Marucci makes a line of gloves they refer to as Geaux. (Pronounced “Go”). These Geaux gloves are intended as high quality youth gloves made for smaller hands and a more palatable price point. They use quality material when compared to economy type gloves but don’t quite capture the same posh nature as top end elite gloves. However, for the right audience, they are highly recommendable by this site and are basically game ready out of the wrapper. We like breadth of sizing options in the Geaux series of gloves, solid construction with quality leather in traditional pro patterns, and the potential for the mesh backing to improve hand speed and durability.
Marucci Geaux Glove Reviews

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The first place we looked for information on the Marucci Geaux glove line was our own Marucci Glove review page. There we discuss some of what we discuss here. We also touch on the mesh options on that page too. This page simply expands upon that information.

Off this site we found Marucci’s product pages very helpful too. They divide the Geaux Gloves and the Geaux Mesh gloves on different pages. We also read a few reviews on Amazon’s site under the Geaux Glove search section. You may find them worth a peruse once you decide on exactly which Geaux marucci glove you want.

Marucci Geaux Glove Features

marucci Geaux Reviews
The Geaux set of baseball gloves fit squarely in the mid range quality youth glove. Their price point is driven largely by the mid range quality material they use. That includes a full leather design with quality leather and a wool blend on the back of the wrist for comfort. Every glove in the Geaux series comes in the same black and white highlight design. You have the ability, for an extra fee, to add text on the glove’s thumb line.

As well, the Geaux series of Marucci gloves is produced with a smaller hand in mind. As such, it has smaller finger stalls and a palm spread meant for littler hands.
Marucci Geaux Glove Reviews

If you are a youth player looking for a full leather glove then this glove should be on your short list. Although the Geaux carry a premium over synthetic gloves, the real leather and pro patterns are a worth investment—at least as we see it.

We are big fans of the 11 inch I-web in both the Geaux and Geaux Mesh versions. Its short stack size is made for the middle infield baller who has yet to hit his grown spurt. The dead serious 8, 9 or 10 year old kid looking for a slick glove and real leather can’t go wrong here. If the hands are remarkably small they may appreciate the Mesh 11-inch more as it does come with a Velcro strap on the wrist.

Our second favorite glove in the line is the 31.5 inch Catcher’s glove with Mesh. Not only is it a small enough glove, made for small hands, to work for the serious 8, 9 and 10 year old catcher, but the mesh backing makes it even lighter and move mobile.
Geaux Mesh or Go Home?
Much like the Super Skin offered on many A1K’s and A2000 gloves, the Marucci Geaux come in a mesh backing version too. These Geaux-Mesh gloves, as we note below, are not always the exact same as the Geaux version. For example, some gloves are the same size but do not use the same webbing. Others, like the first baseman glove, come in a different length depending on if the mesh is present or not. See the model descriptions below for more details.

In theory, we like the mesh backing. It makes for a lighter glove and an easier break in. As well, the synthetic material makes for a longer lasting glove and one that holds up better in wet weather. That said, most parents feel that premium gloves and their corresponding prices should be full leather. Since, we have convinced ourselves, leather is what drives the price upwards. As such, most prefer the full leather Geaux series over the Geaux Mesh for personal reason. In reality, though, the Geaux mesh make perfect sense. Especially, as we note below, the 31.5-inch catcher’s glove.

Marucci Geaux Glove Reviews Models

There are 5 versions of the Marucci Geaux glove. The include an 11-inch, 11.25-inch, 11.5-inch infield glove as well as a 12.5-inch 1st baseman’s glove and small 31.5 inch catcher’s glove. Each glove comes in Geaux Mesh version too. Those mesh versions lower the overall weight of the glove, make them easier to break in and give them a longer life.
11-inch Geaux Marucci Geaux Glove Reviews
Marucci Geaux Glove Reviews

Both the Mesh and Geaux Series come in an 11-inch I-Web. This is our favorite glove in the line and, aside from the synthetic backing on the Mesh version, the gloves are identical. They are made for the young middle infielder looking for a big boy glove pattern but still not quite ready for the size of an 11.5-inch and its accompanying weight. Do note the mesh version of this glove has a Velcro strap to help adjust the wrist slot. It would be our recommend glove for a very small kid and his accompanying very small hand.
11.25-inch Marucci Geaux Glove Reviews
marucci glove Reviews

Marucci Geaux Glove Reviews

The 11.25 inch Mesh and Geaux come with different web patterns. Notice, above, how the Mesh uses a single post web while the full leather version comes in an I-web. We are not huge fans of the single post on an 11.25 inch glove and don’t see why anyone might want a deeper pocket on a glove meant for middle infield.
11.5-inch Marucci Geaux Glove Reviews

Adult glove lines often use the 11.5 inch pattern as their most versatile glove for infield. They intend for the middle infield player who can also play 3rd and, occasionally, pitch. As such the most popular patterns in the 11.5 inch are the I-web. Marucci’s Geaux series, however, focus on a true Pitcher’s glove int he T-web full leather version and a utility outfield glove with the dual post mesh version. We are not aware of anywhere else that a dual post glove in an 11.5 inch can be found.
1st Baseman Geaux Review

The Mesh version of the Geaux 1st baseman’s glove is 12.5-inches. The full leather Geuax is only 12-inches. We are not sure why Marucci thought to enforce a difference between the two as they are otherwise the same. both use a traditional dual post web for a long and sure grab for the 1st baseman’s glove. This is a fantastic choice, in either model, for a small handed first baseman looking to dig some short hops.
Catcher Geaux Review

Our second favorite glove in the line, behind the 11-inch I-web, is the 31.5 inch Catcher’s glove with the mesh backing. We think mesh backing on a catcher’s glove makes a lot of sense as weight and hand speed are important. Framing pitches and heavy gloves are not a good combination. And, at 31.5 inches and crafted with a smaller hand slot that is adjustable by Velcro it becomes our favorite glove. Note, too, the full leather version does not have Velcro adjustable wrist strap.

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