Our Xprotex batting glove review consists of details on the HAMMR, RAYKR and KRUSHR. Although less known than many other brands, these washable gloves focus on massive backhand protection. Don’t expect many frills from these gloves. But, in terms of major protection on the backhand, expect the best in the market. People willing to leave reviews claim that once you go Xprotex, you’ll never go back.


2017 Hammr

The HAMMR is Xprotex’s thin skin batting glove. It protects from blisters, but not cold on the front hand. The backhand is covered with Xprotex’s protective layering on the wrist, hand and fingers. Expect as much protection in this glove as any on the market today. It is a washable batting glove. Amazon price check.

2017 RAYKR

Xprotex’s best selling batting glove is the RAYKR. It serves as an ultra-light batting glove with a ton of serious protection. It covers more backhand weak spots than any other glove on the market. The RYKR is offered in youth sizes too. It has a smooth palm made of synthetic leather. Amazon price check.


The 2017 KRUSHR batting glove from Xprotex is a maximum protection glove. It covers the wrists, knuckles, and fingers very well. It also uses a leather palm, the only one to do in the Xprotex line. It has a smooth finish. Xprotex is not a very well-known company, but reviews from those that have used the line are generally impressed with their unique find. The glove is not available in youth sizes. Amazon price check.

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