In the baseball space, Adidas may be known for their batting gloves more than any other singe piece of equipment they make. They constantly update and improve on previous designs in this space. Adidas also delivers flat out dope batting gloves to a number of pro players who like flash and pop. Below, in our Adidas Batting Glove Review, we give a high level overview of some of the major retail lines they offer.

Adidas Batting Glove Review Sources

Off of this site, the best place to look for information on available Adidas batting gloves may very well be East Bay. They seem to carry every size imaginable and they even offer more line items then itself.

On this site, our general overview of Batting Glove Reviews might a good place to start. There you’ll find lots of options and similar gloves to many of Adidas’ batting glove designs. Below, we suggest, is the best repository in the world on the specs of Adidas Batting gloves.

Adidas Batting Glove Reviews

Adidas EQT AdiZero

The adidas EQT AdiZero gloves are lightweight and use a diamond shaped spandex on the bat of the hand for breathability. A digitized sheepskin on the palm adds grip. Expect a low profile glove with good durability and top shelf grip. The AdiZero comes in at least 11 colors. Price check on Eastbay.

Adidas EQT AdiZero 2.0

In comparison to the AdiZero, the 2.0 AdiZero adds posch Pittard leather, a brand name in the leather business, to the palm. Expect the same breathable backhand and tight fit without bunching. Price check on

Adidas EQT AdiZero 2.0 Uncaged

The Uncaged versions of the Adidas EQT AdiZero 2.0 are the exact same glove as the AdiZero 2.0. That is, the same Pittard’s leather and perforated grip. The obvious exception is the animal printed on the backhand. Last we checked there were 10 different animals including a bulldog, marlin, tiger and eagle among others. Price check on

Adidas EQT Guardian

The EQT Guardian uses Pittard’s Leather for the palm. They digitize this with perforations for optimal grip and wrap around the thumb, forefinger and pinky for better durability—although a bit stiffer feel. The backhand is an embossed neoprene for very good comfort without any bunching. It comes in at least 3 colors. Price check on

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