Our Under Armour Batting Glove Reviews run on every model they carry. From their very posh Yard and Clutchfit designs to their more economic Motive and Radar lines, we take a look at all of them. Our reviews come after several batting cage sessions with the gloves, reading a number of other user reviews, and what feels like countless hours researching the differences in batting gloves.

Under Armour Batting Glove Review Table

Brand Model Real Leather Palm Texture Backhand Padding Added Palm Padding Youth Women’s Review Price
Under Armour Girl’s Radar III Goat Smooth  x x Check
Under Armour Clean UP VI Youth Goat Smooth  x Check
Under Armour Clean UP VI Adult Goat Smooth Check
Under Armour Yard Clutchfit All-Star Edition Sheep Embossed Check
Under Armour Women’s Radar III Goat Smooth x Check
Under Armour Women’s Clutchfit Yes Embossed Check
Under Armour Yard Undeniable Limited Edition Sheep Embossed Check
Under Armour Yard Undeniable Sheep Embossed Check
Under Armour Women’s Motive No Smooth x Check
Under Armour Clean Up Adult Goat Smooth Check
Under Armour Motive No Smooth Check
Under Armour Alter-Ego Youth Superman Clean Up Goat Smooth  x Check
Under Armour Cage Adult Goat Smooth x Check
Under Armour Cage Youth Goat Smooth x x Check
Under Armour Yard Adult Goat Embossed Check
Under Armour Yard Youth Sheep Embossed x Check
Under Armour Clean Up IV Youth Goat Smooth x Check
Under Armour Clean Up IV Adult Goat Smooth Check
Under Armour Superman Clean Up Goat Smooth Check
Under Armour Motive II No Smooth Check
Under Armour Clean Up Youth Goat Smooth x Check
Under Armour Batman Clean Up Goat Smooth x Check
Under Armour Batman Motive No Smooth x Check

Under Armour Batting Glove Review Table of Contents

Save Franklin, Under Armour runs the largest offering of batting gloves on the market. In their glove line, which numbers no less than 20, they offer a range of options. Expect smooth synthetic leather gloves in a lot of sizes on the low end, and an embossed sheepskin palm with high quality and durable backing on the top shelf.

Under Armour’s site is a helpful place to look in terms of more details on the gloves. We relied on that page heavily. Of course, we also looked at the reviews we could find in the Amazon section of Under Armour batting gloves.

We also reference our Franklin batting glove review section on this site as well as our general batting glove review page, too.

Under Armour

Girls Radar III

The Radar line from Under Armour focuses on a unique backhand that wicks sweat away and controls moisture. These batting gloves are a goatskin palm with an embossed look for better grip. These are the only gloves made specifically for the shape of a girl’s hand. Reviews are sparse, but those who have used them tend to like their tight fit and sweet look. Amazon price check.

Clean UP VI Youth

The Clean Up VI Youth batting gloves are built just like the Radar III, but for male youth. Expect a smooth goatskin palm with a thumb seam. Reviews are not impressed with the durability in some instances. But, it should be noted, these are the entry level batting gloves from Under Armour. Amazon price check.

Clean UP VI Adult

The Adult versions of the Clean Up VI batting gloves are just like the Youth but bigger. Expect a smooth goatskin palm with arguable durability. The back hand uses Under Armour’s “Heat Gear” which helps wick away sweat and is really stretchy. It comes in a ton of colors. Amazon price check.

Yard Clutchfit All-Star Edition

The Yard Clutchfit All-Star Edition batting gloves from Under Armour use the same backhand as the Clean Up VI and Radar III, but they also add top shelf digitally-embossed sheepskin leather to the front hand. In theory, this adds the durability the Clean UP VI and Radar III tend to lack. The Clutchfit is a super breathable glove and the All-Star editions look smooth. Amazon price check.

Women’s Radar III

Under Armour’s Women’s Radar III batting glove is a glove made for a more slender hand. Like the Girl’s version above, it uses a goatskin leather and the wicking material on the backhand for a light and cool feel. Reviews aren’t positive about some durability issues, but you get what you pay for. Reviews are sparse and generally happy with the tight fit. Amazon price check.

Women’s Clutchfit

The Women’s Clutchfit batting gloves are replicas of the Youth and Adult versions of the glove, but with a slimmer fit. It is the same high quality sheepskin leather. It uses a smooth texture, so will work better with bats that already have a grip. Expect the same “HeatGear” backhand found on just about every Under Armour bat grip out there. Amazon price check.

Yard Undeniable – Limited Edition

The Yard Undeniable batting gloves from Under Armour come with the same wicking material for backhand breathability. Top shelf Cabretta Leather on the palm is digitally embossed for better grip. The Limited edition come in a sweet Camo print as well as a few other designs for special holidays. Reviews of the Yard Undeniable are ultra-positive. These are great batting gloves. Amazon price check.

Yard Undeniable

The Yard Undeniable batting gloves from UA are some of the best on the market. Their premium sheepskin palm with digital embossing is the MLB standard for grip. Under Armour’s “HeatGear”, which they put on every glove, often gets extraordinary reviews. A few synthetic overlays on the backhand help with flexibility. It is hard to find this glove for cheap, and that is generally because it is great. The Yard Undeniable is one of our favorites. Amazon price check.

Women’s Motive

The Motive batting glove from Under Armour uses the same “Heat Gear” wicking technology on the backhand to keep it cool and breathable. These gloves use a synthetic leather palm and are an entry level durability. Reviewers would tell you to not expect long term use or more than a dozen or so games of performance. Amazon price check.

Clean Up Adult

The Adult Clean Up Batting gloves are the first design option in the Clean Up series of batting gloves from Under Armour. They are a mid-range glove with a smooth goatskin leather palm. Expect a number of colors and sizing options. Reviews of the Clean Up Adult are overwhelmingly positive—although many use them for things not baseball or softball related. Durability, fit and value get top marks. Amazon price check.


The Motive line from Under Armour are all the same, but these Adult versions are simply the Men’s sizes. Expect, as with other Motives, an entry level glove with a synthetic palm, sharp look and tight fit. A thin backhand helps wick away sweat and moisture. Reviews are ho-hum on the glove, so if they are the right price, they tend to make some sense. Don’t expect serious long term durability from these bottom shelf gloves. Amazon price check.

Alter-Ego Youth Superman Clean Up

These Alt-Ego Superman Clean Up gloves are built the same as the normal Clean Up Glove with the obvious exception of Superman design on the gloves. Reviews of the Clean Up in general are positive. Players like the durability and value. A goatskin leather glove with a smooth hand as well as the lightweight backing for a lightweight feel contribute to a good experience. We don’t think these are the best gloves on the market, but in terms of price and design they are hard to beat. Amazon price check.

Cage Adult

The Cage gloves from Under Armour are much like the Clean Up gloves in terms of a goatskin leather palm and a smooth backhand. However, the Cage batting gloves come with a extra padding in the palm of the glove to help with sting and bat vibration. The palm is smooth and has some perforations for a bit of ventilation. Reviews of these gloves are sparse, but the ones who did take the time to write something are overwhelmingly positive in terms of durability, functionality and fit. Amazon price check.

Cage Youth

The Youth  Cage gloves are exactly like the Adult versions but in smaller sizes and a few different color options. These may be our favorite youth batting gloves due to the added protection on the palm and the sleek feel on the back. Reviews, as with the adult version, are few, but the ones that have spoken up liked the durability, comfort and palm padding. Amazon price check.

Yard Adult

The Yard batting gloves are the first run by Under Armour at a top shelf premium glove. By most reviews it does deliver. It is an excellent embossed leather for MLB grip on the palms. The backhand is Under Armour-esque with a very stretchy and low profile feel. Some feedback complains of durability issues at the seams. Amazon price check.

Yard Youth

Expect the exact same glove as the Yard Adult glove in the Yard Youth with the obvious exception of smaller sizes. The Yard Youth uses a digitally embossed Cabretta leather for a super-soft feel for optimal grip. Under Armour’s Yard batting gloves look undeniably sharp and purposeful. Reviews on the Youth versions are nearly non-existent. We rely heavily on the Adult reviews to make a determination. Amazon price check.

Clean Up IV Youth

Reviews on the Clean Up IV Youth glove are ho-hum for baseball and softball. Hitters like the smooth goatskin on the palms as well as the thin backhand for heat and moisture management. But durability is a serious concern for many players. It appears many are reviewing these gloves in terms of use for crossfit or other uses for which they are not made, but work for just fine. Those reviews are glowing. Amazon price check.

Clean Up IV Adult

The Clean Up IV Adult gloves are the same exact gloves as the Youth version, but simply in larger sizes. The goatskin leather palm is smooth and the thin backhand found on many Under Armour gloves helps manage heat and moisture. These have a very classic Under Armour look. Reviews specifically for baseball and softball tend toward noticing the lack of durability. It is, after all, a mid-level glove where not a ton should be expected. Amazon price check.

Motive II

The Motive II batting gloves are only upgraded from the original Motive gloves in terms of colorway design features. There are no functional differences. As such, they are still entry-level batting gloves with a smooth synthetic palm. The backhand also uses the “HeatGear” to wick moisture and heat away. Reviews of the Motive II are ho-hum where most wish durability was better. But, that is to expected in a entry level glove with a synthetic grip. Amazon price check.

Clean Up Youth

The Youth C

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