Marucci Sports does several things very well. Their bats and fielding gloves are marquee gear items used at every level of the sport. They also make a number of top-shelf batting gloves. Below entails our overall Marucci Batting Gloves Review.

Marucci Batting Glove Table

Name Image Youth Adult Price Colors


Y Y $$$$ 4


Y Y $$ 5


Y Y $$$ 4

Pro Lite

Y $$$$ 4


Y Y $$ 7


Y Y $$$ 8

Marucci Batting Gloves Lineup

Marucci carries six lines of batting gloves. In order of price (lowest to highest) they go Venture, Quest, Signature, Professional, Elite, Pro-Lite. With the exception of the Pro-Lite, each comes in both a youth and adult size. Most come in four colors in the adult version, while some come in as many as 8 colors.

Although we aren’t privy to the numbers, we guess the Quest is the most popular in the youth sizes and the Professional model in the adult. Each is discussed in more length below.

Marucci Batting Glove Recommendations

Within the industry, more expensive batting gloves tend to imply two different design features. The first is the use of sheep’s leather instead of a less durable leather from another animal or, less expensive still, synthetic leather. More sheep’s leather, like on the thumb instead of just the palm, also lends to a more expensive glove.

The second feature that drives price are features added for durability. Many gloves add additional material on weak points to increase durability. This added manufacturing time and material drives price upwards.

Marucci’s batting glove lineup falls into similar lines.

Value Batting Glove Differences

Marucci’s top shelf gloves tend towards these requirements for high-end batting gloves. The Venture glove, the most economy of them all, uses a synthetic palm and thumb guard. The Quest glove, arguably the next step up, uses non-sheep leather. As well, the Quest has an embossed palm for a more secure grip.

Top Shelf Batting Glove Differences

The others (Elite, Pro-Lite, Signature and Professional) use Sheep’s leather in a large portion of their glove. The Pro-Lite uses sheep’s leather around the thumb too. It is, without surprise, the most expensive glove Marucci makes. The Elite also prices out similar to the Pro-Lite that, although lacking the sheep-skin thumb, comes with a seam free palm and naturally curved fingers for a better feel.

Mid Shelf Batting Glove Differences

The Marucci Professional and Marucci Signature gloves are similar in a synthetic leather thumb, embossed sheep-skin palm for increased grip and finger breaks on the backhand for added flexibility. Expect a slightly heavier and warmer wear in the Signature Series with the use of neoprene instead of the lite-prene found on the Professional model. The two gloves price exactly the same.

Marucci Venture Batting Gloves Review

The Venture serves the economy section of Marucci’s batting glove lineup. This glove comes in a number of sizes and colors. Expect a great feel out of the box. The stretch fiber on the back allows good mobility and makes a tight fit. The palm grip is made of a micro-suede fiber, and compared to other Marucci gloves in the lineup, is super smooth.

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Marucci Quest Batting Gloves Review

Another economy type glove for Marucci batting glove lovers is the Marucci Quest. Expect a similar feel to the Venture but with additional embossed leather on the palm. Although not sheepskin, expect better durability and some good mobility with the polymesh back.

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Marucci Signature Batting Gloves Review

Marucci’s Signature batting glove is the preferred glove of most pros. The embossed palm for great grip and the sheepskin for durability are just a couple of its selling features. Neoprene cuffs, rubberized thumb layer and finger breaks at the contour for a slimmer fit are a few more.

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Marucci Professional Batting Gloves Review

The Marucci Professional batting gloves have a clean, classic look with the preferred embossed sheepskin palm for great grip, durability, and feel. A number of color options, as well as the rubberized thumb and use of spandex for great mobility, are included features in this glove.

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Marucci Pro-Lite Batting Gloves Review

The Marucci Pro-Lite’s most notable feature is the mesh back that wick moisture from the hand immediately. The gloves have an “I don’t feel it” feel to them. Ultra smooth and lightweight, these gloves don’t interfere with movement and give a great feel directly on the bat. The Pro-lite may very well be Marucci’s most advanced batting glove with unique features like a full sheepskin leather thumb. Every inch of this glove is well thought out, and the digitally embossed palm improves grip.

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Marucci Elite Batting Gloves Review

The Marucci Elite gloves are designed for José Bautista. They represent his style preferences and offer professional-grade comfort and durability. The Elites come with a great grip, a natural feel and good range of motion. In adult sizes, they usually run $49. Youth prices range around $30 mark.

There are a few reasons this glove prices out higher than some other Marucci batting gloves. The seam-free palm construction, combination of lycra and mesh on the back for good mobility and pre-curved fingers all serve the high-end market.

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