In the Youth and Collegiate space, you’ll struggle to find a more popular batting glove then those from DeMarini. Our review of their gloves consists of a few years usage as well as gathering feedback from several different players and sources. Below we cover the Digi Camo, Digi Camo II, Shatter, Phantom and Stadium II batting gloves.

DeMarini Batting Glove Reviews

Digi Camo

The Digi Camo, not be confused with the Digi Camo II, was once the most popular batting glove on the market. Expect a smooth leather palm, classic fit, wide wrist strap and a number of color options. These are no longer pushed by DeMarini but a lot of third party sellers still have plenty in stock. Amazon price check.

Digi Camo II

A newly designed Dig Camo. Still a smooth leather palm and a number of sizing options in both youth and adult. Expect to see this glove all over ball fields as the Digi Cam makes a run to the top spot in batting glove distribution. Amazon price check.

Also, see our long form Digi Camo II batting gloves review.


There is more stretch in the Phantom the the DeMarini Digi Camo line. Still, though, it is a sheep skin leather palm with a smooth texture. This is an older DeMarini glove so colors mig ht be a bit more difficult to find—but if you can find them then the price should be just right. Amazon price check


The shatter offers the same features as the Digi Camo but also adds leather-wrapped fingers for even more durability and a smooth feel. Expect a seamless glove on the palm for optimal comfort. The palm is seamless. Amazon price check.

Stadium II

The Stadium II is much like the Shatter in a full palm leather design. The back hand is designed a bit differently. It uses a sweatband lined wrist for more comfort and a lot of stretch fabric on the backhand for a seamless feel. Amazon price check.

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