We collected over 100,000 votes to determine the best looking baseball glove. Out of 60 pro made Wilson A2Ks or A2000s pitted against one another in a fan voting contest, the win goes to Elvis Andrus’ A2000. It is a custom color designed Wilson 1786. This is, at least by one measurement, the best looking baseball glove of all time.

Short Wilson A2000 1786 Review

Best Looking Baseball Glove

In time, we will fully review the 1786 glove design by Wilson. In short, do know it comes in an A2000, A2000 Super Skin and A2K version. The A2000 2015 version, as well as the 2017 version are still sold. The A2K And A2000 1786SS is a 2017 glove.

Each 1786 boasts top of the line construction and an infielder’s feel in a 11 1/2 inch design. This is a middle infielder’s glove that a third baseman would be happy to use. As well, for younger kids, it should work fine as an outfielder’s glove too.

The Best Looking Baseball Glove: Elvis Andrus

Andrus’ glove is a custom designed version of the 1786 A2000. You can recreate it on Wilson’s site directly here. You can also find the 1786 Wilson stock versions in a number of options here.  The A2000 1786 for 2017 is, from we have been told, the most popular stock glove on the market.

The Best Looking Baseball Glove By Position

Our voting booth showed over 60 gloves. As such, we thought we would point out other category winners, in terms of positions.

The Best Looking Pitcher’s Glove

Although pitcher’s gloves are not allowed to have may frills (they cannot, for example, be multi-colored or have any grey or white colors). They can, however, look classic and sweet. The favorite in our fan voting was Gio Gonzales’ Game Glove GG47 A2000. Although no longer directly produced for the public, you can find some on Although no longer directly available to the public. Gio’s glove is a 12.5 inch pitcher’s glove and, in fact, Wilson does not offer that size of a pitcher’s glove in their stock sizes. Instead, you’d need to buy the Wilson outfilder’s KP92 in either the A2000 or A2K version to get the same super deep pocket look.

Best Looking Catcher’s Glove

Catcher’s Gloves, not known for being flashy. It is rare that one really looks better than another. But the A2000 Catcher’s glove somehow did. Carlos Ruiz’s 1790 Wilson catcher’s glove won the fan voting contest.

Today, this glove is made for the public in an A2000 Super Skin called the A2000 1790SS and it is flat out smoking hot. It has a different backing, making the glove more flexible and light, but still that nice solid black look.

Best Looking Outfielder’s Glove

JD Martinez’s glove lead all votes for best looking outfield glove. The picture above is the A2000 version. Today, now playing for the Tigers, Martinez uses a the same 1799 model but in the A2K line. If you are not up for customizing an A2K you can get the 1799 in an A2000, A2K, or A2000 Super Skin stock model. Each are sweet in their own right. And each are fantastic too.

Just Glove Reviews Best Looking Glove Vote

If we ran the show, we would choose Jose Altuve’s Game Model Glove from Wilson as the best looking baseball glove. It’s helpful we are also enamored with the 2nd baseman. The glove, we feel, is brilliant and flashy without being ostentatious; lots of glitz and glamour in the glove, while still evoking a workingman feel.

You can actually buy this exact glove in the Wilson A2000 as it is a game model Wilson offers. The glove is unique in terms of some design features, but the A2000 DP15 (Dustin Pedroia) from Wilson is a close match. Stock colors might not fit your fancy but a stock price might.

Best Looking Baseball Glove

We referenced a number of articles when considering this list. A few places you might also find helpful. Wilson’s product pages were remarkable in terms of their sheer breadth of insight. It is dizzying to think of the number of options and iterations. Closeoutbats.com section on Wilson gloves was used to check prices and confirm model availability.  Justbatreviews.com user voting section was the entire impitus for this article.

After several hours researching, testing and getting player insights on pancake gloves, we decided Mizuno’s GXT-1A Classic Pro is the best. Although a tough market in which to differentiate products, Mizuno’s flat training glove offers great durability, real leather and the weight of an actual glove. Users liked the feel of the hand pocket, the left and right handed throw options, as well as the reasonable pricing.

Amazon Price Check the Mizuno Classic Pro Pancake Glove.

What to look for in a pancake glove

If you are looking for the best experience in glove training work, then a real glove with real leather is the way to go. Other options, like the foam uni-hand pancake from SKLZ, are cheaper but lack the real feel of a glove. Whether this affects training is yet to be truly measured, but testers categorically liked the feel of the Mizuno training glove better.

Durability could not be any better in the Mizuno GXT. The genuine leather glove and leather straps will last as long as you are willing to take care of them. Also, the price point is attractive and not much more expensive than the cheaper SKLZ option. At the time of this writing, the glove is $35.

Pancake Glove Box Opening

Other Pancake Glove Options

There are a few other real leather training gloves in the market that may be worth your while. Our runner up would be MacGreggor’s leather pancake glove. Although only made for right-handers, the MacGreggor does come with a full leather construction with accurate glove weight and legitimate durability. It lacks a little bit of the traditional glove feel the Mizuno masters, but at $24 it might be worth the savings for some.

Price Check the MacGreggor Training Glove at Amazon.

Pancake Glove Drills

YouTube is always a fantastic place to find glove drills. There are many pancake drills to be found, too. This might be the best:

Pancake Glove Sources

We found Amazon’s product page and reviews helpful. As well as a search on YouTube for pancake drills. Although less expensive directly on Amazon, we found Mizuno’s product page on the pancake glove helpful too.

Glove Reviews

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