Our Easton Batting Glove review covers the Hyperskin Turboslot, Z10, Z7, Z3 and VRS Z7. Each glove comes with its own unique traits. Reviews on Easton’s batting gloves depend on the level of player and the quality of the glove. The Z10 and Turboslot are top-shelf while the Z7 and Z7 VRS are a middle of the road gloves. The Easton Z3 is the entry level glove. Our favorite of the bunch is the palm padded VRS in the Z7 Hyperskin line.

Easton Batting Glove Reviews

Hyperskin TurboSlot

The Hyperskin TurboSlot has a padded area between the thumb and index finger. This improves sting dampening and, according to Easton, increases leverage for better bat speed. It uses a combination of leather and microfiber on the palm. Amazon price check.

Z10 Hyperskin

The Z10 Hyperskin comes in a standard and limited edition whiteout version. The batting glove uses a unique particle technology (Digitally etched?) on the leather palm to improve grip. We could not find a youth version of the batting glove, only adult. Amazon price check.

Z3 Hyperskin

The Z3 Hyperskin batting glove is a goat-skinned palm with a synthetic thumb. The palm has no digital etching. Expect decent durability in this value based glove. It comes in both adult and youth sizes and we’d recommend it to be used with bats that have grips. Amazon price check.

Z7 Hyperskin

The Z7 Hyperskin, like the Z3, uses a smooth goat skin leather for the palm of the glove. These were featured in the 2016 Little League and College World Series. The back of the hand has a very low profile so expect a tight fit. Amazon price check.

Z7 VRS Hyperskin

The z7 VRS Hyperskin batting glove is the same as the Z7 above with the obvious addition of padding in the palm of the hand. This extra padding helps dampen sting and increase warmth. Expect the same smooth goat-skin leather on the palm. It comes in both youth and adult sizes. It is one of our favorite gloves on the market today. Amazon price check.

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