Franklin flat out owns the batting glove space. This official MLB batting glove brand makes 21 different models. Those 21 lines come in no less than 200 different color options. Throw in the custom designs and your options are now endless. In our Franklin batting glove review below, we highlight the many options.

Brand Model Real Leather Palm Texture Backhand Padding Added Palm Padding Youth Womens Review Price
Franklin Powerstrap Yes Smooth x Check
Franklin CFX Pro Batting Gloves Yes Embossed x Check
Franklin CFX Pro Digi Camo Yes Embossed x Check
Franklin CFX Pro Revolt Yes Embossed x Check
Franklin Pro Classic Yes Embossed x Check
Franklin MLB All-Star Game 2016 Yes Embossed x Check
Franklin NEO Classic II Yes Embossed x Check
Franklin Player Signature Series Yes Embossed x Check
Franklin All Weather Pro Yes Embossed x x Check
Franklin X-Vent Pro Yes Smooth x Check
Franklin Shock-Sorb Neo Yes Smooth x x Check
Franklin Digitek Leather Heel Embossed x Check
Franklin The Natural II Yes Smooth x Check
Franklin Shock-Sorb Pro Yes Smooth x x Check
Franklin Shock-Wave Youth Leather Heel Embossed x x Check
Franklin 2nd-Skinz Leather Heel Embossed x Check
Franklin David Ortiz Custom CFX Pro Yes Embossed x Check
Franklin CFX Pro Amped Yes Embossed x Check
Franklin Youth Flex No Smooth x Check
Franklin MLB Insanity II Yes Smooth x Check
Franklin Neo Fit Youth Leather Heel Smooth x Check

Franklin Batting Glove Sources[/su_heading]

We relied heavily on Franklin’s website, under their batting glove section, to build this blog post. Some Franlkin batting gloves had ample reviews in their Amazon product section while others did not. Our Batting Glove Reviews master section and list were a helpful resource, too. You may also find our Batting Glove Brands page helpful.

Individually, we have reviewed Franklin’s custom batting glove process too. They are our favorite gloves for our birthday. They also sit on our best gifts for baseball players list.

Franklin Batting Glove Reviews


The Powerstrap batting glove focuses on a more diagonal closure system for the wrist strap. The claim is these are both more comfortable and more preferred. The palm is top shelf sheep’s leather built from one piece of leather. Expect no seams to get in the way of your direct feel to the bat. Unlike most Franklin gloves, the leather has a smooth finish. It comes in Youth sizes too. Amazon price check

CFX Pro Batting Gloves

The CFX Pro Series may be Franklin’s most popular glove. It is worn by most MLB players who use Franklin. It comes with sheepskin leather that is embossed for better grip. Expect a long lasting durable glove that works in all weather conditions. It uses an asymmetric wrist strap for a better fit, too. There are more color options in this batting glove than any other on the market. And, you can make your own custom glove, too. Amazon price check

CFX Pro Digi Camo

Franklin’s Pro Digi Camo batting glove is exactly like the CFX Pro above except for the options of digital camo designs. Expect one of the best gloves in the game with all the features above and a digi camo design to boot. Last we checked there were three color combinations. It also comes in youth batting glove sizes. Amazon price check

CFX Pro Revolt

Another iteration of the CFX PRO from franklin is the Revolt. This batting glove comes with the same features as the CFX PRO above, but with a unique color design and embossed leather grip. Expect as good of grip as you can find in the game and a few color sizes to boot. It also comes in youth batting glove sizes. Amazon price check

Pro Classic

The Pro Classic has been a batting glove for MLB players for as long as most folks reading this blog have been alive. Mike Schmidt likely made this famous if it wasn’t for Cal Ripken and Kirby Puckett. Expect a one piece back hand made of spandex for ultimate flexibility and a one piece sheep skin embossed leather palm for durability and grip. It may look retro, but it is the father of every batting glove today. Amazon price check

MLB All-Star Game 2016

The 2016 MLB All-Star Game’s official batting glove was a CFX PRO from Franklin. Of course, it came in a special design. As well, Franklin made enough to sell to the public sale. Expect the same top shelf qualities found on the CFX PRO (leather embossed palm, asymmetric strap), but with a design shout out to the 2016 All-Star Game. Amazon price check

NEO Classic II

Think of the NEO Classic II batting glove from Franklin as an upgrade to the Pro Classic. This Pro Style glove takes the Pro Classic design and adds an upgraded thumb piece for more flexibility. Other than that, expect the same single piece sheep’s skin on the palm with an embossed feel for better grip. It comes in a number of sizes including youth. Amazon price check

Player Signature Series

Franklin’s Player Signature Series is exactly what it sounds like. The exact same design found on MLB players across the league can be found on your hand too. These are, arguably, the best gloves in the game. Top shelf leather with an embossed feel, neoprene bridges on the back hand for good flexibility and any number of features found on top shelf Franklin gloves. It comes in a lot of great color designs too. Amazon price check

All Weather Pro

Think of Franklin’s All Weather Pro batting gloves as the CFX PRO, but with an insulated, multi-layered back hand. The palm is still the single piece quality leather with digital etching for improved grip. The thumb still maintains its floating seams for better flexibility. But the back of the hand is built to keep in the heat. Check price on Franklin’s site.

X-Vent Pro

The X-Vent Pro might be considered the ‘warm weather’ batting glove. It is a near full mesh back with a ton of breathability for a super sleek feel. If you intend to get a batting glove that doesn’t feel like you are wearing a batting glove, this may be your best bet. This is not the same digitally embossed sheep leather on the palm that is found on other Franklin gloves, but it is a smooth leather. Amazon price check

Shok-Sorb Neo

The Shok-Sorb Neo is a nearly all leather glove from Franklin that adds additional padding through the creases of the palm. This additional padding helps dampen sting. The full leather glove uses a smooth texture on the palm and perforated fingers to generate some coolness. The glove comes in youth sizes too. Amazon price check


Franklin’s Digitek should be considered a step down from the CFX Pro Digi Camo. It only has the heel of the palm in leather and doesn’t possess the durability top level players need from a batting glove. However, its economy price and great design option make it a good fit for many. The etched microfiber palm helps with grip. Amazon price check

The Natural II

Franklin’s Natural II batting gloves are another MLB player favorite. The glove uses a palm made of “Pittards Gripster leather”. The claim is the leather improves grip when it has any type of moisture contact. It has a smooth finish, unlike most MLB player gloves that come with some type of embossing. Expect a top shelf glove with great durability and a number of color options. The fingers are also naturally curved for a better fit. Amazon price check.

Shok-Sorb Pro

We picture the Shok-Sorb Pro from the Franklin like the CFX PRO Revolt but with the added padding in the hand. Like the Revolt, the glove offers a single piece of leather on the palm with a smooth texture. As well, expect mostly leather fingers and some stretchy parts on the back for a good fit. True to its Shok name, you will also find added padding in the hand of the glove for better sting protection. This glove comes primarily in youth sizing. Amazon price check


The Shok-Wave batting glove is an economy priced glove with the benefit of the extra padding in the palm. It uses a micro fiber palm with and etched design to help with grip. We could only find youth sizes of the glove. Amazon price check.


The 2nd-Skinz batting glove from Franklin is an entry level priced glove with synthetic leather on the palm. That palm is digitally etched for improved grip. It also uses a leather heel to help in the durability department. Much like the Digitek glove above, this batting glove is more about design than long term performance. We found it in both youth and adult sizes. Amazon price check.

David Ortiz Custom CFX PRO

These bad boys are just what the title says: David Ortiz’s CFX PRO batting gloves. Expect the same exact CFX PRO gloves found above—in all their top shelf glory—but made specifically for David Ortiz. It is a single piece of premium leather on the front that is embossed for ultimate grip. Also, the “floating thumb” for great flexibility is found on Ortiz’s glove. These often come in a home and away version. They come in youth sizes, too. Amazon price check.

CFX Pro Amped

The CFX Pro Amped batting gloves from Franklin are much like the original CFX PRO gloves you can read about in gloves. This iteration, however, adds a bit of swag in a soft reflect on the back of the hand. In the right light, it gives a soft glow effect. Functionally, the glove is the same top shelf design with premium etched leather and a flexible back hand for great fit. Most also really appreciate the asymmetric wrist strap for a better feeling fit. Amazon price check.

Youth Flex

The Youth Flex batting glove from Franklin are their entry level economy gloves. Don’t expect much in terms of durability. But, do expect a good feel from the light weight and flexibility afforded by the synthetic leather palm that is digitally etched for improved grip. Only comes in youth sizes and a number of colors. Amazon price check.

MLB Insanity II

The MLB Insanity II batting glove from Franklin offers a unique design in the Franklin Batting glove line up. Spandex on the back-hand is found in columns instead of rows. But, expect the same full leather palm from Pittards. It is a smooth palm, not etched. We could only find this available in Women’s sizes. Amazon price check.

Neo Fit

Like the Digitek and 2nd Skins from Franklin, the Neo Fit batting glove has a combination of leather heel and synthetic leather palm. As well, the palm is etched for added grip texture. The Neo Fit’s intent is to mimic the look of other top shelf gloves without being the actual price, or actual glove. Expect an entry product to serve the newer player. Amazon price check.

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