After some time with the Game Model Cabrera Wilson MC24 A2000 glove and its counterpart 2800, we put together this review. On the whole, Miggy’s Tiger colored first base mitt with top shelf leather and a wide single post web design is great for the serious first baseman.

We would recommend the glove to those who both like the color and need one of the most recognized quality 1-bag gloves on the market. As a 12-inch full leather glove, it is by no means light, but its heft adds to the durability. Expect, as well, a unique web lacing.

Price check the Wilson MC24 A2000

Wilson MC24 A2000 Miguel Cabrera Glove Review

We referenced a number of sources while putting together this Wilson MC24 review. You may also find them helpful. Most useful was our review on the Wilson 2800. As it is a very similar pattern to the MC24, it comes with a very similar review and recommendation. We also found our Wilson Game Model Glove review helpful.

Offsite, we paid close attention to Amazon’s page and their several reviews on the glove. As well, we used the glove. Loved it.

Wilson MC24 A2000 Recommendations

Miguel Cabrera’s Game Model glove is recommended for serious first basemen who like a full leather glove and Tigers’ colors. The MC24’s use of a single wide post on the web gives it a traditional feel with a very large opening.

No less than ten MLB players use the similarly designed Wilson 2800 glove. That serves as a serious testament to the productive 1st base pattern found in the MC24 (and the 2800).

A2000 Version

Wilson MC24 Glove Review

We should note, however, the MC24 stock model is an A2000 glove. That means it uses a Pro-Stock leather Wilson harvests specifically for use in its ball gloves. The stock A2000 leather is less premium than the A2K leather and is a far cry from the Pro Issue glove leather Miggy actually gets on his glove.
Game Models

The MC24 A2000 is often referred to under Wilson’s nomenclature as a Game Model glove. This means the glove is designed after the exact specs of the glove Miguel Cabrera uses in real life. This is mostly true. The glove’s dimensions, color schemes and lace patterns are built to the exact specifications Miggy finds in his glove. To the untrained eye, the gloves look similar, as they are built to look that way.

However, although they do have much in common, the A2000 Miggy wears on game days employs a Pro-Issue leather only reserved for the best gloves. Wilson does not, for example, simply take one of the A2000’s off the assembly line and ship it to the Tigers’ club house. Rather, the Pro-Issue MC24 you see on Cabrera’s hands are not for sale to the public and come with a premium leather and work in. The A2000 use nice leather for sure, but it is not a Pro-Issue glove.

At least in terms of leather quality, the most similar glove to the Pro-Issue MC24 is the A2K 2800. In terms of color design and lace pattern, the A2000 MC24 is your best bet.

Wilson MC24 A2000 Review: Comparable Gloves

A2K & A2000 2800
Wilson MC24 A2000 Review

The Wilson 2800 is a similarly patterned first baseman’s glove to the MC24. However, the 2800 comes in an A2K as well as an A2000 model, whereas the MC24 only comes in an A2000. As well, the MC24 uses a different lace pattern for the single post web as well as a wider single bar. Those two features are things Miguel Cabrera requested specifically.

In practice, the A2K is more like Cabrera’s actual game model glove as it comes stock with the Pro-Stock Preferred Leather. Miggy’s real game MC24 comes with Pro-Issued leather which is another step above the A2K’s leather. The A2000 Game Model version of the MC24 uses quality leather, no doubt, but it is a far cry from the A2K stock leather and an even farther cry from the Pro-Issue leather Miggy has on his gloves.

Price check the 2800. See our full Wilson 2800 Glove Review.

Shoeless 1200FB
Wilson MC24 A2000 Review

As we write in our 2800 review, the most comparable glove to the Wilson 2800 outside of the Wilson brand is the Shoeless 1200FB. It also runs a 12-inch design with a single post webbing. However, Shoeless uses the faux leather on the backhand of the wrist while A2K’s and A2000 use a dry system. It is a much different feel, at least at first use.

The leather on the A2000 MC24 and the 12000FB Shoeless is comparable. Of course each company will argue their leather is better, but it is a comparable glove in quality to the A2000.

Price check the 1200FB from Shoeless

Few gloves have been more symbolic of the Game Model glove line from Wilson than Clayton Kershaw’s CK22 A2000. It is by many measures, the ideal pitcher’s glove with its all black look, deep and fully closed pocket, in an 11.75-inch design. Its counterpart, the B212, comes in an A2K and an A2000 Superskin, but the Kershaw’s real Game Model glove is a class A2000. The Wilson A2000 CK22 is easily recommended for the elite pitcher who needs a nothing-but-business pitching glove. After using the glove and a number of conversations with Wilson and some major vendors, we put together this Wilson CK22 A2000 Review.

wilson CK22 A2000 Review

Price check the CK22 A2000

Wilson A2000 CK22 Glove Review Sources

We found a few good places to look for information on Wilson’s CK22 glove. For starters, good information and a few user reviews can be found on Wilson’s website in their CK22 Product Section. Also, Closeoutbats has a nice video up, as well as a gives a feel for pricing.

We also found our Wilson A2000 reviews and Wilson Game Model Glove Reviews helpful.

Wilson A2000 CK22 Glove Recommendations

Wilson CK22 A2000 Review

Consider this: no fewer than six MLB pitchers use the A2000 CK22, and no fewer than thirty-five MLB pitchers use the B212 (which is the sister glove of the CK22 in A2K or A2000SS). When over forty MLB pitchers use the CK22 pattern, we have a very hard time NOT recommending the glove. Indeed, we suggest the glove for any serious pitcher, across the board. It is the classic black, top shelf leather and the two-piece web for full ball concealment.

In other words, if you are a pitcher’s pitcher and want a glove that pitchers prefer, then we highly recommend the Wilson A2000 CK22. The only real decision is whether you want the pattern in the traditional A2000 (CK22), Superskin (B212) or A2K (B212) version. More on those below.

Wilson A2000 CK22 Glove Comparable Gloves

Wilson CK22 A2000 Review

Within the brand, Wilson offers the same CK22 but with different material make up. The top shelf Pro-Stock Preferred leather in the same pattern is called the A2K B212. The more premium leather, and a few other features we discuss elsewhere, are what make up the difference between the A2K B212 and the CK22.

Price Check A2K CK22

Wilson CK22 A2000 Review

Another version of the CK22 is the B212 Superskin. This glove uses a more durable and more easily broken-in backing that Wilson attaches to the traditional A2000 palm. This backing on the CK22 is referred to as the B212 A2000 Superskin, or A2000SS B212. The addition of Superskin makes the glove lighter and keeps it drier in wet weather. The player looking for just a hint of flash in this classic look, as well as a slightly lighter glove that is easier to work-in, should like this A2000SS B212 instead of the CK22.

Price check the A2000SS B212

Wilson CK22 A2000 Review

Outside the Wilson brand, Rawlings makes a similar glove. It competes with the A2000 as a full leather Heart of the Hide, with a dual piece web and full leather design. Save Rawlings’ Gold Glove, this Heart of the Hide is Rawlings’ best made glove.

Price Check the 205 9BU 11.75-inch Heart of the Hide

Wilson A2000 CK22 Glove Features & Sizing

A2000 Pro-Stock Leather

Standard with each A2000 glove, Wilson uses their proprietary Pro-Stock leather on the CK22. The cattle that produce this leather are specially bred in Japan and harvested entirely by Wilson. It is what makes the A2000 unique and coveted throughout the industry. The A2000 CK22 uses this Pro-Stock leather on the entirety of the glove.

Game Model Gloves

The CK22 is referred to as the Game Model glove of Clayton Kershaw. It is, after all, patterned and shaped exactly like his. However, we should note there is a considerable difference between stock model gloves, as in the CK22 you can purchase at your local sporting good store, and the Pro-Issue gloves MLB guys actually get. The leather, work-in and attention to detail in a Pro-Issue glove makes a considerable difference.

This is not to say the CK22 A2000 is a lackluster glove. We suggest quite the opposite, in fact. But let us not think this Game Model (GM) glove is the “exact” glove Kershaw also gets from Wilson.

11.75-inch Two-Piece Web

Wilson CK22 A2000 Review

What may stand as the most unique feature on the CK22 GM, is the use of a two-piece full web design. Instead of any fancy webbing or multi-lace structure, the CK22 uses two pieces of half moon shaped leather to fill in the entirety of the web. It is creates the most obstructed view a batter could ever face. That web is the exact feature that drew Kershaw to the glove his first day in Dodger’s camp.

Price check the CK22 A2000

If any glove stands out in the Wilson infield line up, it is easily the A2K DW5. As a 12-inch, dual post web infield glove, there really are no comparable options within Wilson or the industry at large. We have spent enough time considering the glove, and speaking with major vendors and Wilson directly, to make some recommendations. On the whole, bigger third basemen with great glove skills, or the player looking for a first/third glove might find it the right fit. They also, of course, need to like the Mets’ colors. Our full Wilson A2K DW5 glove review is below.

Wilson A2K DW5 Glove Review

Price check the Wilson A2K DW5 Glove

Wilson A2K DW5 Glove Review Article Contents

Wilson A2K DW5 Glove Review

Wilson A2K DW5 Glove Review Sources

Wilson A2K DW5 Review

Of course, Wilson’s website is a great place to look for information on David Wright’s Game Model glove. We spent some time there gathering images and making sure we had our facts straight. As well, Closeoutbats has some good information via a video and other details on the DW5.

On this site we referred to our Wilson Game Model Reviews and our Wilson A2K Review page. Both were helpful brush ups for us, and may be for you as well.

Price check the Wilson A2K DW5 Glove

Wilson A2K DW5 Glove Recommendations

Wilson A2K DW5 Review

As the largest infield glove any company makes, the DW5 is a unique fit for a unique player. We would recommend the glove for a serious third baseman who has some size to him. It may also serve the utility thirdbaseman/outfielder well. Additionally, we can envision an infielder who occasionally plays first base and only wants one glove, using the DW5 on third as well as first.

The dual post web design gives great durability and easy access to the ball on the hot corner. It is not, however, recommended for middle infielders who need a glove flip occasionally. Nor is it ideal for pitchers who like to hide the ball in the glove during the windup.

Wilson A2K DW5 Glove Comparable Gloves

Wilson A2K DW5 Glove Review

A 12-inch glove for a third-baseman is a unique size. So unique, in fact, we struggle to locate any company that makes a similar glove. Sure, other companies make 12-inch gloves, but they come with a pitcher’s web or an outfield lace design. No glove we can find in a dual post or single post web design also comes in a 12-inch top shelf glove.

The most comparable glove, if we were forced to choose, is the Wilson B212. That glove, however, is a pitcher’s glove and has a closed web design. But, it is a 12-inch glove and is offered in an A2K. If you are willing to go a bit shorter, Wilson’s EL3 Game Model glove (review) is a single post web design in an 11.75-inch design, though it only comes in an A2000.

Price check the Wilson A2K DW5 Glove

Wilson A2K DW5 Glove Features & Sizing

Wilson A2K DW5 Glove Review

The A2K DW5 fits two major categories of Wilson top shelf gloves. The first is the A2K category. The second is the Game Model glove category. We discuss both in more detail below. You can also read more in depth information about each category in their respective full reviews. (A2K Reviews, Game Model Reviews).

A2K Pro-Stock Preferred Leather

The most distinct feature of Wilson’s A2K gloves is the use of a premium leather not found on the A2000. Wilson refers to this as the Pro-Stock Preferred, which is specially selected from the leather Wilson uses for the A2000. You can expect the leather on your A2K DW5 to be the best available in a stock model.

As well, the A2K’s have a thicker palm as they have a double layer of leather. This improves durability, but also increases the amount of time it takes to break in the glove.

Game Model

Wilson takes a few select patterns in their enormous glove line and assigns them to pro players. Some of those patterns have unique features, others are simply the same as other gloves in the line with an upgraded pattern color.

Unlike, for example, the Jose Altuve glove which is ultimately a 1786 with a different color design, David Wright’s Wilson glove uses a unique design AND a color upgrade. No other glove pattern in the line comes in a 12-inch dual post design.

Price check the Wilson A2K DW5 Glove

Although most shortstops prefer an 11.5-inch glove, even in the MLB, Carlos Correa prefers an 11.75-inch. His specific Game Model, a Wilson A2000 with an H-Web called the CC1, is the same pattern as the 1787 but with A2000 features and Houston Astros’ flare. The all leather design and open pocket is recommended for short stops and third basemen who want to handle a bigger glove, prefer quick ball access and need something remarkably durable. In more detail, below is our Wilson A2000 Carlos Correa Glove Review.

Wilson A2000 Carlos Correa Glove Review

Price check the A2000 CC1 Glove

Wilson A2000 Carlos Correa Glove Review Article Contents

Wilson A2000 Carlos Correa Glove Review Sources

Wilson A2000 Carlos Correa Glove Review

We found more helpful information on the Carlos Correa Game Model Wilson A2000 by rereading our A2000 Review and our Wilson Game Model Review. Offsite, we found both Wilson’s glove product page and Closeoutbat’s product section useful.

Price check the A2000 CC1 Glove

Wilson A2000 Carlos Correa Glove Recommendations

Wilson A2000 Carlos Correa Glove Review

Without hesitation, we would recommend the CC1 to any short stop or third baseman who wants a top shelf glove in an 11.75-inch. If they like the color design, it is a serious plus.

Middle infielders tend to prefer the H-Web for its shorter pocket. It allows for easier flips than a more traditional single post design found on more traditional third baseman’s gloves. However, that does not mean it won’t work just fine for any given third baseman.

Price check the A2000 CC1 Glove

Wilson A2000 Carlos Correa Glove Comparable Gloves

Wilson A2000 Carlos Correa Glove Review

Within the Wilson line of gloves, the A2000 1787 is an exact functional replica of the CC1 Game Model glove. However, the 1787 only comes in a Superskin or A2K version.  As such, the CC1 is the only real 1787 A2000. If you don’t like Superskin or don’t want to pay the A2K premium price, then the CC1 is your answer.

Wilson A2000 Carlos Correa Glove Review

Price Check

Outside Wilson, not many companies offer a traditional H-Web on an 11.75-inch utility infield glove. We could find only two. The first is likely the most similar model. Marucci’s Honor the Game series has an H-Web on a 11.75-inch glove. It is the same price as the CC1.Wilson A2000 Carlos Correa Glove Review

Price Check

Rawlings has a top shelf Wing Tip Pro Preferred 11.75-inch utility infield glove with an H-Web. In terms of price and attention to detail, it is more similar to the A2K version of the 1787 than the A2000 CC1.

Wilson A2000 Carlos Correa Glove Features & Sizing

Wilson A2000 Carlos Correa Glove Review

Correa’s CC1 Wilson game model is an 11.75-inch utility infield glove. It uses a traditional middle infield H-webbing that makes flips and quick ball access simpler, yet the 11.75-inch is more of a third base size.

The wrist padding is not traditional faux fur, like many other gloves attempt to insinuate. A2000 gloves come with a wrist vent system we believe is more durable and comfortable than the faux fur.

A2000 Pro-Stock Leather
Wilson A2000 Carlos Correa Glove Review

The A2000 CC1 comes with the traditional A2000 setup. That includes Pro-Stock leather harvested from proprietary cows Wilson has exclusive access to in Japan. A2000’s also mean precise craftsmanship that is well known and respected within the industry. It is the standard other companies attempt to meet.

This is a step above A1K Gloves, but a step below the A2K stock premium leather.

Game Model
Wilson A2000 Carlos Correa Glove Review

The CC1 is classified as a Game Model glove for Wilson. As a replica of Carlos Correa’s game used glove, that makes enough sense. However, do note that real game model gloves issued to the pros are stamped with a Pro-Issue on the inside of the wrist strap. These gloves are given special attention and the best of the best leather available.

This is not to say this Game Model A2000 CC1 is not great stuff. Indeed, it is. But it is a stock glove produced in serious quantities. They did not simply take one off the stock models off the assembly line tables and ship it to the Correa address.

Price check the A2000 CC1 Glove


Jose Altuve’s A2000 glove from Wilson is an 11.5-inch glove built much like the famous A2000 1786 pattern from Wilson. That is, it uses an I-Web design and a Pro-Stock leather with dual welting on the backhand. The major difference is the Houston Astros color design on a stock offering from Wilson. As such, we would recommend his glove, technically known as the A2000 JA27, to middle infielders who prefer an 11.5-inch glove. The occasional third baseman who likes a 11.5-inch glove may find it useful too.

Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Glove Review

Price check the Wilson A2000 JA27

Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Review Article Contents

Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Review Sources

Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Glove Review

Within this site, we relied heavily on our Wilson Game Model Review page as well as our Wilson A2000 Review article to put together this Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Review page. They helped to keep thing straight and make sure we had correct model numbers and comparison information. Oh, also our Wilson 1786 Review too.

Off this site, Wilson’s Jose Altuve glove page was very helpful for images and closeoutbat’s product page was quite helpful for pricing updates.

Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Recommendations

Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Glove Review

Much like the A2000 1786, the JA27 is recommended for middle infield players that like a full leather glove. It could be considered a utility infield glove, as it could be used by the occasional third baseman or middle infielder who gets some reps at the hot corner.

The use of Wilson’s traditional H-Web design is a preference for most middle infielders who like to see the ball from the outside. As well, the 11.5-inch length is what the majority of infielders prefer.

In short, any one looking for a top flight utility infield glove with great craftsmanship, who also likes the colors of the Houston Astros on their mitt, will be quite happy with the JA27 from Wilson.

Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Sizing & Pattern

Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Glove Review

The JA27 is an 11.5-inch glove with an open webbing. The webbing pattern is referred to as either an I-web or an H-web depending on how you look at it. The construction, in terms of the finger shapes and pocket depth, are identical to the 1786 A2000 Wilson also makes. Expect a medium depth pocket.

The 1786 is Wilson’s most popular glove. We like to think that is because it is also the most versatile glove. It is a very traditionally shaped infield glove that can work just about anywhere on the field. We know of no one left unimpressed with the A2000 JA27 feel, look and pattern.

Price check the Wilson A2000 JA27

Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Features

Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Glove Review

As a traditional A2000, the JA27 comes with some specific features that are worth discussing. These features separate this glove from the Superskin models and A2K models Wilson also makes.

A2000 Features

The base A2000 model uses a Pro-Stock leather. This leather is a proprietary breed of cattle found in Japan that Wilson harvests specifically for use on Wilson ball gloves. In the Industry, it has become synonymous with durability and a fantastic feel. The A2000 JA27 uses this exact leather.

It does not, we should note, come with the Pro-Stock Preferred Leather found on A2K gloves. This Pro-Stock Preferred is a step above the A2000 stock leather in terms of premium quality. In fact, the JA27 does not come in a stock A2K version at all.

Game Model

Wilson’s Jose Altuve glove is categorized as a Game Model glove. A Game Model glove means it is patterned exactly after the same version Altuve takes to the field. Altuve definitely takes an A2000 glove designed exactly like the one we are discussing here. But we should also note, his exact gloves are marked Pro Issue. Pro Issue gloves get special attention and only the best of the best leather. The A2000 JA27 you can find at your local sporting goods store is a stock version of the glove. The stock versions are outstanding gloves, but let’s not get carried away thinking we have Altuve’s actual glove.

Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Comparable Gloves

Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Glove Review

Within the Wilson brand, the most comparable glove to the Wilson A2000 Jose Altuve Game Model glove is the A2000 1786. In fact, those gloves are identical in terms of their construction. They only differ in their color up. At the time of this writing, Wilson actively produces and sells two A2000 1786 gloves. One from 2017 and the other from 2016. Both are identical.

If you would like a glove a little lighter than the A2000 JA27, then the RC22 (Robinson Cano’s Game Model) might be a good choice. It uses the same pattern but employs a Superskin backing instead of full leather. As well, if you want the Pro-Stock Preferred leather then you may consider the 1786 in an A2K version.

If it is an 11.5-inch middle infield glove you are looking for, then you really cannot go wrong with any of those gloves.

Price check the Wilson A2000 JA27

Robinson Cano’s Game Model (GM) glove from Wilson is an 11.5-inch A2000 middle infield glove with a Superskin backing. It is, by all accounts, a top flight glove from a top flight company. Those who need a lighter glove that performs well when wet should like it. We have spent some time with the A2000 RC22 GM glove and spoke with major vendors and the manufacturer about it. That information, combined with some findings on the internet, are in this Wilson A2000 RC22 GM Review.

Wilson A2000 RC22 GM Review

Price check the Wilson RC22 GM glove

Wilson A2000 RC22 GM Review Article Contents

Wilson A2000 RC22 GM Review Sources

Offsite, we found useful information for the RC22 GM on Wilson’s website directly. We also used a few pictures from the Just Glove Reviews instagram account. Closeoutbats’ product page on Robinson Cano’s Wilson A2000 glove was helpful too.

On this site we referred to our Wilson Game Model Glove Review as well as our A2000 Superskin review. Both cover the RC22 lightly as well as other gloves that fit that class.

Within this article we also reference the following onsite articles.

Wilson 1786 Review
Wilson DATDUDE Review
Dustin Pedroia’s DP15 Wilson Glove Reivew

Wilson A2000 RC GM Recommendations

Wilson A2000 RC22 GM Review

As an 11.5-inch glove with a web designed in the shape of an H (or I depending on how you hold it—or how you write your capital I’s) the RC22 is the quintessential middle infield glove. Most, or at least many, middle infielders like the ability to see the ball within the glove from the back of the hand. In that regard, the RC22 GM functions just like the 1786 or DATDUDE from Wilson.

The Superskin feature adds a lightness to the glove not found in all leather gloves.

With that said, we would recommend the RC22 to any middle infielder who prefers a lighter feeling glove, yet still wants to spend the money required to acquire top flight leather. As well, any third baseman comfortable with an 11.5 inch glove might really like this one, too—although it may lack the girth most find useful in a 3rd baseman’s glove.

As well, and at the risk of stating the obvious, the RC22 is a Mariners’ colored glove. So, if you like those colors and fit into the category of player above, then congratulations, you may have just found your new mitt.

Price check the RC22 GM Wilson Glove

Wilson A2000 RC22 GM Review Sizing and Construction

Wilson A2000 RC22 GM Review

On a basic level, the A2000 RC 22 is an 11.5-inch infielder’s glove with an H-web. It uses a traditional open webbing and a semi-deep pocket. In the A2000 gloves, Wilson uses a leather they refer to as Pro-Stock. This is a proprietary leather found only in certain cows raised in Japan.

We should note, the RC22 GM you find in stock versions at your local sporting goods store (or online) is not the exact same quality as the actual Robinson Cano Game Model. Wilson does not, for example, just take any old RC22 off the assembly line and ship it to the Mariners’ clubhouse. The gloves the actual pros wear are taken special care of and given on the best leather on the planet. It is more akin to the leather found in an A2K. They are specially marked as a pro issue glove. You cannot find these on the open market.

With that said, the A2000 RC22 GM stock model is a top flight glove, and any average folk will love it just the same.

Wilson A2000 RC22 GM Review Features

The major features of Robinson Cano’s Game Model glove fall into the following three categories.

A2000Wilson A2000 RC22 GM Review

All A2000 gloves come with a Pro-Stock leather that is specially harvested in Japan for this very purpose. Wilson, according to some, makes the best gloves on the planet. They are shaped perfectly out of the factory. The A2000 is the marquee glove of the marquee company in the glove business. We have yet to find anyone who did not absolutely love the gloves.

Wilson A2000 RC22 GM Review

The RC22 also adds a few features some may appreciate—most noticeably, the Superskin backing. Superskin is a synthetic material added to the back of A2000 Wilson gloves. This gives the glove a lighter weight and an easier break in. It also does not soak up water in rainy game situations. If you play in a wet climate, it may be the feature that drives you to purchase the glove.

Game Model
Wilson A2000 RC22 GM Review

Game Model gloves from Wilson are specific gloves in the A2K, A2000 or A2000 Superskin lines designed after pro preferences. Often, those changes are only in color. For example, the RC22 is the Wilson Superskin 1786, but in the unique colors of the Seattle Mariners.

Other Game Model gloves, like the DP15, are not only designed in the colors the players’ prefer, but also with different functional features.

Wilson A2000 RC22 GM Comparable Options
Wilson A1K Glove Reviews

There are several gloves similar to the RC22 GM. Functionally, the Superskin 1786 is exactly like the RC22. Both are H-web 11.5-inch middle infield gloves. Both use the same Pro-Stock leather on the palm and fingers, as well as the Superskin backing. They are, in essence, the same exact glove with the exception of color.

In terms of a similar Game Model glove, Jose Altuve’s glove, also much like the 1786, is very similar. It is a multi-colored, somewhat flashy glove for middle infield. However, Altuve’s glove has no Superskin on the back.

No other gloves brings as much flash to the A2K Wilson line up as the Brandon Phillips Game Model. This glove, affectionately and technically known as the DATDUDE, is a Pro-Stock Preferred Leather with the most innovative designs and features in Wilson’s catalog. It is the show stopper of show stoppers. Here we dive into the Wilson DATDUDE Review.

Wilson DATDUDE Review

Price check the Wilson DATDUDE

Wilson DATDUDE Review Article Contents

Wilson DATDUDE Review Sources

We relied on a few sources to put together this article that you may also find helpful. First and foremost was our Wilson A2K Glove reviews page. This covers, among other things, the unique differences between the A2K and other Wilson model gloves. We also looked over our Wilson Game Model Glove Review page as it discusses in some detail the DATDUDE glove design.

Outside of our site, Wilson’s product page was very useful. You can find that here. Additionally, we spent some time on Closeoutbats product section and looked at a few user reviews on Amazon’s product page, too.

Wilson DATDUDE Recommendations

Wilson DATDUDE Review

As an 11.5-inch glove with an open webbing, the Wilson DATDUDE is a quintessential middle infield glove. Some could use it at third base, as well, and a number of younger and high school players could get away with it in the outfiled. It is a full leather glove, so expect a little bit of weight when compared to a glove with a mesh opening. Also, it comes with a standard hand opening size so there will be room for even normal sized hands.

It is too flashy, legally, to be a pitcher’s glove, probably would not serve the purpose of your every day first baseman and won’t last as a catcher’s glove.

In terms of style, the DATDUDE is fit for the player looking for serious flash and the cutting edge of design techniques implemented by the world leader in baseball glove making. If that sounds like you, Mr. Swag, then you’re home sweet home.

Price check the Wilson DATDUDE

Wilson DATDUDE Construction, Sizing & Features

Wilson DATDUDE Review

Like All A2K gloves, expect Pro-Stock Preferred leather. That is, you may recall from our general A2K Reviews, a premium premium leather from Wilson’s proprietary branded cows. As well, you will find a thicker palm and more work in time out of the factory before it hits your hand. A2K’s are the premium glove that Wilson offers in stock models. This Game Model of Brandon Phillips is exactly that.

On the DATDUDE in 2017, you will also find a textured leather on the backhand that replicates the look of snakeskin. It is not, we should emphasize, a Superskin, but instead, the same Pro-Stock Preferred leather with a bit of flair in design. As the pictures clearly point out, there are some serious aesthetic design features not found on your typical 1786.

Price check the Wilson DATDUDE

Wilson DATDUDE Comparable Gloves

Wilson DATDUDE Review

The DATDUDE pattern does not come in an A2000 or A2000 Superskin. So, unlike Dustin Pedroia’s Game Model glove, the DATDUDE is only available in the A2K. Within the Wilson brand, though, the 1786 pattern is a very comparable model. Both are 11.5-inch middle infield gloves with an I-Web. The A2K 1786, therefore, is the most comparable model to the DATDUDE A2K and they differ only in design.

If we had to throw you for a bit of a loop, we would suggest the 1786 WBC made USA glove is a comparable design in terms of WOW factor and pure technical specs. Although the WBC 1786 is an A2000 and lacks the premium premium leather and the additional hand padding, it is, at least in our minds, a remarkably similar glove. Both possess a deathly flash and come in that very traditional feeling middle infield Wilson Glove design.

Price check the Wilson DATDUDE

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