Louisville Slugger pushes 3 different batting glove lines. The top shelf gloves are named the Series 7 Batting Gloves, which run in both an adult and youth version. As well, there is a Series 5 Batting Glove that also comes in both youth and adult. Finally, the Advanced Adult batting gloves are meant for ultra protection on the backhand. Our Louisville Slugger batting glove reviews can be found below.

Brand Model Real Leather Palm Texture Backhand Padding Added Palm Padding Youth Womens Review Price
Louisville Slugger Series 7 Adult Yes Digitized $$$
Louisville Slugger Series 7 Youth Goat Digitized x $$$
Louisville Slugger Series 5 Adult Goat Embossed $$
Louisville Slugger Series 5 Youth Goat Embossed x $$
Louisville Slugger Advanced Design Yes Embossed x $$$

References and Sources

There are a few places you may find helpful if you are researching batting gloves. Our Batting Glove reviews section is gigantic. The Amazon reviews sections on the Series 7, Series 5 and Advanced are also sometimes helpful.

On another page, we review the Advanced Adult design from Slugger. You may also find some success in our batting glove brands page.

Of course, Louisville Slugger’s own Batting Glove product section is also helpful.

Louisville Slugger Batting Glove Review

Series 7 Adult Review

Slugger’s Series 7 Adult batting glove is their top shelf grip. It runs a full palm of sheep’s skin leather that is digitally embossed for a good grip and a stretchy material on the back for a good fit. Neoprene wrists straps help with moisture control. It comes in a number of sizes. Amazon price check.

Series 7 Youth Review

The Youth Series 7 batting glove from Louisville Slugger boasts the same features as the adult version. That is, a full sheepskin palm with an embossed design for a more firm grip. Extra stretchy parts on the back make for a solid and tight fit. The neoprene wrist strap makes for a nice feel. Amazon price check.

Series 5 Adult Review

Louisville Slugger’s Series 5 Adult glove is a step down from the Series 7 version. The Series 5 still has leather on the palm, but instead of premium sheep leather, they use goat. It does boast an etched design for more grip. The strap is elastic instead of neoprene. Amazon price check.

Series 5 Youth Review

Without surprise, the Louisville Slugger Series 5 Youth glove is the same glove as the Series 5 Adult, but in smaller sizes and a few different colors. Expect the same embossed goat skin and stretchy material on the back for a good fit. Amazon price check.

Advanced Design Review

Louisville Slugger’s Advanced Design batting glove is similar to the Series 7 glove in its quality, but it has added composite material on the back of the hand and wrist for protection. The palm is an embossed leather design with sheepskin for the best grip in the business. The wrist strap is larger and covers a lot of the wrist. We review Slugger’s Advanced Design batting glove hereAmazon price check.

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