Mizuno gave us a sneak peak at their 2015 Adult Patriot Batting Gloves (Amazon $69, Dicks Sporting Goods $40) they’ve released to a few select MLB players. They will be found in the batter’s box this weekend while we, and the MLB, celebrate the Fourth of July and, in effect, our independence from Cricket.
Great looking and feeling glove. The red stripe isn’t as visible until your grip the bat which gives the glove a sort of hidden American Flag sort of look. Very cool.

Since my playing days are plenty over, I think these Americana gloves will be awesome to rotate between the back yard batting cage and the BBQ. #dualpurpose.

The neighbors will be impressed.

Also, since we were taking pictures of Mizuno gear, we thought we’d get the whole gang together and do a family photoshoot.

Mizuno Adult Patriot Batting Gloves (Amazon $68, Dicks $40)

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