Our Evoshield batting glove reviews takes aim at the Protective, Protective 2.0, Pro Style and Performance in both youth and adult sizes. We have spent considerable time with these gloves on our hands and gained feedback from players who have too. The Protective “Gel to Shell” technology is a unique glove worth considering for anyone concerned with backhand protection. They are reviewed in detail below.

Evo Shield Batting Glove Reviews

Digi Camo Pro Style

Evo Sheilds’ Digi Camo Pro Style batting gloves use a “Gel-to-Shell” design where a specially made insert forms to the back of your bottom hand. That insert is then placed within the batting glove for optimal comfort and protection. The Digi Camo is a Pittard’s sheep leather glove with an embossed pattern for good grip. Expect stretch fabric and real nice feel with an extra wide wrist strap. These are Evo Shields top shelf batting gloves. Amazon price check.

Adult Performance

Consider Evo Shields Performance batting gloves like the Pro-Style, but without the Gel-toShell insert. It has similar stretchy parts on the back as well as a sleek wrist strap for a slim look. Expect a full leather palm with embossed divits for increased control. Adult batting gloves.

Youth Performance

The Youth Performance batting gloves are the exact same as the Performance batting gloves from Evo Sheild except for smaller sizes. Still a leather palm with embossed action for better grip and a sleep wrist strap for a snug and slim look. Amazon price check.

Pro Style Protective 2.0

The Prostyle protective 2.0 from Evo Sheild is like the Prostyle DigiCamo but without the Digi Camo look. The Gel-toShell custom molding still fits within either glove for bottom hand support. And the entire palm is premium Pittards leather for maximum durability and a soft feel. Like all Evo Sheild gloves, expect a ditigally etched leather palm. Amazon price check.

Youth Protective 2.0

Although in a different set of color offerings, the youth Protective 2.0 batting glove from Evo Sheild is just the same. Gel-to-shell molding on the bottom backhand for great, comfortable protection and a digitally embossed leather palm for maximum tackiness. Amazon price check.

Prostyle Protective

Evo Shield’s Prostyle Protective is an adult glove made the same as the Protective 2.0 glove. However, the visual design is a bit slimmer and simpler on the back-hand. Expect a one piece fabric for the entire back-hand. That seamless fit feels tight and sleek. Gel-to-Shell technology exists on this glove too. Also, like the Protective 2.0, the palm is made of sheep’s leather with digitally embossed marks for improved grip. Amazon price check.

Youth Protective

The Youth Protective batting glove is no different then the Adult version. The one piece fabric for the entire backhand gives a sleek feel. The Gel-to-Shell insert creates a protective and comfortable feel. The wider wrist strap creates a comfortable glove. Like all Evo Shield gloves, expect top shelf sheep’s leather with an embossed touch for improved grip. Amazon price check.

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