The best batting glove we prefer to protect against a stingy bat is, we admit, sort of cheating. That’s because it isn’t a traditional ‘batting’ glove. Instead, the company that makes it was originally making gloves for soccer goalies and, over time, decided a thinly padded glove could work for stingy bats too. The design of the Palmgard STS has an extra pad on the fingers and palm area.

The glove makes it feel like a pillow taped to your hand. And anyone who struggles with confidence or determination at the plate due to a stingy bat should really check these out. They will never go back. We found it turned stingy wood or one piece aluminum bats into pillow like smashes. It is, actually, rather fun to hit with these things on.

We usually find the best here.

Sadly, the glove is about as boring (ugly) a design as you could ever hope for. In terms of function it scores a perfect 10. It’s form, on the other hand, doesn’t even register. Pricing is reasonable and you can find updated pricing on ebay with a search like this.

While you are at it, another thing worth checking out is the Palmgard Markwort inner glove. This is the hands down BEST inner glove for those who play third, catch or just can’t stand hand sting while catching a baseball or softball. You can read about it here.

(For what it’s worth, if you are struggling with hand sting you may want to check out the benefits of a two piece bat. Check some two piece bat reviews here).

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