There are at least twelve batting glove brands producing more than one line of batting gloves. These make up over a hundred lines of batting gloves in roughly a thousand total different designs. Our batting glove review section keeps track of each brand and their lines, but below highlights the twelve batting glove brands.

Batting Glove Brands Table

Brand Active Lines* Youth Womens
Adidas 4
DeMarini 5 x
Easton 5 x
Evo Shield 7 x
Franklin 21 x
Louisville Slugger 5 x
Marucci 11 x
Mizuno 6 x
Nike 6 x
Rawlings 7 x x
Under Armour 23 x x
Xprotex 3 x

*Active lines might be a misnomer. We measure these numbers based on the lines still available on the company’s website. This does not imply they are still in active production.

Batting Glove Brands Table of Contents


Adidas makes four lines of batting gloves. The AdiZero, AdiZero 2.0, AdiZero 2.0 Uncaged and Guardian. The AdiZero sections are not much different than one another in terms of functionality. The Guardian have extra padding on the back of the hand for added protection.


DeMarini currently sells five lines of batting gloves: Digi Camo, Digi Camo II, Phantom, Shatter and Stadium II. Much of the difference between these gloves are in their color design. The Shatter is the ‘latest and greatest’, but only comes in adult sizes. The DIGI Camo II may be the best youth batting glove on the market.

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Easton currently sells five different batting glove lines: Hyperskin TurboSlot, Z10 Hyperskin, Z3 Hyperskin, Z7 Hyperskin and Z7 VRS Hyperskin. Easton offers each of these gloves in a youth size too, which is unique in the market. The Z7 VRS has padding on the palms.

Evo Shield

If you count youth batting gloves lines as their own set, Evo Shield offers seven different lines. They are: Digi Camo Pro Style, Performance, Youth Performance, Protective 2.0, Youth Protective 2.0, Prostyle Protective, Youth Protective. The protective lines have the unique option of a metal formed plate inserted in the glove on the bottom hand.


Franklin is the leader in the batting glove space—at least in terms of batting glove lines offered and presence in the MLB. They currently offer twenty-one lines of batting gloves. We will list them on the Franklin Batting Glove Review page. On the whole, they range from inexpensive synthetic leather gloves to top shelf pro gloves with embossed palms and leather fingers.

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Louisville Slugger

Louisville Slugger currently offers five lines of batting gloves. They consist of: Series 7 Adult, Series 7 Youth, Series 5 Adult, Series 5 Youth and the Advanced Design. The Series 7 are higher quality than the series 5. The Advanced adult come with padding on the back of the hand.

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Marucci offers eleven different batting gloves. The Signature, Quest, Professional, Venture and Elite come in both adult and youth sizes. The Pro-Lite comes only in adult sizes. More than a few MLB players prefer Marucci gloves. In their top shelf Pro-Lite and Signature, expect top shelf grip, durability, and feel.

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Mizuno offers six lines of batting gloves. The PRO is their top shelf smooth leather palmed glove in adult sizes only, the Covert is a step-down, but still real leather in both a youth and adult line. The MVP is the economy glove with synthetic leather. It comes in an adult, youth and, rather adorably, Tee-Ball line as well.


Nike offers six lines of batting gloves. They are: Elite, Vapor Elite, Edge, Edge Big Kids, Pro and Elite Pro 2.0. Nike Batting Gloves may be the most popular in terms of what people are searching for. It often ranks out the highest among all the other brands.

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Rawlings offers three types of batting gloves in seven different lines. The 5150 batting glove comes in both an adult and youth size. The Workhorse is offered in both a two-tone and single color line as well as a 950 older model and Youth version. Rawlings is also one of the only companies to offer a women’s specific glove in the Rawlings Storm.

Under Armour

No company, save Franklin, puts more effort into their batting glove selections than Under Armour. They have twenty-three lines that come in a variety of eye-popping colors and unique designs. Under Armour is the only manufacturer to make a girl’s specific glove in the Radar III. They are also the only ones to have Superman and Batman designs. The list goes on.


A less known batting glove brand is Xprotex. They are known for the additional padding they provide on the backhand of their batting gloves. They make three lines for 2017 including the Hammr, Raykr and Krushr.

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