The Digi-Camo gloves from DeMarini revolutionized the style game. At release during a college world series a few years ago, DeMarini sold out of their test design in a matter of days. Today, Digi-Camo is a mainstay at ballparks across America. On this page we keep track of DeMarini’s Digi-Camo lineup in our DeMarini Digi Camo Batting Glove Reviews.

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Digi Camo Recommendations


DeMarini’s Digi Camo Gloves are their most popular. As such, there are few hitters that won’t get at least some useful and appreciate life. In terms of what it has going for it, the Digi Camo II glove:

  • Uses the industry standard sheep’s leather for the palm
  • Has a liner inside for a nicer feel
  • Focuses on a stretch feel for a slim feeling glove
  • Implements a wide strap for good comfort
  • Prices out no greater than $35
  • Uses a near endless amount of colors options


On the other hand, user reviews are still not perfect. Our experience, combined with theirs, gives the glove improvement marks in the following areas:

  • Durability: Many experienced well under a season’s worth of use before they ripped
  • The thin glove, preferred for durability, struggled for cold weather and sting-dampening
  • They tended to run smaller than some online buyers thought.

On the whole, we’d recommend the Digi Camo II glove to very serious players who are comfortable buying 2 to 3 pairs of batting gloves per year. If the plan is to only play a handful of games, then the Digi-Camo are a good choice. As well, those who appreciate a light and flexible thin backhand and need a lot of color options will like these too. But don’t expect durability to be amazing.

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Glove Sizing

As their most popular glove, expect a Digi Camo Glove in every size imaginable. From Small Youth to XXL Adult and everything in between. Enough users mentioned they run small to give credence to the claim. Especially in the youth versions, do not hesitate to size up.

  • Adult: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL
  • Youth: Small Medium, Large

Digi Camo II vs Digi Camo I

The original Digi Camo batting gloves were upgraded into DeMarini’s Digi Camo II series. They take the same ideas and build on a few features. Expect the Digi Camo gloves to get phased out in terms of sizing and colors as the DeMarini produces on the Digi Camo II.

Most notably, the use of durable and industry standard sheeps’ leather in the Digi Camo II’s palm is the biggest improvement. They also changed the wrist strap ever so slightly to help wick away moister.

Other than those changes, and the obvious change to the design, the gloves stand virutally the same. The same backhand flexible knuckle structure, sizing and lined inside for chaffing resistence.

DeMarini Digi Camo Batting Glove Sources

We reference the Digi-Camo II gloves in our best batting gloves review article. Amazon’s product page, as well as DeMarini’s product page, of the Digi-Camo’s are helpful too. You may find our commentary on the NIKE Batting Glove Reviews useful.

DeMarini Digi Camo Batting Glove Comparable Options

In the economy or value space, the Nike EDGE batting gloves serve as the most comparable option to the DeMarini Digi Camo series. Both reach the same price point, use leather on the palm and have few other serious features to keep the price low.

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