016 PRO205-6GBWT H-Web
2016 PRO315DC-6BSH H-Web
Machado PRONP5-7BCH V-Web
2017 PRO205-9SHFS Two Piece
2017 PRO315-2SHG I-Web
2017 Color Sync PRO205W-6NG H-Web
2017 Color Sync PRO315-6BW H Web
2017 Color Sync PRONP5-2DSR I Web
2017 Color Sync PRO205-4BC Trap-Eze

Heart of the Hide 11.75 Glove Models

The Rawlings 205 series of glove is a traditional infield based glove design. In the 11.75 the glove is built with a decent sized pocket on a number of web designs.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide 11.75 Glove Reviews

The 205 comes in an 11.75 Trap-Eze web design. This light tan beauty has the serial number PRO205-4C and is made for the pitcher or thirdbaseman that wants a trap web.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide 11.75 Glove Reviews

Some 205 patterns come in color sync models. These gloves intend to give the custom look but a stock glove price. This nontraditional blue wrist patch on a H-Web design has the serial number PRO205W-6NG. This is a thirdbaseman’s glove all day every day. Notice, too, the wingtip design on the backhand.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide 11.75 Glove Reviews

Here is another Color Sync model but with a Trap-Eze web design. Also built as a custom look but without the custom price, expect this PRO205-4BC to work well for pitchers and thirdbaseman that want a Trap look on a custom looking glove.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide 11.75 Glove Reviews

Another Pro-H web on a 205 look, this traditional black and white glove comes with the traditional red wrist patch. This is also considered a color sync glove. The serial number is PRO315-6BW. Notice this glove has the wing tip design on the backhand.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide 11.75 Glove Reviews

Similar to the other Trap 205 gloves on this list, the one above is an all black version numbered PRO205DC-15B. This glove is a dual core version of the 205 which gives it more pliability in the pocket and a faster work in.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide 11.75 Glove Reviews

The finger shift glove from Rawlings is a 11.75 inch glove too. We have a full finger shift glove review dedicated to this glove. Worth a check. Rawlings Heart of the Hide 11.75 Glove Reviews

Another two piece web in traditional colors and red branded wrist patch, the PRO205-9SHFS is a pitcher’s glove if we have ever seen one.

Machado’s NP5 V-Web
Rawlings Heart of the Hide 11.75 Glove Reviews
Manny Machado’s actual glove is a 12 inch V Web. However, to the public the glove is offered as an 11.75 inch V-Web glove. 11.75 is much more pallatable for the average human third baseman. Superheros, like Machado, need the 12 inch.
Rawlings Heart of the Hide 11.75 Glove Reviews

Although without the V-Web, Rawlings makes an all black NP5 with a traditional I-Web design. This is the PRONP5-2JB and a fantastic utility infielders glove.

Also, in the NP5 line, Rawligns makes a Color Sync pattern. That is, a glove that comes with a custom look but a stock glove price. It uses a traditional I-web.
The 315 model number is a bit of a wider glove when compared to the 215. It is built with a little more finger shaping.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide 11.75 Glove Reviews

As traditional a glove you could hope for in the H-Web pattern, Rawlings 315 black and white model is their most popular 315 glove. Serial number on this bad boy is PRO315-6BW.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide 11.75 Glove Reviews

With a traditional two tone look, this 315 is the only Rawlings 11.75 Heart of the Hide with a Narrow Fit wrist slot. That is, the glove is built for smaller hands or those who like a more snug fit. All the great features of a serious heart of the hid glove but built for the smaller handed player.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide 11.75 Glove Reviews

Another Pro-H web glove that is built just like the other in the 315 line. But, with more sleek black and red colors, expect this PRO315DC-6BSH to rock and roll this coming year.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide 11.75 Glove Reviews

The PRO315-2SHG is a 2017 glove built for the utility ball player. Although a bit big for most 2nd baseman, short stops and third baseman should dig this glove.

Few gloves are more well known then the Yadier Molina Catcher’s Glove. Molina, a perennial all-star catcher, is a walking billboard for Rawlings.  His glove and gear have few spots left to write anything but the brand name. His glove, a 34-inch glove design, is as traditional as you could hope for in a catcher’s mitt. The Heart of the Hide version comes in a few different iterations. Expect a tough break in for a glove that is built to take an absolute pounding. For big time players that see big time heat, expect nothing but quality and a years of top end performance. Below we detail more insights into our Rawlings Yardier Molina Catcher’s Mitt Review.
Rawlings Yadier Molina Catcher's Mitt Review

Price check the Yadier Molina Rawlings Catcher’s Glove

Yadier Molina Catchers’ Glove Review Article Contents

Yadier Molina Catchers’ Glove Review Sources

There are a couple of places we referenced in putting together this Molina cather’s mitt glove review. Chief among them was Rawling’s website direclty. There, on the Molina product page, you can learn some interesting facts about the gloves construction and see options for customizing your glove. We spent some time on that page as well as took a few pictures for this article.

Also, we thought closseoutbats.com product section was mildly useful. Although no video, they did detail glove differences and pricing. Those things are always worth consideration.

In this article, we reference the Wilson A2000 Superskin 1790 34-inch catcher’s glove. As a similar glove to Yadier’s we think this a helpful comparison. Anyone in the market for the lighter material on the backhand of a catcher’s glove should look at that one too.

Yadier Molina Catchers’ Glove Review Recommendations

In every sense of the term, Yadier’s Rawlings catcher’s glove is as traditional as an MLB catcher’s mitt should be. It uses the traditional two piece web for full protection and a 34-inch circumference. The premium cowhide, if taken care of, can last several seasons. We do note, however, that at 90+ mph a pitch then just one single season might asking a lot.

That said, we would recommend the 34-inch Yadier Molina to anyone serious about catching serious heat. The glove is meant for a life time of work. Elite catchers who like a 34 inch glove will be perfectly happy with this glove. The only real question is if you want the Pro-Mesh back version of the glove as it comes in both.
Pro Mesh Back
In response to Wilson’s Superskin backing—which gave the leather glove a synthetic back that was lighter and more durable—Rawlings introduced a Pro-Mesh design. Like the Superskin, the Pro-Mesh lightens the glove weight and increases the durability. It also leaves the glove less dense after it gets wet.

Some love the idea of Pro-Mesh on a catcher’s glove while others think it make the glove feel cheap. We are closer to the later group and think big boy catcher’s gloves should be full on leather. But, we submit it a preference more than any objective measurement. In the end, players will get to decide for themselves. Throughout the years we have seen Yadier use both types—some with full leather backing and others with Pro-Mesh. Each glove prices out the same.
Heart of the Hide
As we detail in our Heart of the Hide glove reviews, the HOH series is Rawlings most popular series. It uses top shelf cowhide with Tennessee tannery laces. Over the years, the HOH model series have become synonymous with the top shelf of durability, fit and performance. Although some prefer other top end brands in the market, no one actually thinks the HOH are poor gloves. Indeed, they are top flight stuff from a top flight company.
30% Factory Break In
Another feature worth considering is the 30% break-in that happens for the Molina HOH gloves out of the factory. In other words, Rawlings works in these Molina gloves 30% of the way before shipping them to retail. Most new and top end catcher’s mitts are remarkably stiff. This makes a work in process over several months probable. Rawlings helping the process along 30% of the way is usually much appreciated.

Yadier Molina Catchers’ Glove Review Similar Gloves

Wilson A2000 1790 Superskin
Rawlings Yadier Molina Catcher's Mitt Review

If you are in the market for a pro-mesh Rawlings Molina HOH glove in the 34 inch then might you also consider the 34 inch A2000 with Superskin backing? The gloves are similar in many ways. Both use a dual full web. Each is a 34 inch traditionally designed glove. Both also use a synthetic backing for a lighter and more durable glove. You can see our full 1790 Wilson Glove review here.

We like the A2000 version with Superskin better. But, to each his own. Price check the 1790 Wilson.
Shoeless Joe 34 Inch Catcher’s Glove
Rawlings Yadier Molina Catcher's Mitt Review

If you are not looking for a Pro-Mesh back Molina glove, and want to consider a different brand, then the 34-inch Shoeless Joe Catcher’s glove might do the trick. It will also save a number of Benjamins. These gloves are also very well made and use much of the similar features in the Yadier Rawlings glove. Expect a dual webbing for full protection, great padding in the hands and a lifetime of work to get this glove just how you, and your grandkids, will like it.

Price check the Shoeless Joe 34 Inch Catcher’s glove.


Is there is a more iconic glove within the Rawlings brand than the 13-inch Heart of the Hide worn by none other than Bryce Harper? Harper’s glove is a Washington Nationals red designed glove in the Pro H Web outfield line. Bryce Harper’s glove is a Heart of the Hide series glove that offers the same steer hide and thumb padding you can find across the entire HOH line. Our recommendations, along with similar glove options, are below in this Bryce Harper’s Glove review.

Price check Bryce Harper’s Glove.

Bryce Harper's Glove Review

Bryce Harper’s Glove Review

There a plethora of sources and write ups on Bryce Harper’s glove. We found the product page on Rawlings’ site helpful in terms of sizing and comparing it to the black version of the glove.

On this site, we looked over our general Rawlings Heart of the Hide review to make sure we were not going to say something dumb. We also reviewed the entire Rawlings lineup review as to get a feel for any other 13 inch outfield gloves (there aren’t any).

On a related note, we were reminded of this write up on Bryce Harper’s bat and thought it was a fun read. He has definitely used more bats than he has gloves.

Bryce Harper’s Glove Recommendations

13-Inch Gloves

Bryce Harper's Glove Review

As a 13-inch dual post outfield glove Bryce Harper’s glove is made for a very particular type of player. That is, the player that wants the largest fielding glove available on the market and has the strength to wield it. Those more accustomed to middle infield gloves (like the Rawlings Pro 314) will feel as if they just put on an over-sized oven mitt. As such, if you know what you are getting yourself into, then the 13-inch Rawlings Bryce Harper model is as good a glove as you’ll find in this gigantic space. Otherwise, consider a more traditional 12.5 or 12.75 inch outfield glove made for us mere mortals.

If you play slowpitch softball and want to use a baseball glove, then this 13-inch Harper outfield glove is as good as you’ll find.

Pro Stock Leather

Bryce Harpers' Glove Reviews

As a Heart of the Hide Glove, the 13-inch outfield glove Harper uses is made of great leather. In fact, we would guess, Rawlings reserves its very best pieces for the glove they put on the hand of what some consider the most popular player in the game.

It would be a mistake to think the average consumer buying a “Bryce Harper Glove” from a retail store is getting anywhere near the attention to detail Harper’s actual Rawlings glove does. Indeed, stock Heart of the Hide gloves are legitimate in every sense of the word. But they are not the Pro-issue versions you would find on Bryce’s hands. Heart of the Hide gloves are made from the top 5% of leather in the entire world. And Rawlings goes through great lengths to make sure the average consumer has a great experience with their glove.

Pro H Webbing or Dual Post Webbing

The other thing to note before running off and buying the Harper Rawlings glove design is the dual-post webbing. Often, dual posts tend more towards the third baseman. At least in the Rawlings line, Trap-eze or Pro lace webs tend more towards larger gloves for the outfield. We found the dual post design does remove glove weight when compared to the material heavy trap-eze designed glove. This may be the reason the oversized 13 inch glove uses a dual post and not a Trap-eze.

As a general rule, the dual post also allows for a somewhat shallower pocket than the Trap-eze gloves. But, leather of this quality can almost always be shaped or tightened to how you want it.

Bryce Harper’s Glove Review Similar Options

There are very few 13-inch gloves with a PRO H or dual post webbing on the market. In fact, the only real comparison is from within Rawlings or Harper’s old glove sponsor, Akadema.

Bryce Harper's Glove Review

Harper’s glove is actually the PROJD from Rawlings but in unique nationals colors. His pro issue gloves are often multi-colored with personal engravings. You can buy the all red version that is referred to has the DICPROHARP34S. But, in the end, that glove is exactly like the black and grey PROJD-6DSPRO. Both are 13 inch outfield gloves with the PRO-H design in a Heart of the Hide design.
ARZ-136 Akadema Review
Bryce Harper's Glove Review

The only other 13 inch glove that uses a dual post web is the ARZ-136 from Akadema. No surprise, really, as Akadema was Harper’s first glove sponsor. We suspect this is Harper’s old glove. But, since Akadema does not have his consent any longer, the glove is simply called the ARZ-136.

Price check the ARZ136 Precision Akadema 13 Inch outfield glove.

If you are looking for a unique glove in the Rawlings lineup, look no further than the PRO205 11.75-inch Finger Shift utility glove. The glove, replete with the features of a top shelf Heart of the Hide mitt, also implements a finger shift for a wider feel and stronger collapse. The finger pad is moved to the middle finger and the outer most stall is made wide enough for both the pinky and index finger. Our recommendations and competing glove lists are found below in our Rawlings Finger Shift 11.75 review.
Rawlings Finger Shift 11.75 Review

Finger Shift 11.75 Review Article Contents

Finger Shift 11.75 Review Sources

At the time of this publishing there have been no reviews on the 11.75-inch Rawlings Finger Shift glove. Hence, it is difficult to refer to many other sources. That said, we did find a closeoutbats.com video on the matter at least somewhat helpful. We also found the product page for the glove on Rawlings’ site directly to be of some value.

On this site, there are a couple resources you might find helpful in your search for the right glove. Our general overview of the PRO205 Pattern glove should give you some insight to the design as well as a few comparable gloves within the Rawlings brand. We also think our Heart of the Hide Review does a decent job explaining what you are bound to get with a traditional HOH feature glove.

Rawlings PRO205 Finger Shift Recommendations 

Rawlings Finger Shift 11.75 Review
11.75 Utility Glove
Many types of players should appreciate the PRO205 Rawlings pattern in an 11.75-inch utility glove. Those include, but are not limited to, a pitcher who likes a somewhat shorter glove and at least occasionally plays third base. Even the P/SS/3B combo might make this glove a perfect home.
Two-Piece Web
The two-piece web design on this glove provides full ball concealment to pitchers and a deep pocket for third basemen, two helpful features. Others prefer the quick access a more traditional I-Web or H-Web can deliver.
Finger Shift
Rawlings Finger Shift 11.75 Review

The HOH 11.75 utility infield glove’s most unique feature is the finger shift. That is, the glove is structured to allow a pinky and ring finger in the outermost stall. It also places the finger pad above the middle finger slot instead of the index finger, but as you shift your hand toward the outside of the glove, your index finger sits directly on the pad.

The glove does not require you to shift your fingers—there is still a slot for the traditional index finger. But note the finger pad will be shifted over your middle finger, and therefore might be rather useless.

Personally, we are fans of the finger shift. We like how the wider hand structure gives better control over the glove. And the stretch between the thumb and forefinger decreases the chance of stingers. But, to each his own.
Heart of the Hide
The other major feature worth a recommendation is the fact this glove is a Heart of the Hide glove. HOH gloves are world-renowned top class gloves made with great material and impressive durability. They use a padded thumb stall and lacing made in their own Rawlings owned Tennessee Tannery. Few have ever been disappointed in their HOH glove, and we recommend the glove series wholeheartedly. Whether a HOH glove with a finger shift and dual web design is for you comes down to your dissection of the above information.

Rawlings PRO205 Finger Shift Comparable Gloves

Rawlings Finger Shift 11.75 Review

We have yet to find a glove in an 11.75 that customizes for the player who appreciates the finger shift. Of course, you can always simply move your fingers over and jam your pinky and ring finger into the same slot. Over time, good leather gloves do give way to what you want them to do. But, in the spirit of a true comparable glove to the Rawlings PRO205 11.75 Finger Shift we are at a loss.

Inside the Rawlings brand, nearly any PRO205 HOH pattern glove will be a really similar fit. You may need to change the finger shift and might not find a dual web design, but there are plenty in that realm to consider.

Outside the brand, here are the most similar options we could find.
A2000 1787
Rawlings Finger Shift 11.75 Review

If you are looking for a very popular 11.75 inch glove in the utility infield space,  we recommend the 1787 from Wilson. They make this glove in an A2000 among other lines. And in terms of quality and market acceptance, it is the only glove that rivals the Heart of the Hide. The 1787, however, does not come in a two-piece web design—only a traditional I-web. Nor does the 1787 use a finger shift design.

The 1787 is much more a third baseman first glove that a pitcher could use. Rawlings’ Finger Shift is more a pitcher dominant glove first, third baseman glove second.

Price check the 1787 From Wilson
Adidas EQT 11.75
Rawlings Finger Shift 11.75 Review

We did find an 11.75 inch glove that uses a dual web pattern. Adidas, who makes baseball gloves if you didn’t know, uses quality steer hide (like the HOH) and 100% wool on the wrist slot. They call this glove the EQT. That particular 11.75 inch glove, called the Adidas EQT 11.75, also comes with a dual web, and therefore makes it the most comparable glove in terms of pattern design to the Finger Shift Rawlings PRO205.

Of course, the 11.75 EQT does not accommodate for the player that likes the finger shift, but it is as close as we could find. We don’t necessarily recommend this glove as a good trade for the HOH PRO205. But, we thought it interesting in terms of a comparison.

Price check the Adidas EQT 11.75


What many may consider the flagship glove of Rawlings’ Heart of the Hide gloves for 2017 is the 11.5 inch Dual Core. In terms of looks, it is different than any dual core glove we’ve yet to see on the market. While most have come in one traditional color, this Dual Core is flashy.

The glove, with the serial number PRO314DC-2BCS is a tapered wrist made with a traditional I-Web design. We recommend the glove for middle infield who likes a more snug fit and the occasional third baseman who likes a shorter glove. As a Dual Core glove it comes 60% worked in.

Heart Hide Dual Core I-web 11.5 Glove Review Contents

Heart of the Hide Dual Core Iweb 11.5 Glove Review

Heart Hide Dual Core I-web 11.5 Glove Review Sources

Heart of the Hide Dual Core Iweb 11.5 Glove Review

On this site, there are at least a few important places to look when considering the Heart of the Hide Dual Core 11.5-inch I-web glove. We’d suggest, above all else, the Rawlings Heart of the Hide review run down. There we deal with general specifics of HOH gloves. As well, our general Rawlings Glove Reviews might give you at least some perspective as to how this glove fits in the entire glove line when compared to the Pro Preferred Series and Gamer models.

Off this site, we always recommend checking out the product page directly on Rawlings’ site. We used both of these resources in putting together this Rawlings Heart of the Hide Dual Core 11.5 inch I-web review.

Heart Hide Dual Core I-web 11.5 Glove Recommendations

Heart of the Hide Dual Core Iweb 11.5 Glove Review

As a general rule, we would quickly recommend the 11.5 inch I-web Dual Core Rawlings Heart of the Hide glove to serious baseball players that see a lot of action at short and second base. The 11.5 inch short pocket I-web mitt is made for quick transitions and easy access to the ball. There are some third baseman, or utility shortstops and second-baseman, who will also appreciate the gloves versatility.

Tappered Wrist Slot

Do note, the glove has a tapered wrist slot.  Compared to other adult gloves on the market, and other Heart of the Hide gloves, expect a tighter fit. Some appreciate this feel.

Dual Core

Dual Core gloves in the Heart of the Hide space deliver a softer leather and an easier break in than traditional HOH gloves. The softer leather comes from a more select choice that has a tighter grain structure. An easier break in comes from strategically placed patterns within the gloves palm that develop appropriate creases in the glove easier.

Durable Lacing

If there is any consistent theme we have gathered from HOH and Rawlings glove lovers is the durability of the laces. Rawlings, in fact, does won their own leather tannery in Tennesse whose purpose is to create remarkably durable laces for their gloves. The Heart of the Hide gloves, and this Dual Core 11.5 Inch Iweb, uses these special laces.

Rawlings Heart Hide Dual Core I-web 11.5 Comparable Gloves

Heart of the Hide Dual Core Iweb 11.5 Glove Review
Rawlings Pro 31 Pattern

If you are in the market for an 11.5 inch I-web designed glove, and want to stay in the Rawlings brand, the glove type you are looking for is often referred to as a Pro 31 Pattern. Rawlings offers any number of these gloves on their site and, usually, a PRO31 search on a vendor can find something similar too.

Other Pro 31 gloves may not also have the tapered wrist slot, Dual Core palm and upgraded leather as the glove under consideration for this article. But, the shape of the glove is very similar. The colors, not so much.

Wilson A2000 DP15
Wilson A2000 DP15 Superskin Review

The resemblance of Rawling’s Dual Core HOH 11.5 Pro 31 pattern glove to A2000 Wilson DP15 SS is remarkable. Both gloves use a tappered wrist slot. Both have red lacing and 11.5 inches. Each glove is priced at $249. The major differences come in the DP15’s use of Superskin on the back and the HOH being a full leather glove. The HOH glove also has a tighter thumb slot as Rawlings uses a thumb sleeve for more padding.

See our A2000 DP15 Superskin review. Price check the Wilson DP15SS

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