Keeping track of the different iterations of Nike MVP Batting Gloves is quite a task. After considering lists of available options in online retail and on major vendor sites, we straightened out the data through email exchange with major vendors. Adding to this our own extensive experience with these batting gloves in particular, and others in general, we present some recommendations in our Nike MVP Batting Glove Review. We cover the MVP Edge, MVP Elite, MVP PRO and MVP Pro Elite 2.0.

Nike MVP Batting Glove Table

Image Name Sizing Price Ratings/5
EDGE YS – AXL $$ 3
PRO AS – AXXL $$$ 3.5
ELITE AS – AXXL $$$$ 4.5
AS – AXXL $$$$ 4.5

Nike MVP Batting Glove Features

Name Leather
Other Dominant
Durability/5 Differentiating
Edge Goat 42% Poly, Nylon 3 Price, Youth Sizes
Pro Sheep 42% Poly, Nylon 4 Sleek
Elite Sheep 41% Poly, Neoprene 4.5 Breathable Backhand
Elite Pro 2.0 Sheep 53% Poly, Cotton 5 Cotton Strap

Overall Recommendations

At the risk of getting to the point too early, our results show if you need youth sizes, the NIKE MVP EDGE is your pick. It is the only glove in the MVP line made for youth sized hands.

In the adult market, our recommendation would depend on the exact type of glove you prefer. If you prefer a glove that feels like you are not wearing a glove, we suggest the NIKE MVP ELITE batting glove. The perforated neoprene and added structure for durability creates a perfectly invisible feel in a legit glove. If, on the other hand, you prefer a glove that fits as comfortably as anything on the market, but is less breathable than the Elite, the Elite PRO 2.0 is our suggestion. Both price out similarly, although some colors of the Elite are less expensive.

Nike MVP Batting Glove Sources

The most helpful source on Nike batting gloves is Nike’s site. It lacks some categorization, but the product pages for each batting glove are helpful. Additionally for this review, we relied heavily on Eastbay and Amazon product pages and user reviews .

Construction Options of the Nike MVP Batting Gloves

There are four iterations of the Nike MVP Batting glove. They are the Edge, Elite, Pro and Elite Pro 2.0. As the base model, the Edge sets the lowest standard in terms of features. It also comes in the most sizes. The Elite takes away a few colors and sizes, but adds some features in an upgraded leather palm and a lower profile on the back of the hand. The Pro adds a neoprene back hand that is perforated for breath-ability. The Elite PRO 2.0 ads a cotton strap for better comfort and more leather on the back hand. We discuss each in detail below.

Nike MVP Edge Review

NIKE MVP EDGE Sizing & Construction

The Nike MVP EDGE is the only batting glove in the NIKE MVP line that comes in youth sizes. Both the adult and youth sizes are similar in terms of construction. They carry a goat skin palm with polyester on the back. The back of the hand is a stretch mesh that gives decent flexibility. Nike uses a hook and strap option for a nice tight fit.

Unlike the upgraded version in the MVP line, there is no focus on added durability in the thumb and other flex points.

Do note, however, there are some older versions in the Youth NIKE MVP Edge space that do not offer the flex mesh on the back of the hand and have a different closure system (a velcro strap). These are usually found at a significant discount. The only way you can tell for sure is by the product number. The older one uses a GB0386-XXXX for the first several numbers while the newer uses the GB0419-XXXX.

Recommendations for MVP EDGE

The MVP EDGE represents the bottom rung of the MVP line for Nike. This means it is the least expensive, ranging from as low as $15 to as high as $35. Youth gloves tend to be cheaper than their adult counterparts. The real draw here is the NIKE brand on an affordably priced glove.

It does lack some features that serious players might prefer, but still, we recommend the MVP EDGE to those who:

  • Need a youth sized batting glove
  • Aren’t overly concerned about long-term durability
  • Are on a strict budget
  • Need an exact color that isn’t offered in the PRO, Elite or Elite 2.0


Nike MVP PRO Construction & Sizing

The Nike MVP Pro is an upgrade from the EDGE. Its major advantage is the addition of smoother, more durable, sheep’s leather (instead of the goat-leather found on the EDGE). As well, the back hand’s construction makes for a much sleeker look with a thinner flex mesh. To increase durability and flexibility, the PRO adds additional material in the pocket of the thumb.

The MVP PRO’s colors and sizing are limited in relation to the EDGE. It only comes in adult sizes and three colors, which is quite sparse compared to the EDGE’s dozen or so color options.

Recommendations for MVP PRO

The more sleek design of the MVP PRO gives a smoother feel that allows you to really feel the bat. The upgrade to sheep’s skin is an advantage in terms of durability, as is the addition of the reinforcment on the thumb crook. Unfortunately, the lack of color options and youth sizes will keep this glove from the best sellers list.

We would recommend for players who:

  • Are willing to spend a little more on a batting glove, but not crazy amounts
  • Are not particular on sizes and colors
  • Want a smooth, sleek feeling glove

We rarely recommend white batting gloves. They get dirty terribly fast and the white MVP PRO is no exception.

Nike MVP ELITE Batting Glove Review

Nike MVP ELITE Construction & Sizing

The Nike MVP ELITE builds on the MVP PRO upgrades with the addition of a perforated back made of neoprene for more flexibility and breathability. The ELITE also adds reinforements at important flexpoints in the glove. The expansion addion at the crook of the thumb as well as the strap system are the same as the MVP PRO. Also like the PRO, it only comes in adult sizes.

It is a mistake to think the ELITE is a downgrade from the ELITE PRO 2.0. Instead, in terms of a breathable, sleek glove, the NIKE MVP Elite is the best glove Nike makes. If that is your fancy, and budget is of no concern, then this is the glove for you. That is assuming, of course, the four color options and non-youth sizes are the right fit.

We recommend the NIKE MVP Elite for players who:

  • Want a durable glove with a sleek and breathable feel
  • Are willing to afford the glove
  • Do not need a color other than white, black, red or blue
  • Are in the adult sizes market

Nike MVP ELITE PRO 2.0 Batting Glove Review

The Nike ELITE PRO 2.0 batting glove has 20% more premium leather than the NIKE ELITE. This leather wraps further around the back of the hand for a lower profile and sleeker feel. The glove also adds a premium cotton twist to the strap for maximum comfort. It does not use any perforations on the back, so expect a more constraining feel on the hands.

This glove is built for serious players who need as durable a glove as the market makes. Nike uses a film to reinforce many parts of the glove, strengthening potential weak spots. They refer to this as HyperFuse.

There are also a considerable number of colors for the ELITE PRO 2.0. It comes in adult sizes.

We recommend the NIKE MVP ELITE Pro 2.0 for players who:

  • Want the best Nike has to offer in the Batting Glove space
  • Are not as concerned with budget as they are durability
  • Appreciate the material feel of a batting glove and are not as concerned with breathability
  • Do not need a youth sized glove

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