Best Batting Gloves For My Birthday: Custom Franklin Batting Gloves

Custom Franklin Batting Gloves
Best Batting Gloves For My Birthday: Custom Franklin Batting Gloves

Franklin is the king of batting gloves. Just about every player in the MLB has used them at one point. Most use them today. They have a thousand options and a thousand different colors. Their custom batting glove creator is the most under rated thing in all of sports.

Price Check

Franklin is the 600 pound gorilla in the space of batting gloves. They dominate the space at every level. It is no wonder they are the “official batting glove of Major League Baseball.”

Like Wilson with the custom gloves and DeMarini with the custom bats, Franklin lets you customize batting gloves. This is a beautiful thing. You can customize either Franklin’s Pro Classic or the CFX Pro batting glove—both of which are recommendable gloves and worn in some fashion or another by several pro athletes.

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There are only two inhibitors which would keep someone from pulling the trigger on these beauties: price and delivery time. At $55 plus taxes and shipping, this is, at least at JBR HQ, not something we would do very often if at all. A birthday or holiday present might do the trick. And with a 4 to 6 week production time this may not fit the bill for the folks who need something sooner rather than later.

But despite any drawback on price or timing, these gloves are fantastic in just about every way you could imagine. The customized features are endless and the website makes it easy.

The process for designing your own batting glove is pretty straight forward. Better seen in pictures:

The options you can make appear endless. Check out some user made designs:

You can add some personalized writing above the Franklin and just below the thumb. Each addition comes a $5 bump in cost….but if your spending $50 on a glove already, what’s another $5 or $10?

Why We Would

This pair of batting gloves doesn’t fit your style then the good news is Franklin mass produces batting gloves in a litany of color options at a more mass produced price and delivery time. See here for example.  You may find one in there that fits your liking at a fraction of the cost and delivered in two days.

While we wouldn’t expect everyone in the world to jump for a custom made batting glove, we suggest that those who have a few bucks to spend and can wait 4 to 6 weeks should at a minimum check out the site and play around with options. Beware, it is slightly addicting and you might walk away $60 poorer. But the gloves are as good as you could ever hope for.

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