The Rawlings Gamer Glove series is an economical full leather glove built with a quick work in and broad range in mind. The gloves come 80% worked in by the factory. Gamer glove pattern options span as many as 25 different models in baseball and softball. The entire series is divided into a youth and adult line where the youth versions have a tapered wrist entry and thinner finger stalls for a smaller hand. We recommend the Gamer series from Rawlings to players looking for a full leather glove at a more reasonable price or the highschool player wishing they had backup glove for a second position.
Rawlings Gamer Glove Reviews

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Rawlings Gamer Glove Reviews Sources

In writing this Gamer Series review we reference a number of sources. Among those, our Heart of the Hide Review and our Pro-Preferred review were helpful. As well, on this site, our Wilson A1K review was referenced as a very similar glove with the Rawlings Gamer.

Off of this site we spent a considerable time on glove page for the gamer gathering model sizes and price offerings. We also spent some time on Rawlings’ site directly under the Gamer section.

Rawlings Gamer Series Review Overview

On the whole, the Gamer series from Rawlings is meant to fill that need of an economical glove with full leather construction. It may not be the best leather on the market, but it is leather nontheless and you can expect a decent amount of use from the glove.

The glove line also is known for a game ready feel in the sense it requires virtually no break in for game ready use.  Rawlings claims it is an 80% work in by the factory before it is shipped off to the stores. Our experience is the glove is ready in a matter of a few minutes of catch.

At the time of this writing, Rawlings sells just over 30 different models in the Gamer line. They include 8 softball gloves and 25 baseball gloves. Of the 25 baseball gloves 4 are considered youth gloves. These youth Gamer models come with a more tappered wrist slot and thinner finger stalls. Gamer youth gloves are made for smaller hands.

Rawlings Gamer vs Heart of the Hide

Rawlings Gamer Glove Reviews
Game Ready
There is a considerable jump, in both price and quality, between the Heart of the Hide gloves Rawlings is known for and the entry level leather gloves Rawlings calls their Gamer Series. At first glance, the biggest difference is the amount the Gamer gloves already come worked in. With the possible exception of the Gamer Catcher’s glove, expect just a few minutes of catch to get your Gamer glove ready to rock. HOH gloves come mildly worked in but, for most, it is often several weeks to get up and running.
Leather Choice
Additionally, better and more durable leather is used in the Heart of the Hide gloves in comparison to the Gamer gloves. This is, at least in some measure, how Rawlings justifies the price difference. Heart of the Hide gloves simply come with better and more durable construction.
HOH gloves are intended to work for several years under considerable use. Gamer gloves, on the other hand, might serve the still growing younger player well or as a backup glove for the serious high school player.

Rawlings Gamer Glove Reviews

Rawlings Gamer Glove Reviews

The largest swath of gloves in the Rawlings Gamer Series belongs to adult baseball. There are at least 20 different models—although many of those are very similar with only color changes. This particular niche serves well the backup glove of the serious high school player who would rather be more economical in the glove of their second position. Expect to find a glove in the exact size you want with the glaring exception larger catcher’s gloves. Gamer catcher’s mitts only come in a 32.5 inch size
Baseball XLE
Rawlings Gamer Glove Reviews

The Gamer series also makes some special and limited edition gloves with unique colorways. These are referred to as Gamer XLE gloves. The XLE’s come with the same exact features of a Gamer Rawings glove.
Baseball Youth
Rawlings Gamer Glove Reviews

Gamer gloves have another subset aimed at youth players. These youth gloves come with a “Youth Taper” and thinner finger stalls. The taper makes the entry way of the wrist smaller. These features serve the youth or smaller adult hand better.
Fastpitch Softball
Rawlings Gamer Glove Reviews

Rawlings also carries over the Gamer glove series line into the fastpitch softball space. They make no less than 8 fastpitch gloves that cover every position on the field. They do not use the patented Rawlings pull strap found on Rawlings’ more expensive fastpitch gloves.



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